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  1. Got my new 7 plus Product Red 128GB yesterday, came with 10.3.1 :( Staying on that until/if a jailbreak hits.

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    Got a different device
    1. TylerDurden


      Bummer 😓 But definitely a good decision to stay where you are. Save them 10.3.1 blobs 

    2. Mr. Android

      Mr. Android

      buy an android

    3. Chris


      2 hours ago, Mr. Android said:

      buy an android

      Been down that road. Some aspects are appealing. Just prefer iOS.

  2. Since the new update to the mobile skin, Sull and I have busted out butts trying to bring the most to you, our members. We still need insight on what else can be done (within our abilities). Some things just aren't currently possible due to the limitations of code within the skin. I posted in the Updates/Bugs thread of what I was trying to do. Shoutbox, Status comments and upload preview (add to post or delete part) won't happen due to the lack of javascript in the skin. I worked on those for quite some time to no avail. It just wont happen until those hooks get updated. With that said, what else could be done? Keep in mind that it's called mobile for a reason. Not every desktop feature like sig's etc will be shown, as the skin still needs to be lightweight.
  3. The purpose of this thread is to try and gain feedback from you, the user. Regardless of what it is, you should post it. There is a catch though. Below I will highlight some things that are simply not possible due to whatever reason. So don't even ask. Also I will go over a few ideas I had. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: Push Notifications - This won't happen simply because apple requires tokens and certificates in order to push information to the app. Which requires a dev account ($99) Even if said dev account was purchased, it still wont happen. Local Notifications - Apps are required to be in the sandbox. Meaning not being installed in the /Applications directory. With some hooking it is possible, but not really necessary as I would only use that for completed downloads. Strictly iOS 8/9 now. Not going to to have compatibility for lower due to migrating to WKWebView. iOS 7 or lower is not supported. IDEAS: All out of them at the moment lol Thats it off the top of my head. So if you have any suggestions, let us know Official app thread:
  4. APP

    New build available on the first page / second post.
  5. APP

    Compatible with iOS 8 ~ 10 This is a specifically designed app for our forum and its members at insanelyi. Started off as a small project, but through tinkering here and there, it has become something pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy it! Available exclusively on the insanelyi repo! Main Features: Edge Swiping Menu View: Left to right reveals your menu, along with Settings & My Files buttons at the bottom. Integrated toolbar containing: Left Menu, switch for site navigation buttons, hide keyboard and a babble button. A dedicated view of the Babble box, similar to the home page. Navigate to your hearts content and still be able to swipe and stay in the convo! Settings View: Contains power options such as: Respring, Reboot and Safemode. With additional buttons for clearing Cookies and UICache. Switches in Settings: Pull to Refresh. Toast Messages. Dark Keyboard. App Sounds. Allow Landscape (Videos will still rotate if turned off). Swipe Keyboard (Allows hiding the keyboard with or without swiping on the screen). 2 finger nav. (Changes the screen edge swipe gesture to 2 fingers, helps with certain 3rd party tweaks). My Files View: Two part view with Completed and Active Downloads tabs. Completed view allows you to share, unzip files (unzip must be installed from Cydia), and install debs. Active view allows you to track the progress of your files. Supports multiple downloads! Additional Features: App will never exit when closed. Not like the old one where it gets killed in apples 10 min limit. Implemented WKWebView which uses the javascript engine like in Safari. Redesigned image viewer. Flick or tap image away like Tweetbot. Long press for actions. Image viewer now works with Gallery. Downloading wallpapers and saving to photos app. Upgraded download manager, works better with some files. Send to other apps, like iFile, Dropbox etc... Pull to refresh along with pull and release sounds. Scroll to top (Only on Main view, not applicable to Babble view as that's not meant to navigate around). Redesigned 'Forum like icons' in the left menu. No connection detection Changed it to dismiss instead of Close App so you can still access downloaded files. New app Alert view animations and style. When you install the app for the first time, sign in from the main screen. Then go to the left menu, then settings. Enable "Babble View". Close then navigate to the Babble View by swiping from the right edge towards the left. Then it's just a simple pull to refresh in the Babble view should sign you in. Two files will be included in the second post of this thread: I'm going to be posting the Zip or building the deb when I can. For the zip, just drag and drop in /Applications, open app and clear UICache. Then follow the setting permissions portion. The deb WILL overwrite the old app and will uninstall anything associated with it (themes and tweaks installed from the repo are safe and unaffected), as well as set the permissions for you upon install. If you comment with bugs, please include as much info as possible. Device AND firmware. Also remember that it could be a tweak effecting your use, not necessarily the app itself. Thanks to Mr. Android for the amazing loading screens! So here it is, I hope you all enjoy it. Winterboard theming. Recently reported from users was that the icons won't change with Winterboard. This sent me into figuring out why. Turns out there is no issue. Just making sure you have the correct bundle id, and icon names in the respected folder is all you need, (same as always) For those who don't know what to do, I'll break it down. This is all assuming you have Winterboard installed. Navigate to private/var/stash/Themes/whatever theme your using/Bundles. Create folder com.chris.insanelyi or com.sull.insanelyi (repo version) From there, you have to drag and drop the icons in that folder. To sum it up the hierarchy of the folders should be as follows: insanelyi.theme Bundles com.chris.insanelyi / com.sull.insanelyi Your icons Personally I have always been a fan of FSWipecache (on the repo) and iCleaner Pro (also on repo). If using those won't work, then reopen Winterboard, uncheck and recheck your theme and respring. As for icon Naming and Sizes (These are how Xcode has them, they may be different on device). Icon-29.png "29x29" Icon-29@2x.png "29x29" Icon-29@3x.png "29x29" Icon-40.png "40x40" Icon-40@2x.png "40x40" Icon-40@3x.png "40x40" Icon-60@2x.png "60x60" Icon-60@3x.png "60x60" Icon-76.png "76x76" Icon-76@2x.png "76x76" Icon-167.png "83.5x83.5" Don't forget to set folder and icon Permissions. -Ownership: root admin -Access Permissions: User: Read, Write, Execute Group: Read, Execute World: Read, Execute App Permissions / Steps - If installing Zip from below. Assuming you placed the app in the /Applications folder, if not, that's where it needs to be. Open Terminal Type su, then your password. chown root:admin /Applications/ chmod 4755 /Applications/ Open app, Left menu, Setting button, Clear UICache. App WILL force close (this is normal). Good to go
  6. Been super focused on the notes portion of the app. Don't know why. Doing it just to do it because it's stuck in my head. 

    1. vec1phyr


      It won't be useless. Might have to change some things for what I currently have in mind (only if worst-case scenario occurs) but it'll still be something I cannot see go to waste. Especially the app you've made for us. It's too perfect to let go so easily.

  7. APP

    TheClown is correct. Just like all apps, once removed the app and it's processes is killed. Because the the app doesn't rely on mobile substrate, there's no hooks or daemons to run.
  8. APP

    The reasoning for this is to bypass apples time out limit. As in description. App will never close. So it's in the background. I could disable that, but ones you're not in the app for like 10 min I believe, it will relaunch.
  9. APP

    Yah don't know what that's about. The control file in the deb hasn't really shanged much in a long time. Other than the build number. Could be a permissions error with the deb? Who knows. UPDATE Ok no safe mode here when installing. Maybe you got something else going on? i have coolstar's stashing installed to. Don't know if that makes a difference?
  10. APP

    Far even from almost perfect, but it does the job. New Build on the second post.
  11. APP

    I would rarely use it probably. But I have in the past needed to jot some things down, while switching to the Notes app is painless, quick access to a notepad could prove useful. Plus it takes up Zero room in the app, so why not?! Honestly I was just bored and wanted to try something haha
  12. APP

    Glad ya like it. Working on a update implementing a simple notes view. As of right now this is how the toolbar in the left menu looks. And how the Note Pad looks. Still in early development, and I'm just tinkering, don't really know if I'll keep it or not?
  13. APP

    Happy to hear that
  14. APP

    New build available on second post. Might address the issue mentioned a couple posts up? Don't really know as I don't have a force touch device. Let me know.
  15. APP

    I wanna say that I might have a clue for the issue. I seen in shoutbox about maybe trying the plist edit mentioned above. Same result? If yes then I have another idea. Im working on a build now, which may address it. Also will address the build number vs app number conflict.
  16. APP

    New build on 2nd post.
  17. APP

    Weird. Will check this out when I get my Mac back up and running. Until that time you can edit the info.plist file and remove the following: <key>CFBundleURLTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleTypeRole</key> <string>Editor</string> <key>CFBundleURLName</key> <string></string> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <array> <string>prefs</string> </array> </dict> </array> Not sure if there will be adverse effect of doing that. Maybe with the downloader? Try it out and post results. Oh and run iCleaner after removing that. I made a backup of the plist in case something breaks.
  18. APP

    That bar goes off of the keyboard. So go to settings. Turn on dark keyboard, and tap home. Should be all set then.
  19. APP

    As Clown said, there is toggles for both. iPads should rotate as well If you're dropping the zip (not provided) then yes it's required. Installing the deb should take care of the permissions on its own.
  20. New section here at insanelyi. Primarily we're a iDevice forum, but that doesn't mean we can forget about other potential amazing devices. Huge market on both platforms. If anything I'm hoping this will bring more traffic and knowledge. With that said, show us what else your running. It can be rooted or just stock with launchers. Will update mine when I get my Nexus 4 :D
  21. APP

    I remember trying this initially when I was combining pages. For some reason it didn't work out with the current configuration, but I will circle back to this once I get my mac up and running again. I get what you're saying. However this wouldn't be practical for smaller devices. Because it allows for multiple downloads, that active portion could grow large and might not look as appealing. I'm going to try the suggestion above again. I appreciate the suggestion though
  22. APP

    Ok first page updated with some new info and deb.
  23. APP

    The current deb on the first page works, although you would have change the plist and control file to allow install. Ive been working on a few things, and may just throw up what I have, a few testers have good results. Just one annoying bug in the tracker has been elusive. Changed the links as well on the first page. Thanks for pointing that out.
  24. Just keep in mind, without the Forum, we have no repo, no forum app, and no MatteTerm. Do what you can to donate and keep this ride alive!

  25. As for adding an option next to those icons, that's skin related. Not app. However, if you are on the main view, not babble view, you can double tap to bring up the toolbar, there is a share button on the right. You can share it that way