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  1. I just want to learn to love again

  2. Did you perform a clean restore? By this I mean selecting restore then having it update to 9.3.3 on a clean build, not restoring from a backup? Try this and let me know if it fixes your problem, it should.
  3. What OS did you go from? I.e. (iOS 9.1 to 9.3.3) Can you screen shot it deactivating and post it in thread? Also, what device are you using?
  4. I just want the sims 4 for Mac cracked...

    1. Chief117
    2. Hatty Hattington

      Hatty Hattington

      i ended up just buying it haha

  5. I love you, so many newds
  6. DIY

    I love you
  7. Tittle says it all, I screwed up and ran my iPhone through Apple Configurator and now my iTunes doesn't pick up my iPhone. Can't restore it to factory defaults or anything because it won't pick it up. If i restore it through apple configurator it still doesn't allow it to be visible in iTunes. Help would be awesome lol scratch that, found a profile in the phone just had to delete it haha was worried there for a moment
  8. Installation, sorry for being vague, I'm just distraught over this no jailbreak thing.
  9. Well I found it on there and it doesn't work. I wish it worked
  10. Yeah I just looked into it. Someone should upload the .app for me lol
  11. Pygr site?
  12. There's quite a few third party installers, what information do you need? I'll get it tomorrow for ya if I can
  13. Any chance we will ever see this come to non jailbroken devices via vshare or other third party installers?
  14. Nope, it's happening with me as well. Let me know if it resolves itself
  15. DIY

    thanks king your the man