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  1. If you really want to try seeing if you can bypass this you can go into ifile > \system\library\coreservices. Then scroll down and edit the system version.plist file. Make sure you edit the "product build version" string and "product version string" to matching versions and device type. For example an for an iphone 5 <key>ProductBuildVersion</key> <string>11B554a</string> <key>ProductVersion</key> <string>7.0.4</string> But for an iPhone 4S for example running ios 7.0.4 will have a different build version than an iphone 4 will have etc. also make sure you reboot after you save changed you make. Also you might want to make sure you copy the file and save it to a safe place invade you later have to ssh into your phone. Do this at your own risk! Using this method you can trick your device into using a different "iOS" style. (As when you pull up the stock apps they open differently if I was on iOS 5 vs ios 7)
  2. Happy birthday insanelyi! I am glad to see this site improve as much as it has since I originally joined( I actually have no clue when)
  3. If you restore it in iTunes then it will be fixed.
  4. Evasi0n7 1.0.2 should fix the iPad 2 wifi jailbreak problems.
  5. The status bar it not meant to show up while viewing in full screen.
  6. With the new release of Bitesms beta 8.0.1 I am starting this topic to post themes that work in bitesms for iOS 7 devices. If you find one that works try and post a screenshot (or two) of the theme, the name (or link) and device info (like iphone 5 iOS 7.0.4) . This way others can enjoy the full bitesms theme feature in iOS 7!
  7. Yea but it was still buggy. Like when an app opened and closed during the animations the original ios look would flash during the animation and after it would show the icons. And no walpaper would show it would just be a grey background and lock screen.
  8. Winter board has limited functionality. I was able to install winter board and themes and the themes would work in safe mode. I had to reinstall mobile substrate and preference loader each and everytime for things to work.
  9. Bitesms does not work. The app does not open. Also I can confirm tetherme is working on my iphone 5 iOS 7.0.4
  10. The problem seems to be originating from tether me from the insanelyi repo... After disabling the mobile substrates required for tetherme I no longer have been getting re-directed. Also have been seeing faster Internet speeds using LTE
  11. I noticed this the other day. Apparently I should have been playing candy crush by now.
  12. applocker can lock the photos application and then "restrict access to photos from the camera app*" so in turn it is basically what you want right?
  13. I like iOS but not just for one reason, but multiple ones. Well I have owned an iOS device since iOS 3 ( iPod touch ) so i am really familiar with it. The app store, having many exclusive applications but also ones that I can sync with my Apple TV, Mac and iPad so they all work together wirelessly. Another reason would be the jailbreak community in general. I love jailbreaking as I have 15 + tweaks installed on my iPhone 5 just to make it more "me". So it works the way I want it, so it looks the way i want it and then some other tweaks just to make some cool-er animations than the stock ones. And having the ability to change everything I want with a simple download and respring. Oh I also love being able to respring my device as it is much quicker than restarting...
  14. I have cyueue, autoLSmusiccontrol, and flex hide store button.
  15. I am using an iPhone 5. And the song doesn't continue playing when the app crashes because the iPod application closes completely.