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  1. It opened the app directly as I've downloaded it after i deleted it. BTW, I managed to finally fix the issue and now the music app shows again on my home screen. Here is how I did it, I went to HidemeX settings and then app hide sectiin and choose music app to hide it then respring. It went my phone to respring loop. So I reboited my phone and went to no substrate mode by pressing volume up button. Then I opened icleaner and deleted a pref file called "Hidemexapphide" and then respring and then reboot, rejailbreak and wohooo my music app is showing on the dock again ?? Thanks guys for your concern and quick reply! Cheers and good day Bro
  2. I enabled it again but nothing happened. Then i deleted its pref file but nothing changed. I disabled icon support even and deleted its pref file via icleaner but nothing happened. Now I can't see music app on both jailed or jailbroaken mode ?
  3. I tried that bro. But it doesn't show. I noticed that when i search for it in spotlight, it shows "cloud" in front of the music app.
  4. Uninstalled it once Hidemex got released! Also i just tried reset home icon layout via settings but it doesn't help.
  5. Hi mates, the begining of the issue started when I suddenly started to notice that when I open any app and then close it, then it label disappear! I disabled Hidemex via icleaner and respring then I got a message from icon support that layout changed so it will reset to default to prevent issues. I pressed ok as I was having custom 5 icons in the dock including the Music app. After respring the music app icon disappeared from the dock and the whole home screen icons although it's still there when i search for it in the spotlight. Music icon is there while in the substrate safe mode. I reinstalled icon support from cydia but still the same. Also uicache doesn't help. Clean via icleaner but still nothing. Any ideas please?!
  6. ممكن معلومات اكتر عن المشكلة؟
  7. @TheClown Generous input as usual man!!! Thank you very much, It worked for me on the first try! Just a note: If you have "Extendlife" installed, You don't have to install "installd OTA Patch". Cheers
  8. you can just uninstall Substrate safe mode! it'll uninstall all of your tweaks. an alternative, you can disable them all via iCleaner Pro and the enable one by one to catch the culprit.
  9. APP

    Thank you very much Chris! It's working just fine now after updating. Thank you for your time and concern!! Cheers
  10. APP

    after installing the app, when I force touch any CC toggle, it opens the insanelyi app. I uninstalled the app and forcing touches CC toggles is working fine. installed insanelyi back and got the same issue. I uninstalled QuickDo and don't know what else could cause this. I've iPhone 6s on 10.2 @Chris could you please check and let me know if you need any more information from my side? Thanks in advance!
  11. Same here. I think that we have to reset the license file or so "I'm not sure". Thank you so much @TheClown for that quick reply as usual and please let me know if you could any clue for fixing this my friend Cheers!!
  12. mistakenly upgraded libiarrays :( now I'm getting a repeated msg constantly that I'm not purchased asks to activate license! any help guys? @TheClown
  13. Awesome! Working just fine.... Really thanks Gentlemen!
  14. DIY

    really thanks Bro, it works fine with me.
  15. Try to open the new installed apps at least for one lunch and try again with flex but make sure to close it completely from the multitasking.