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  1. APP

    New build on 2nd post.
  2. APP

    Weird. Will check this out when I get my Mac back up and running. Until that time you can edit the info.plist file and remove the following: <key>CFBundleURLTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleTypeRole</key> <string>Editor</string> <key>CFBundleURLName</key> <string></string> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <array> <string>prefs</string> </array> </dict> </array> Not sure if there will be adverse effect of doing that. Maybe with the downloader? Try it out and post results. Oh and run iCleaner after removing that. I made a backup of the plist in case something breaks.
  3. APP

    That bar goes off of the keyboard. So go to settings. Turn on dark keyboard, and tap home. Should be all set then.
  4. APP

    As Clown said, there is toggles for both. iPads should rotate as well If you're dropping the zip (not provided) then yes it's required. Installing the deb should take care of the permissions on its own.
  5. APP

    I remember trying this initially when I was combining pages. For some reason it didn't work out with the current configuration, but I will circle back to this once I get my mac up and running again. I get what you're saying. However this wouldn't be practical for smaller devices. Because it allows for multiple downloads, that active portion could grow large and might not look as appealing. I'm going to try the suggestion above again. I appreciate the suggestion though
  6. APP

    Ok first page updated with some new info and deb.
  7. APP

    The current deb on the first page works, although you would have change the plist and control file to allow install. Ive been working on a few things, and may just throw up what I have, a few testers have good results. Just one annoying bug in the tracker has been elusive. Changed the links as well on the first page. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Just keep in mind, without the Forum, we have no repo, no forum app, and no MatteTerm. Do what you can to donate and keep this ride alive!

  9. As for adding an option next to those icons, that's skin related. Not app. However, if you are on the main view, not babble view, you can double tap to bring up the toolbar, there is a share button on the right. You can share it that way
  10. Yah it was more for documenting purposes. And You can still enable the side panel by rotating swipe and rotate back. I don't know if you have another trick.
  11. So This is the current issue I'm facing with I believe to be the Babble editor. As much as I have tried to fix this issue via xcode in the hopes of a app update, It's not in my favor and needs to be fixed server side. Everybody elses app will not look like this as I have it hard coded to have the zoom all the way out. Was testing. This also happens in Safari and Firefox. With the effect of being able to scroll side to side effecting the proper app navigation.
  12. APP

    Good to hear it's working out nice for you
  13. Yah thats not hard. Right now its set for that action. Whenever you hit the home in toolbar, or nav away using the side menu, its set to auto hide the toolbar. But there isnt a nav bar, only a toolbar at the bottom, I don't know if hes meaning to add one. This is the base project i modified the app off of. Notice the 2 buttons at the top nav bar.
  14. The 2 finger double tap belongs to the toolbar at the bottom for manual navigation / share functions. Are you suggesting to add the nav bar as well into that feature that would have the left / right view buttons?
  15. The forum skin and mobile skin share the same code last time I checked. Its a addon hook. It's not really Babble, I believe its the Emoticons that's causing it to go to far out. And I can't link the code as it is admin only, I don't even have access anymore due to my shitty internet and how you log in. I was able to disable to part that was causing the issue in firefox inspect element portion, but calling that function into objective-c was another story. Just have to wait and see when it gets updated by the dev.