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  1. On iOS 9 when I get messages like this there is a button right below the message bubble to report to Apple and block the contact from future communications. Is this no longer a feature in iOS 10? I always report these things, but I don't know why Apple would remove this ability or hide it to make it more difficult to do, as it just appeared in iOS 9. This sounds horrifying... I wish you luck in reaching a resolution and getting your money back. I would consider cancelling associated credit cards/bank accounts that could be charged. Good luck man, and really watch out once you switch to Android. This stuff is even worse on Android devices and is more targeted toward them because of the OS being more open & more widely used. Have a good day!
  2. Hey insanelyi! We need your help, and right now your donations will be matched to double the impact you can have! Act quickly before it's too late! You don't know what you got 'til it's gone...

    Insanelyi needs your help!

  3. So for anyone thinking of donating, but you only have a few dollars, I have a proposal for you... I will match any donations made up until a grand total of $125 is donated and matched. How this will work is you make your donation to via PayPal, then send me a screenshot of the receipt THROUGH INSANELYI PM, and I will put up a matching donation up to the $125 total. This means if you give $5, I'll give $5 until a total of $125 is reached (will be $250 because of matching), and this will cover another month of costs. Please remember all of the times you found your fix here, or a free copy of your favorite tweak! This is a great community and it is on the community to keep it that way. Let's team up to help out! Thanks! -Steve
  4. Sorry :(
  5. Good Luck! Post a tutorial if/when you figure it out in case others want to do the same thing. You should know how to remove those ads you complain about though... that's the easiest nut to crack when dealing with free apps. Also, zipping in iFile will indeed preserve proper permissions/ownership (as long as you zip on iPhone/iPad and then unzip on another iPhone/iPad without manipulation of files in between or repackaging on a computer), so if you are going to try to move these resources, that's how I'd recommend doing it to save the hassle of resetting perms/owns later. Good luck, and have a great day!
  6. Seriously... you will 100% never get this device to work without the original owner's iCloud account info to activate the device with iTunes (even wifi only iPads/iPods require this activation). Do not give anyone online any money if they say they can remove the iCloud activation lock for you, it's a scam & save your money, because they can't. The right thing to do would be to email the iCloud email address the phone is locked to and try to give it back. You might even be rewarded by them saying "I live in so-and-so country and it's not worth the shipping, you can have it & I'll unlock it remotely for you!" or they may give you a cash reward. That's the only way you'll get anything except a headache from this device. You essentially have a pretty nice looking paper-weight without the original owner's iCloud account. Do the right thing, my friend, and try to get a hold of the owner. It's what you'd want someone to do if they found your iPhone... I'm not judging you though... Have a great day! PS: Even if you figure out how to do a factory reset, as soon as it tries to activate again it will require the same old iCloud account info; there's no way to wipe that without first having the user/pw.
  7. Hmmm... Maybe, I don't have a device on iOS 6 right now to check out... If the apps have private frameworks they probably can't be packaged as IPAs. There are apps in the App Store that do these things better than the stock apps... and are made for iPad. Just saying... would definitely be easier.
  8. These apps crash on which device, the 4s or the iPad 2? If they crash on the iPad, it could be permissions or incorrect device family specified in info.plist. You may have more luck packaging them as IPAs and installing them using an IPA installer as mobile apps.
  9. The part of that statement is that you missed the word "search." If you use the search box to search for a file in iFile, and then delete the file from the search view, it doesn't delete the file you're trying to delete. Instead, it deletes whatever file or folder is underneath the search view, which is usually a very important file or folder to the operation of iOS. This usually breaks iOS in some way that you would be lucky to be able to fix, and will probably cause you to have to restore if you can't replace the files that were improperly deleted iFile should NOT be used on any iOS version greater than iOS 6, as it has many bugs such as the one I just stated (plus the dev stopped updating it back then), as well as other bugs like force closing iFile from the app switcher will usually cause most other stock apps to stop launching, forcing you to respring/reboot to get them working again. Filza is the new hotness, and it carries none of the bugs I've listed in iFile (and I haven't listed them all). For everyone's own safety, and for the good of your jailbreak, just use Filza and avoid these issues altogether, plus get some extra features iFile doesn't have. You can also crack Filza to get a fully activated license by following the instructions and using the KeyGen posted here-> or the cracked deb from here-> to get the full version. TL;DR: Don't use iFile, as it is inherently unsafe, post iOS 6... Everyone should have switched to Filza by now. Good luck, and have a great day!
  10. No, I know it works fine on iPhone and iPad. That's all good. I can't make macOS do the same thing though.
  11. Forget I said Twitter. That part isn't important. Try changing the text tone for any contact (maybe yourself) then get a text message/iMessage from that contact (contacts app -> edit -> set text tone to "none"). MacOS ignores the custom text tone set in the contact card and uses the default tone set for the iMessage app. Click the link in the original post to go to the apple support page I posted. Maybe you'll understand that better. I don't know how else to say it... Sorry, and thanks for looking into this with me.
  12. I'm talking about Twitter SMS notifications from phone number 40404. So, just like on iPhone, you go into the contacts app, edit the contact and set the ring tone and the text tone. I'm trying to set my Twitter contact text tone to "none" but iMessage on Mac ignores this setting and still dings the default SMS/iMessage tone when Twitter SMS is received. This works great on my iPhone; when I get a Twitter text it plays no sound, but the Mac seems to ignore the text tone set for the contact in the contacts app. Thanks for trying it out. Try with any contact. It doesn't have to be Twitter. It doesn't work for any contact if you look at the link I posted to the apple support topic. Thanks bud!
  13. Hi insanelyi friends! When I setup my iOS devices, I always set the Twitter contact SMS/text tone to "none" so that I'm not constantly being dinged by those I follow. I have tried to do this on my new MacBook Pro, and it does not honor the tones I have set in the contacts app, it just always uses the default tone no matter what is set in contacts. Does anyone else have this issue on his/her MacBook on 10.12.2? I see on Apple support website other people have this issue (see link), but there is no fix posted. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone or the topic would be much hotter on the support site. Wondering if anyone else has a fix for this, or if anyone else can at least confirm the issue exists for them as well? Thanks folks!
  14. I agree. I wish these countries (& members of the US house/senate) would learn from our mistakes, but dirty fuel is much cheaper which allows much faster growth. We are screwed, sadly.
  15. Yes, climate change is real. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded, only to be eclipsed by 2015. I imagine 2016 will, once again, be the hottest year on record. We definitely need to do something about this but it must be a worldwide effort. Countries like China, India and a few others (even the USA) need to stop burning so many fossil fuels and switch to clean energy alternatives, quick fast & in a hurry! I as well, am sad about the condition of our planet and what we will be leaving for future generations. We need to act now. Take Cole miners out of business and retrain them to build solar panels and wind turbines. ...but around half of my country doesn't believe this is a problem, or they don't believe there's anything that can be done about it. Sad. They need to get educated.