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  1. i want to know this too. so... anyone want to explain?
  2. right. *person writes a long text about how they really feel* *deletes* *types, yeah lol* instead you: ?!? i can see no good that will come out of it but it would be cool lol
  3. is it possible to get a tweak like that tho? lol
  4. MOD

    thinking about playing this tbh lol
  5. so i should look for BUNDLE PRIMARY ICONS FILES, and those are the ones i need to change? is it set up like that with each app?
  6. no, not everytime i get a notification but a lot
  7. ill try this, thanks. will update when i do
  8. like another ls tweak? cause i dont think i installed anything for the lockscreen
  9. it helps if you watch the movie on your 3g/4g service instead of wifi. i know it kills your phone faster but i can never watch a movie on my wifi + the phones data seems faster unless you have super fast internet, disregard this lol but yeah im going to try the fix and adblocker thing too
  10. HACK

    help, i got the old and new textnow but everytime i try to buy credits it crashes or freezes. any idea why?
  11. so do your fix in OP then get adblocker and disable movie box 3 in settings?
  12. this always happens to me altho i can't tell how far the movie loaded anymore (can you?) like the bar never loads fully but anywho i get it to work by letting the video play for 2 seconds, pause it, then leave it alone until the phone autolocks after a minute, just let it load for awhile like 2-3 minutes and then you can unlock and start watching. it shouldn't stop and play anymore its very annoying but it works for me *shrugs*
  13. anyone else experiencing this? and is there a fix i really like this tweak
  14. nope i just get a blank appstore this is so old and late but i still want it what is tongbu?
  15. anyone know any good video editing programs for windows?