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  1. Im not sure whats the stance on piracy here (lmfao its been a while I forgot) Link 1 Link 2 Use either of these.
  2. I'd charge it when I'm home, up to like 80ish. I don't let it go below 20%, unless emergencies.
  3. Install it directly, using a browser in Bluestacks. It should work, then. If not, paste the error you get ^-^ (Dolphin is a good browser) I suggest you to have the modded bluestacks rather than the normal official bluestacks, you'd experience lesser problems.
  4. I usually use Teamviewer.
  5. Whats the problem? Are you trying to use the thin_installer or the offline one? Has it been installed before? (asking bc traces might cause problems) Try downloading an offline installer. Yeah its 200 mb sorry about that. This is the newest version, although that doesnt matter. P.S. I have an older version because I was able to root and mod it
  6. Yes, it does Tried it a few minutes ago on a Windows 10 with no problems.
  7. Run the "add" reg file. Downside: It has a cmd interface, but if there's a virus you have the option of opening Defender too.
  9. Try this app called ProduKey. It works for me, so give it a try. It displays keys for Windows and Office. P.S. We also have a "Windows" forum for threads related to them
  10. WIndows Defender is pretty sufficient for Windows versions 8 and above. Just keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed as a second choice, with Windows Defender as your main AV program. What tools of Avast! do you need?
  11. Check out Dissident.
  12. If you dont have windows 7, 10 is the next best think in that line, *IMO*. Method didnt work for me either, used Media Creation Tool.
  13. Dock&Roll Works, but you should disable it, move and rearrange icons, and then enable it. Glitches half the time. Suggest don't install. Moving it while it's enabled causes a respring. Orange. Doubletaptosleep doesn't work (Worked on 8.1.2, not on 8.3) Red.
  14. Am I here? No, the real question is,