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  1. And I broke it again.....

    1. Mr. Android

      Mr. Android

      your One? >.>

  2. Root required right?
  3. I just dropped mine on the top left corner. Not any major damage, but the metal edge bent down into the device and seems to be seperating the metal from the plastic center.Thank god I got insurence :D
  4. Cheesecake <3

    1. Boss


      is the best!

    2. Sudo


      I love that! Good stuff!

  5. Google decided to delete ALL of my bookmarks without permission. Thanks Google.

  6. Where are the files saved to when you download or stream?
  7. Could you update this? I've been looking for the new location now that the app has update.
  8. Is it possible to set a certain date/time for certain apps, but without changing the whole system date/time? I need this to change the date of my Rdio app, but also keep the system date the current date. If I change the date manually the app will extend the trial, but any google app or apple app will not connect to their servers. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. Parents got the new Cisco Cloud Connect. Does anybody know a way to bypass it to get online an Xbox or PS3? NOTE: I do not want to disable this, I only want to bypass it.
  10. Is installous working on iOS 6?
  11. Pretty sure that that isn't the issue. Never has and I don't think it ever will. Thanks. Didn't know you could make that setting.
  12. I did run it on admin and it didnt work.
  13. Nyan Cat