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  1. DEB

    Description: Irys Deluxe 10 is an amazing theme for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - iOS 7/8/9/10. Irys Deluxe 10 works with Anemone. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.irysdeluxe10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  2. DEB

    Description: Frugal is an amazing theme for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - iOS 7/8/9/10. Frugal works with Anemone. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.frugal2_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  3. DEB

    Description: Darkmatter iOS10 (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - ios7/8/9/10). Beautiful theme made by Android dev friends @_mowmo_ v1.0 of DarkMatter iOS10 contains more than 980 awesome icons with unique style, 2 docks, badge, folder, magicdots, UI. For wallpapers, they can be downloaded in Thank you for the support. View icons list here. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.darkmatterios10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  4. DEB

    Description: Krix for iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch work with Anemone & WinterBoard on iOS 7/8/9/10 Theme made by TwoFourty Eight for Android and Ported by me on iOS. Krix UI theme for iOS is the main style Miui theme crafted. The theme is optimized for Anemone & WinterBoard. You can apply it with Anemone or Winterboard with IconBundles installed. On upcoming update, i will add your icon request that u can make on send an email at Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.krixforios10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  5. Your avatar looks legit AF nao.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JewelsX


      Who is the original creator? is it on deviantart?

    3. RypeDub


      It's not on DeviantArt and its scattered across the web.


      That's why I wanted to get more info about it from the artist.

    4. JewelsX


      I like that art style. Yeah hopefully he responds to you

  6. DEB

    Description: *Note: This theme requires Anemone to work. Winterboard is not supported.* A beautiful dark gradient theme, Splendore takes familiar icons and turns them into pieces of art. Circles define the shape of each icon, and each has been thought out carefully to make each icon look perfect. Currently themes over 170+ icons and counting, along with theming the Settings app. Icon and UI theme requests are always welcome. Screenshots created using the Screenshot App by @junesiphone. Homescreen widget created by @tnbh9 Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Added more user requested icons. Download: com.macciti.splendore_2.6_iphoneos-arm.deb
  7. DEB

    Description: 0bCeZ iOS 8/9/10.XX Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Fixed and added a few icons Download: com.macciti.0bcez10anemone_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  8. DEB

    Description: New theme 10n1C is perfect to all 3D icon lovers. Its a very beautiful theme including a lot of custom icons, zeppelin, dialer and an UI, more to come for this theme. Requires Anemone. Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Fixed and added a few icons Download: com.macciti.10n1cforanemone_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  9. DEB

    Description: An elegant and intricate icon theme for the iPhone. In loving memory of Steve Jobs (1955-2011). Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Support for latest versions of iOS -New icons -Added support for Anemone (Winterboard is no longer supported) Download: mobi.macciti.jaku_1.8_iphoneos-arm.deb
  10. DEB

    Description: EASE 2: is a stunning new theme for iPhone, iPod and iPad. For those who want to know what EASE means is latin and means Simplicity in English. All the theme has been made with beautiful degraded color. Compatible with iPhone 5 up to iPhone 7 Plus and iPod 6 also on iPad 2 up to iPad Pro. Compatible with iOS 10 up iOS 10.2. ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH ANEMONE. Any bug or icon requests email me on Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Add 50 New Icon. Add PageDots. Add MagicDots. Add 3 Mask. Download: com.macciti.ease2_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  11. DEB

    Description: finally is here the ios8,9 and 10 version of Arc iphones and ipads(retina display) anemone support.this packages conatain: more then 600 icons, Ui, folders, badges, page dots, zeppelin logos, AnemoneEffects, iKeys(this need ikeys tweak in order to work). Screenshots: Recent Changes: Add badges,hide grid for folder,more then 40 icons, i moved the info.plist into the icons pack for those who dont need the ui and i changed the clock icon. Downloads: com.macciti.arcios10_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb Arc wallpapers i5: com.macciti.arcwallpapersi5_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb Arc wallpapers i6: com.macciti.arcwallpapersi6_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb Arc wallpapers i6plus: com.macciti.arcwallpapersi6plus_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  12. DEB

    Description: A bright, clean outline theme with massive mix and match customisation *** Now with 450+ icons, see changelog *** Stencil is a bright but subtle new theme suite for people who want a customised look without any of those What is that icon for? moments! Clean, crisp and unified, it’s a wonder Jony Ives hasn’t already done this for native iOS. The theme is available in two main variants, one with each icon framed by an outline, and a glyph version without the outline. Then there are four filled or tinted alt versions of both types. You can customise it even further using various background shades to create an almost infinite variety of effects (well, alright, 210 possible combinations), so you can tailor the theme to match your wallpaper, mood or the day of the week. See the screenshots to get a better idea. Included are: • 200+ AppStore and Cydia icons in 2 main themes and 8 alt versions • Folder background • 21 background tints, each with its own folder icon and background • Respring logo • Settings icons in main and glyph versions • Customised icons for Apple Weather UI, which also feeds into Forecast • A set of Infostats2 widgets (2xAgenda, 2xMusic and weather) tailored to blend seamlessly into the Springboard icon layout. The Weather widgets feature live weather and can serve as a replacement for the app icon. • Simple wallpapers designed to highlight the icons (including an OCD layout grid to help you get your widgets perfectly aligned!) Each version of the theme and/or background has its own: • Badges • Page dots • Status bar • Activity spinners Much of Stencil’s customisation relies on Anemone theme stacking, so experiment with ordering your chosen elements differently using the Anemone Edit function. For example, moving a background theme above an icon theme will activate its folder background and icon, page dots and status bar icons. Adding the Folder option above both will give an unfilled folder border. (I also recommend using Mikoto to hide the default open folder background blur and HideMeX or FolderEnhancer for the icon background.) Note: It requires Anemone and works on iOS 8 and 9 Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Fixed a few wayward icons Download: com.macciti.stenciltheme_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. DEB

    Description: Elixir have been designed from the ground up using unique colors and with very beautiful details to match with every icon. I started this theme months ago and finally i can say that is ready for the world and is compatible with: ~ iOS 8/iOS 9 ~ ~ iPhone and iPad ~ ~ Anemone ~ Now what this package contains: -More then 700 icons -Many alt icons -Lots of unique UI -Docks -Page dots -Hide grid that you will need to apply it in order to can use the folders -ANEMFolders -3 zeppelin logos -2 badges -1 ANEMONEffect All this are inside this package and all will be installed in Anemone. Thank you all and i hope you will enjoy using Elixir. Note: All "Free" Elixir packages in Cydia can be installed after you installed this package as this paid package is the requirement. Screenshots: Recent Changes: -Added more ui -changed some icons i forgot to change on first update. Download: com.macciti.elixir_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  14. DEB

    Description: Skeuo iPhone Theme. The Wait is over! Skeuo is designed in a skeuomorphic style with many handcrafted icons with rich detail and fresh metaphors. Feel the nostalgia & make your iPhone great again! All retina iPhones from iOS 8 to iOS 10.2 are supported. Skeuo comes with all stock -apps as well as the most used 3rd party Appstore & Cydia apps. Several Icons even iclude Alternatives. Moreover you‘ll get a Badge, an iWidget, 3 Docks, Effects for Anemone, Sounds & some Zeppelin Logos Use Anemone for the best user experience. Winterboard is not fully supported! Needs iWidget and Zeppelin from Cydia (optional).. More Icons and Stuff will come in further updates! Stay tuned! I hope you like Skeuo. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.skeuo_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb