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  1. the problem has solved. i just removed tweak and removed springquote.plist from var/mobile/library/preferences and installed it again and it worked
  2. Thanks I will try it
  3. If I delete the database all default quotes will be gone
  4. Hi first when I installed this tweak it was working properly.i could add my custom quotes too but now when I try to add some quote to the tweak i occure with error database is there anyone with the same problem as me
  5. Thank bro very very thank for replyIng
  6. no but i will wait one more day maybe it solved if not ill come back to insanelyi
  7. thank you very much dude for replying but it didnt work. those 35 updates relates to packages which updated for ios6 and my firmware is 5.1.1 of course the developers saies that these packages support ios5 too but it is not true cause i tried and had issues
  8. 1.yes i said the cydia refreshing properly 2.yes in manage > sources all the repos exist i said i cant go through packages details cause the page is not loading even the cydia home page. eack time i tap on a package to see its details after 1 minute it shows 'unable to load' while i can the cydia is refreshing properly and the internet connection is working 4.i installed mobile terminal but ssh i dont think so and this is the screenshot of not loading page for prove
  9. hi dude Today i occured with a new problem in cydia. when i open cydia it's getting update normally and there is no problem in refreshing cydia but the quastion is when i try to go in to a package to see it's details nothing happends there is a blank page and even the cydia first page does not loading. before this problem gets happened i installed foldmusic v1.7 from our insanlyi repo and because of interfering with folderenhancer i removed it then i came across with this problem. please help me i cant even update my installed packages
  10. i asked question and i found my question's answer too. may be this helps others to solve this issue like me. i just installed sbsettings (i dont use it as usual times) and went to hide application and made off thanks dud for ur quick respond but i found the answer again thanks
  11. hi. i restored ios 6.1 in my device and installed unified ipod for ios 5 but the video wasnt in so i removed it but now i lost my i know that app was for ios 5 but i installed so many tweaks witch wasnt for 6.1 and even warned that (we are not sure this works on ur ios) but they worked properly except this one now how can i bring my back plus i searched whole setting but nothing has found thank
  12. today i Refreshed my Cydia For New Tweaks And suddenly 16 new updates apeared. all the tweaks relates to tweaks which cydia installs when you are jailbreaking and this tweaks is used for cydia to work properly for example apt 0.7 or openssh and 14 more. i wanted to know this happend for all too or this is some kinda virus for me cause all the tweaks versions didnt changed but added a p to end of them.
  13. I think it is from our country's server cause in the day its right and works normally but at the night sometimes i have time out error from this repo and sometimes from Xse... repo .by the way i removed all those packages with errors and thanks for your transferring persian keyboard package to ur repo
  14. thanks for your help but I think each time i reboot my phone insanely will update but i cant update it for another time as this one
  15. Package name called persian ios5 keyboard from chronzz repo