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  1. Use aptoide.
  2. if you need any graphics done just let me know.
  3. this excites me
  4. you typically install a custom recovery before rooting your device. Not all devices are the same but more often than not the stock recovery doesnt allow for flashing of files.
  5. You can't go back to 7 you can go back to your old 8.1 installation. you will have to download a windows 7 iso and format your drive to install windows 7. Your key will not work on windows 7 ultimate though. So you'll need a pirated copy or youll have to pay for a windows 7 ultimate key. And no office 2016 won't be free for window 7. Edit: well guess my reply wasn't needed ?
  6. this should go under the request category but you do not have access to it until you have made 20 posts. Thread locked.
  7. Try a reboot? Back in the day at least host unreachable was usually easily solved by rebooting.
  8. Nope CM isnt building lollipop for that device. A dev would have to volunteer to work on that device, and since its a low-end phone no dev will bother since the demand for CM on the device will be extremely low and not worth it. Also the drivers likely dont work as they haven't been updated by the manufacturer since jelly bean and that was 2 major releases ago... aka a long time. Also a kernel dev would need to build a kernel from scratch for it which is a LOT of work.
  9. Likely no dev is building lollipop for the optimus. Also even if you could get lollipop your latency problems likely wouldn't be fixed completely as your device is old and low end even though lollipop is much more capable than previous android versions in terms of latency. You'll see a decrease in latency but probably not low enough.
  10. You're only way will be to start your device fresh with the new card. Unfortunately when you use sdcard for system things (wasn't meant for that) it becomes a problem when you need to replace with a bigger card. Simply just unroofing won't fix your problem. It will likely screw you're whole set-up. Unrooting it won't change the way its partitioned and the files will stay on the 2gb card. Honestly I have no idea if starting fresh will be as simple as putting a new ROM on there since partitions are usually not messed with at all in android besides cases like this. I recommend posting on and describing you're situation. They may be able to get you an easy fix
  11. This link.
  12. Action bar color changes dynamically depending on the colors of the background. Background changes every 30 minutes, has blur applied dynamically, and wallpapers are pulled from the popular section of 500px.
  13. Screenshot 2015 01 12 14 42 17

    From the album OnePlus One

  14. Already using this woo
  15. Do yourself a favor and use Android Lollipop, Google Play edition. Touchwiz is awful and outdated. Android 5.0 is amazing. Flash this: