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  1. Have you added any new repos lately? If not, remove repos until it stops and that is your problem repo.
  2. can you post a screenshot of the error?
  3. You shouldn't lose contacts because those should be synced and not part of the backup (backup and sync are separate). Just make sure the option is checked to sync the contacts with either the contacts app on Mac or with Outlook or Windows contacts on windows. Then all your new contacts will be saved. You will lose text messages not in the old backup and any settings changes you have made since then in the settings app, and possibly new apps installed since then. It's possible you could also lose some game save data if it's not on a server. You can always get everything you lost back by restoring from the backup you make before trying an older one. It's worth a shot.
  4. If that is the oldest one you have then choose that one and give it a try. See what happens. Is that in iTunes or iCloud? Is it possible you have older backups in iCloud or iTunes, depending what you are looking at right now? iTunes is preferable, as I said before. It /could/ fix Cydia possibly. If you use iCloud you need to do a lot of things after to fix things again, that is why I say iTunes is better for this.
  5. In iTunes, or using iCloud (I do not know which you use), connect the device and perform a backup. Next, on the main summary/info page in iTunes, click "Restore from backup" (not "restore" or "update" we are only speaking of backups or else you could update to iOS 10.2.1 by mistake). Once you click "restore from backup", a list of backups will appear for you to chose which backup you want to use to restore to the device. Pick an older one or one for a different device would probably work too. It doesn't matter how old the backup is, but you should pick one from when Cydia worked or you were not even jailbroken. It could be a backup from iOS 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, etcetera. Try that first. If that does not work, you can simply "restore from backup" again to the one you made when we began.
  6. I should preface this by saying it doesn't matter just how old the backup is or if it is even for that device. It could be for an old device if you have upgraded or if you happen to have another device lying around you can restore from its backup. You will lose data though unless you're able to restore back to this backup once Cydia is working.
  7. Do you have stashing installed? Any kind of stashing tweak, like something from coolstar?
  8. Try restoring your latest iTunes backup before Cydia started crashing then. This won't hurt anything because you'll make a backup first then restore to the older backup and can always restore back to your current backup. You will lose some data though if we find your newest backup is corrupt and you shouldn't restore it and should continue to use the older backup.
  9. @AnonymPanda you won't be able to install iFile unless you also install all of its dependencies (there are a bunch), but don't do anything rash like an iCloud backup restore yet (though restoring from an older iTunes backup or iCloud backup may fix Cydia). In jailbroken mode (and possibly not in JB mode) you will have access to SSH via dropbear, but because you're using beta7 you won't have wifi SSH access, so you'll need to install usbmuxd and libimobiledevice to gain SSH access via USB since wifi access is disabled in Yalu beta7 (or you can delete Yalu b7, reboot & install Yalu b3 with impactor, and this will re-enable SSH over wifi, then we can fix your issue easier without installing usbmuxd or anything else, then you can re-install Yalu b7 when we're finished fixing). This is what you will need to use to fix your issue, however it will take many commands and some command line knowledge. Are you ready for this?
  10. Task manager always does that jumping around as it dynamically moves apps around to prioritize them based on the amount of resources being used. Here is a great article on how to fix the Windows Search Indexer if it starts to cause lag and you notice a slowdown (or just disable indexing, but that will slow searching the filesystem). I'm sure the process is similar on newer versions of windows as well, but this was written for vista...
  11. Copy it to your Mac/pc and edit it there then copy it back... just be sure the permissions and ownership of the file are correct after you place it back on the device. This way you can edit it on a big screen.
  12. Create folders in /Applications/ for those apps you deleted with blank icons in restrictions, and just copy back into these folders the icons and info.plist files for each app and then after a uicache and respring, they should have icons. I'm not sure how to remove them from the restrictions app list altogether, which is what I think you're asking, but this is a close second. I hope you have backup copies of the deleted apps saved either in trash or elsewhere and didn't just delete them outright. Good luck!
  13. I recommend You download this app as soon as possible... I just have a feeling. qwertyoruiopz Mixtape Player now available on the AppStore!… 2/17/17, 2:17 AM and this was re-tweeted by Luca (@qwertyoruiop) rg0rd YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RESIGN THE APP WITH CYDIA IMPACTOR WEEKLY WITH THE NEW BETA AVAILABLE AT 2/17/17, 2:22 AM Let's hope this is what we think it is, but if not, you at least have some terribly funny tracks to listen to... (and I do mean terribly)
  14. is the lib file in the Books directory? you can always try to do this... cd /private/var/mobile/Media/Books/ (to check to see if the lib file is here, type "ls" and that should list the contents of this directory. Ensure "lib" is there.) cp -R lib /private/var/ or go with the original cmds cd /var/mobile/Media/Books/ cp -R lib /var
  15. you're already root, so that's why you get the alpine error (that's the PW to enter root). Try changing the command to... cp -R /private/var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /private/var/ if that doesn't work try changing "cp" to "scp"