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  1. Got my new 7 plus Product Red 128GB yesterday, came with 10.3.1 :( Staying on that until/if a jailbreak hits.

    Edited by Chris
    Got a different device
    1. TylerDurden


      Bummer 😓 But definitely a good decision to stay where you are. Save them 10.3.1 blobs 

    2. Mr. Android

      Mr. Android

      buy an android

    3. Chris


      2 hours ago, Mr. Android said:

      buy an android

      Been down that road. Some aspects are appealing. Just prefer iOS.

  2. APP

    New build available on the first page / second post.
  3. Been super focused on the notes portion of the app. Don't know why. Doing it just to do it because it's stuck in my head. 

    1. vec1phyr


      It won't be useless. Might have to change some things for what I currently have in mind (only if worst-case scenario occurs) but it'll still be something I cannot see go to waste. Especially the app you've made for us. It's too perfect to let go so easily.

  4. APP

    TheClown is correct. Just like all apps, once removed the app and it's processes is killed. Because the the app doesn't rely on mobile substrate, there's no hooks or daemons to run.
  5. APP

    The reasoning for this is to bypass apples time out limit. As in description. App will never close. So it's in the background. I could disable that, but ones you're not in the app for like 10 min I believe, it will relaunch.
  6. APP

    Yah don't know what that's about. The control file in the deb hasn't really shanged much in a long time. Other than the build number. Could be a permissions error with the deb? Who knows. UPDATE Ok no safe mode here when installing. Maybe you got something else going on? i have coolstar's stashing installed to. Don't know if that makes a difference?
  7. APP

    Far even from almost perfect, but it does the job. New Build on the second post.
  8. APP

    I would rarely use it probably. But I have in the past needed to jot some things down, while switching to the Notes app is painless, quick access to a notepad could prove useful. Plus it takes up Zero room in the app, so why not?! Honestly I was just bored and wanted to try something haha
  9. APP

    Glad ya like it. Working on a update implementing a simple notes view. As of right now this is how the toolbar in the left menu looks. And how the Note Pad looks. Still in early development, and I'm just tinkering, don't really know if I'll keep it or not?
  10. APP

    Happy to hear that
  11. APP

    New build available on second post. Might address the issue mentioned a couple posts up? Don't really know as I don't have a force touch device. Let me know.
  12. APP

    I wanna say that I might have a clue for the issue. I seen in shoutbox about maybe trying the plist edit mentioned above. Same result? If yes then I have another idea. Im working on a build now, which may address it. Also will address the build number vs app number conflict.
  13. APP

    New build on 2nd post.
  14. APP

    Weird. Will check this out when I get my Mac back up and running. Until that time you can edit the info.plist file and remove the following: <key>CFBundleURLTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleTypeRole</key> <string>Editor</string> <key>CFBundleURLName</key> <string></string> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <array> <string>prefs</string> </array> </dict> </array> Not sure if there will be adverse effect of doing that. Maybe with the downloader? Try it out and post results. Oh and run iCleaner after removing that. I made a backup of the plist in case something breaks.
  15. APP

    That bar goes off of the keyboard. So go to settings. Turn on dark keyboard, and tap home. Should be all set then.