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  1. thanks!
  2. delete watusicrack in cydia and test it com.theclown.watusifree_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb Thanks TheClown for crack, (i just rename WatusiCrack --> Watusifree and it's working fine witn 0.12.8 )
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    almost . e6 DA Vertical Clock )
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    looks great!
  8. DEB

    Fuji - A LockHTML theme that brings the macOS login screen to your lockscreen. Fuji, named after macOS Sierra's codename, is a LockHTML theme that brings the notorious Mac login screen right on to your iDevice. Fuji will support iOS 7/8/9/10 Features: • Set your own profile picture - through an URL or from your camera roll • Aswell as profile name • There is a dark mode Planned features: (that all will be optional) • InfoStats2 (when updated) - to support the "Cancel" button that is on Macs login screen • Universal background blur • More animations • Background dimming • The arrow to the right of the password box • Customizable chevron text • Better color matching with notifications Recent Changes: 1.1:Fixed a bug where AM/PM clock not working, do know that if you edit the clock a second time, it will always be set to default (for some reason). Download com.macciti.fuji_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb wall &
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    PsychoZ )
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