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  1. Yes. I happened to visit it over two years ago and forgot about it. Thank you for all the suggestions. I've seen Carla in the featured themes in Cydia. So beautiful but it's a girly theme name for me to use. LOL. I'll try the other suggestions though. Thanks again Sorry for the bad grammar.
  2. Thank you but I don't like the icons though. I'm not saying that it's ugly. It's just simple and does not represent real objects/symbols.
  3. I'm looking for an HD Winterboard theme for iPhone 4. More like Invader and Ashanti with these characteristics. Theme: Not battery-greedy I don't care about weather and other widgets If possible, animation is minimal Background: Light in color (preferably silver/grey) Icons: Square or any interesting icon shape aside from the default one (e.g. Invader HD) Not the default one and not simple, I really want true HD icons Real objects for icons or at least icon content describes the app (e.g. a portrait for Photos app, an envelope or keyboard for SMS app, graph for Stocks, logo for web sites (e.g. YouTube logo for icon, not TV; package for Cydia, etc.) Can you please recommend any theme that meets this criteria? Thanks in advance