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  1. FLEX

    Anti-Ban? That's full of crap. Niantic will not get fooled by just using a simple flex patch. This time around, Niantic implemented an instant perma ban for cheaters. You've been warn. The 'anti-ban' is within yourself. Lol. Play fair to avoid ban or if you want to cheat (BOTS, tweaks, etc.), make sure to set it human like.
  2. Restore & jailbreak again then follow the process below. That thread you posted is for iOS 8. You need CCPatch for iOS 9. Not sure though if it'll work on 9.3 (works on 9.0.2) but worth a shot.
  3. Install libLocation from Cydia to fix that issue.
  4. FLEX

    Thread updated to support v2.2.
  5. Ringtone has a different file format or extension. If you download a tune that is not for ringtone then it won't show up thus you can't sync it.
  6. Download your graphics driver here https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25489/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-40-4th-Gen- You can double check what type of graphics driver for your laptop here http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Btw, what driver is displayed on Device Manager>>Display Adapters? Is it Intel or the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter?
  7. I think it's related with AppCake. You have it installed?
  8. Right click drive C. Select Properties, and click the
  9. MS

    Do you have PreferenceLoader installed? Reboot your device.
  10. MS

    Hack Features - Crowns Doesn't Subtract Requirements - Jailbroken iDevices - iFile/Filza File Manager - DomiNations app Compatibility - Works on iOS 7 and above Instructions Download and install DomiNations app from App Store or any similar. Download and install the deb hack file below using iFile//Filza File Manager. After installation, respring. You may need to reboot if the hack doesn't appear in Settings. Navigate to Settings and find 'Dominations Cheats'. Enable the hack. That's it. Enjoy. Download [hide] com.shmoo.dom_3.0.151-2_iphoneos-arm.deb [/hide] Depends - Cydia Substrate, PreferenceLoader (install via Cydia) Credits - shmoo
  11. Yes we can 'here' you. Welcum to insanelyi.
  12. That is really strange. That's how to hactivate a 3GS carrier lock device, through jailbreaking. Tested this method many times before works all the time.
  13. You need to select 6.0 IPSW for your device first before hitting Jailbreak then select 6.0 IPSW again before you hit 'Just boot'.
  14. Then there's something wrong with the jailbreaking process. Once jailbroken, it should bypass activation screen. Check a tutorial on how to jailbreak 6.1.6 tethered with redsn0w.
  15. Downgrade baseband to fix GPS then install ultrasn0w to unlock. Though you can already use ultrasn0w with 6.15 to unlock your device.