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  1. I did this on a 4s with 5.1.1. Im wondering if this will work with r-sim8 in a ATT 6.1.3 on straight talk with the same setting? Any input would be great.
  2. Download the proper ipsw and restore in itunes. You can also do this with redsn0w which is how I did it a while ago on a 3gs that i picked up and couldnt get a untethered jailbreak at the time. Hope it works for you.
  3. [quote name='Lugnut79937' timestamp='1348281452' post='91150'] Hello......I as you can tell am new to the forum here. I have read through almost every post since numero uno. I am going to takle taking my 2 verizon iphone 4's over to use AT&T. I did get my Gevey ultra-s in the mail today. Is there any good hints that will help me make this work more smoothly? Or am I in for a test of my patience? And are any of the carrier settings needed for at&t different? I didn't see any specifically for at&t? Thanks in advance for any help any of you have for me. [/quote] Its not the easiest, but if you can follow instructions you can do it. For ATT your gonna need to google the APN info and use tetherme to edit for sms/mms and data. Im still haveing an issue with the incomming sms showing +1(561)123-4567.....the show my contacts number but it doesnt relate that to the contacts name. Ive edited the country codes and it didnt change the way they come in. Im sure if you try hard enough you will get it all working. Good Luck
  4. [url=""][/url] Ive done this but it didnt work either. I have about 300 lines in the Uimobilecountrycodes.plist file! Is that how everyones looks? I have not been rebooting, just respringing. Could that be an issue? ny help would be great, Im tired of adding the new number to the contacts as I get texts back.
  5. My carrier also said Carrier 12..I just stopped at step 11. Tried to activate since I couldnt find it in the carrier bundles and it wasnt under verizon. It worked. I had used my previous tether me settings from a ST 3gs for data and mms. I have everything working other than the Voice Mail and my return texts show up with +1 infront of the number. Any suggestions would be great? I was hesitant to start messing with the ifile stuff not knowing how to make a backup. Luckily everything so far has worked. Please keep me posted on the voice mail issue Im having, Im sure someone knows exactly what it is that I didnt do.