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  1. If the company I was working for wasn't at risk of going bankrupt within the next month, I would definitely donate to the insanelyi repo. As it is my hours were cut to 2 days a week for the month of January. As soon as I have a more stable income, I'll be donating as much as I can afford. I am, after all, just a poor college kid, haha.
  2. I was in the same boat as you. After some research (by which i mean a couple hours searching google), I found out you have to download and specify the ios6.0 3GS ipsw for it to work. That's all I had to do, anyways.
  3. I didn't realized we'd strayed from the original post. Did a second read through the replies and I see where we are now. Oops, haha.
  4. I have a tethered jailbreak on my 3GS running 6.0.1, but I had to run the 6.0 jailbreak on it to get it to work properly.
  5. WB

    Recently posted the exact solution to your problem. Here you go! http://insanelyi.com/topic/12815-ios-6-slider-knobs/
  6. WB

    So, I don't know if anyone else has already figured this out, but I'm going to try and help some of my fellow themers. Yaaaay, I'm contributing! After what seemed like endless searching, I finally found the files for the slider knobs on the lockscreen. I went on this quest originally because I had installed a winterboard theme that was supposed to change them, but it didn't. Which led me to believe that, for some stupid reason, the Apple developers had changed the file names with the update to ios 6. They are located here /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework and the file names have changed from: bottombarknobgray.png and bottombarknobgray@2x.png bottombarknobgreen.png and bottombarknobgreen@2x.png bottombarknobred.png and bottombarknobred@2x.png to: bottombarknobgray~iphone.png bottombarknobgreen~iphone.png bottombarknobred~iphone.png Again, I don't know if somebody else has already established this, but in case nobody has, here you go! I couldn't find that info anywhere, and I was really desperate to customize those slider knobs, haha. Happy theming!
  7. Feeling pretty good about submitting my first theme! I'm that much closer to not being a noob anymore.

    1. stiles


      hope its pretty, i need a new one :)

    2. danesusername


      I think it's pretty pretty, haha. It's in the repo already, but I'm planning on adding a lockscreen, too. It's a Dreamboard theme called Acoustic. :)

  8. DB

    Introducing, Acoustic! This is a theme designed with an acoustic guitar in mind! It's got a whole bunch of nifty features, including a nice wood-finish design (the wallpaper is panoramic), animated weather (which is behind the icons, so as to not disrupt your view), custom icons (with an included template to customize your own), a custom pick-shaped badge icon, four app-grid folders (faves, cydia, games, all), four docked icons, and a Settings page to toggle Edit Mode and animated weather. I also included the Photoshop file to edit the wallpaper if you so wish. To download it, visit the repo!
  9. DB

    It's up! Thanks for your help you guys!! :laughing:
  10. DB

    Wow, I didn't even notice the file hosts on top. I think I got it figured out. Thanks for the help! I'll let you know if I run into any more roadblocks.
  11. DB

    I got it zipped and everything, but the file size ended up being around 8MB and the max file size for the uploader is 5MB. What way is there around this? I know I've downloaded themes before that are 20+MB.
  12. DB

    Alright, I've gotten that far now. How do I create download and screenshot links? I'm really new to the game, so you might have to treat me like a two year old.
  13. DB

    I created a Dreamboard theme, but I have no clue how to upload it to the repo. Can someone give me a step-by-step procedure?
  14. I plug my phone in and use a combo of iFunbox and Winscp. It's nice because you don't need wifi.
  15. DB

    Well, like I said, I was having the same issue on 5.1.1. I suppose I can live without it, haha. Thanks for taking the time to try and help.