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  1. By default webviews share that with Safari. These apps you speak of may incorporate a separate methods to store things. I can possibly look into this. But it as stated this isn't a bug.
  2. That would be up to your video player. Not the individual files. You have to turn on like play all. For example, I use plex media server. If I drop files 1-5 in. They are at the beginning of my movie list. I just play the folder they are in and it will play them all. Granted there is a slight delay, 1-2 seconds between files but it works. Alternatively, and what I ha e been doing is joining the files. I'm on Mac and I use MP4Tools I think it is.
  3. APP

    Sweet! Good to know that all seems good. All i I was looking go for was the green light for the repo ready status. Now it's up to @Boss to upload it. I appreciate the thorough testing
  4. APP

    New build is up on the first post for people interested. If you could, test the hell out of it, if no major bugs are found, then we can push it to the repo. Thank You
  5. Post up your crash log.
  6. APP

    New build up on the first post.
  7. APP

    Yah this was an oversight. I assumed the whole app shared the same keyboard reference. I was wrong. In any case, I actually fixed it this morning. It will share the same reference as the Matte Keyboard toggle. As for the crashing on 4" devices in iOS8. I know why it's happening, just don't know how to fix yet. I might take your suggestion and turn off rotation for devices other than 6, 6+ and iPad. This is of course if I can't manage to get it fixed. The smaller devices don't give you a lot of room for the text view while in landscape. But it is easier to type in landscape on those smaller devices. So I'm torn between the idea. We'll see how things go. Keep up the good work in testing. Much appreciated
  8. APP

    Honestly haven't even tried running it on the iOS8 simulator. But I can check that out later n see what's up.
  9. APP

    Your guess is as good as mine lol I have no idea what most of those keys do. If anything at all. Hence why I was so adamant about asking if people even use them, or if I should just ditch/replace with something different.
  10. APP

    Very odd indeed. All I do is type uicache. No arguments should be needed for that.
  11. APP

    Correct. It is built to run on iOS 8-9. As for the icon not showing up or the method of dragging and dropping into Applications. I haven't had any issues on iOS9. Even deleting, clearing everything and re-dragging in. No issues with uicache, resprings or reboots. But it it's cool you built the deb, I feel it's not repo ready as I want to knock a few more things out first, but it will make it easier for people to install. Much appreciated :-)
  12. APP

    Alright, so thanks to the help of @iSteve-O, I posted up the proper permissions along with a new build version. Mainly addressing a few bugs that I noticed, along with some subtle UI changes. Let me know if something is screwy or whatever.
  13. With the release of MatteTerminal, I see no need to have a terminal function in the forum app (new feature I was working on). Admittedly it would have been cool, but I don't see the point anymore.

    1. Hatty Hattington

      Hatty Hattington

      you're beautiful


  14. APP

    Good to know! Off hand, do you know the command to make the folder and sub folders/items the same permissions? I can easily do this in Transmit on my Mac, but if I do a build before work that I want to post, i can throw it up on lunch or something.
  15. APP

    Will do. So I take it what I posted in that code block is correct so I'll run with that :-)