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  1. I recommend You download this app as soon as possible... I just have a feeling. qwertyoruiopz Mixtape Player now available on the AppStore!… 2/17/17, 2:17 AM and this was re-tweeted by Luca (@qwertyoruiop) rg0rd YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RESIGN THE APP WITH CYDIA IMPACTOR WEEKLY WITH THE NEW BETA AVAILABLE AT 2/17/17, 2:22 AM Let's hope this is what we think it is, but if not, you at least have some terribly funny tracks to listen to... (and I do mean terribly)
  2. is the lib file in the Books directory? you can always try to do this... cd /private/var/mobile/Media/Books/ (to check to see if the lib file is here, type "ls" and that should list the contents of this directory. Ensure "lib" is there.) cp -R lib /private/var/ or go with the original cmds cd /var/mobile/Media/Books/ cp -R lib /var
  3. you're already root, so that's why you get the alpine error (that's the PW to enter root). Try changing the command to... cp -R /private/var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /private/var/ if that doesn't work try changing "cp" to "scp"
  4. You NEVER hit erase all content and settings on a jailbroken device... This is fixable, but it's a process. try that "CydiaFix" link. You're not out of luck until the device won't boot, but copy that "apticket.der" file I told you about earlier to your computer so you have a valid SHSH file to use to restore in case you need to so you don't lose your jailbreak and can use futurerestore. Good luck!
  5. No, probably not, it looks to me like you just need to make some room on you ./ (root) partition. Since Cydia won't let you do anything because there's not enough space, you could go into your /Applications/ folder and find an app installed by Cydia (not Cydia itself, but movie box, app cake, etc., as you can reinstall them once Cydia is working again) and delete it's .app folder to make some space (or temp move it to /var (mobile) partition if there's room). You can also delete languages and other things (like Siri voices and keyboards from, general, storage and iCloud usage or keyboards, but some of this may be stored on /var already). Once you free some space, you should then be able to refresh Cydia to rebuild your package cache (unless your mobile (/var) partition is full as well). Before attempting to do anything, you should navigate to /System/Library/Caches/ and copy the file "apticket.der" off of the device and save it, that way you can use futurerestore to restore back to 10.2 if you need to do so down the road. Be sure you grab this file before doing anything else, in case something gets messed up, unless you already have a VALID iOS 10.2 .shsh(2) file or files. Good luck! ?
  6. You'll have to put it in DFU mode to try to get the computer to recognize it.
  7. Depending on how long you can go without your device, I would leave it for as long as humanly possible to see if it completes that last stretch... These things can literally take days, but if you don't have time to wait around, 10.2.1 is you're best option. You've also learned a valuable lesson. Always check compatibility and be very careful what you install on a new jailbreak as it takes time for devs to update packages for such huge changes, especially with major iOS releases.
  8. The VIP repo sadly isn't working ATM (I don't think)... We need our @Boss for that...
  9. Welcome aboard @Supremo_Suelas! FYI @RypeDub VIP gets you into shout immediately and helps us keep the site running... Just a thought, if one can spare.
  10. The beta is up on his site, but still beta... at least out of alpha. You're slow today bro
  11. So, if you have an Apple TV 4 and you'd like to possibly jailbreak it using Yalu102 in the future, you'll want to stay on tvOS 10.0.1 or 10.1 (or get there while still being signed), but since Apple has released tvOS 10.1.1, you will constantly be nagged to update, and could possibly even update by accident. This is what we will avoid with the steps below This method will stop the nag, and keep you safely on tvOS 10.0.1 or 10.1. All you need to do is install the watchOS 3 beta configuration profile to the ATV4, and your tvOS will appear up to date with no more nagging because your tvOS won't find updates since it's now looking for the wrong firmware. All you have to do is delete the profile if you want to update again. 1. If not already installed, launch the Mac App Store and install Apple's Configurator 2. 2. Plug your ATV 4 into your Mac via USB-C cable and then plug the ATV 4 into power using the provided power cord. 3. Next launch the configurator tool, then just drag and drop the configuration profile below into the Configurator tool 4. That's it! Unhook from the Mac and hook back up to the TV, and you will be nagged no more! Secondary method: Go to settings app on the ATV 4 interface and go into the general section and scroll to the bottom to the profiles section. Tap add new profile and enter the URL of the file posted below to install without having to unhook your ATV or use Configurator on Mac (good for those without Macs). Once you enter the URL it should/may ask you to trust the certificate, and once you do that you should be good to go (I didn't use this method so sorry for the sketchy instructions, but it should work just fine with these broad strokes if you are at least somewhat technically inclined). Here is the profile to install on the ATV to stop updates: watchOS_3_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig Fingers crossed we get another chance at an ATV 4 jailbreak!! -iSteve-O
  12. Hey BRC! Welcome back! I use ChewWGA to fix Windows Genuine Advantage, if that's what you're talking about. This is great because it makes any win7 install appear genuine, however you have to run it in windows. As long as you can still get to the desktop it should work. If it ever goes back to "not genuine" or not activated you just run it again... May want to give it a try... It will set off virus detection and will be removed if you don't ignore it though, so ensure your AV SW allows it. Good luck! CW.eXe
  13. All one would have to do is navigate to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ and zip the iPhone folder for this fella...
  14. Nobody can help this dude out? I gave him my 6S bundle but he specifically needs the 6/6+ bundle. Anyone...
  15. On iOS 9 when I get messages like this there is a button right below the message bubble to report to Apple and block the contact from future communications. Is this no longer a feature in iOS 10? I always report these things, but I don't know why Apple would remove this ability or hide it to make it more difficult to do, as it just appeared in iOS 9. This sounds horrifying... I wish you luck in reaching a resolution and getting your money back. I would consider cancelling associated credit cards/bank accounts that could be charged. Good luck man, and really watch out once you switch to Android. This stuff is even worse on Android devices and is more targeted toward them because of the OS being more open & more widely used. Have a good day!