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  1. Doesn't work, it still says and it failed. I tried to Reinstall it, Reboot the device, and what not. However, it does not want to be fixed. Any other ideas, maybe upload it to a file hosting website?
  2. Yeah I forgot to add, I never downloaded iAP free on it before.
  3. I do not know if someone else posted here, but I don't wanna go over the 19 pages. I have an Absinthe Jailbroken iPhone 4S, and I'm trying to get the iAP free to work. However, when I enable it, it does not work, but the normal Transaction message appears. I tried to download the "Core Plugin" plugin, however it shows the Installing message, and after about 3-5 minutes, it says "<Core Plugin> Failed, Please try again later." I tried again after an hour or two, still does not work. Anybody knows the solution? Thanks.