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  1. To my current understanding, 16.10 changes the way it reads the operating system. I haven't had the time to actually attempt to look into this but seeing this is an issue with the binary files used to read the operating systems so I must say that we have to wait for an update (unlikely, last update was 14.04). If BURG is VERY important to you, downgrade to 16.04.
  2. If you're fully updated to 9.3.3 and if you have Sprint like me, this one should work great, otherwise you need to find someone with your specific carrier who is willing to send you a system file of theirs, or restore. Not sure why you were playing around in the root partition anyways with your hands near the Delete key Always be extraordinarily careful in there.
  3. I'll send over my Unknown.bundle in a second. I'm almost certain it's carrier based but it's worth a shot.
  4. I'm planning to continue theming again probably upon iOS10 jailbreak. I'm sort of dry on ideas but by then, I'll have something :)

    1. iHomer


      why did you stop?

      Your themes are @Boss

    2. vec1phyr


      Lack of time, ideas, motivation and audience. I'm returning to it soon but for now, I'm working strictly on OS right now lol.

  5. I really try to in-order to use my computer for all of my needs which brews down to graphics, video-creation, music, gaming, and coding (for 3DS, iOS and Android) so I basically need all three OS for my preferred setup
  6. I'll end up on Sierra with my next machine. Current laptop most likely cannot handle it so my next desktop will most likely have it's parts set for a HacPro triple-boot setup. (Gaming desktop with the ability to run Mac? Hell yeah)
  7. Solux9 has been released! :) Get it while it's hot.

  8. Description: This is Solux9. A theme crafted on the best platform for iOS theming to bring you an exquisite set of icons, complete UI, wallpapers and plenty more. While a very simple theme, this theme took plenty of time to make in-order to perfect each and every piece to match each other with more room to add even more changes to make this theme better, perfection may not exist but a community's voice can help this theme get pretty close. I'm very open to icon requests and feedback. Please email me or tweet to me at @vec1phyr or Thank you very much for supporting this theme! Screenshots by a dedicated beta tester, E-rwinn. Thanks! Special thanks to the beta testers: TheHuskinator E-rwinn iHomer afyRanger Changelog: 1.0: - Initial Release Special Note: Please consider a small donation to me if you like the them or at least buy it in the future, all proceeds go straight to my son's expenses Thanks! Download: Icons com.vec1phyr.solux9.deb UI com.vec1phyr.solux9-ui.deb Wallpapers com.vec1phyr.solux9-iphonewp.deb Screenshots:
  9. This is very true. I've jailbroken/tether booted well over a hundred times using DFU/Pwned DFU. WITH A BROKEN BUTTON. It's a matter of mastering the process. The best way to do it is to hold home and power at Apple logo until the screen goes black, hold home and power for 3 seconds and then release the power button until iTunes recognizes the device
  10. Welcome to insanelyi!
  11. Jailbreaking is always free and publicly available so whoever asked for payment is entitled to refund your mone. What I recommend is to reinstall the Pangu/25PP application (whichever you have) You can install the Pangu app here by following the instructions shown: (Staff, please move this topic to support )
  12. Hello insanelyi! First off, I'd like to mention that most of you know that I'm very big on reinstalling Windows every 4 months on all of my computers after a clean wipe of the NTFS partitions to remove extra clutter. With that being said, I need some assistance. My current backup solution is 7zip and lots of time. This is very tedious and extremely time-consuming. A lot more time-consuming than it really should be. This is about 180GB worth of data I need to carry with me everywhere I go thanks to Documents and my Development folder (especially my Development folder). Now, I have external hard-drives but those are used for archiving photos and software installers. I plan on freeing up plenty of space on that drive but storing everything on a USB drive for a laptop? It's very painful when I have 1TB internal. I was wondering if anyone had any wonderful backup solutions that could allow me to make backups and restore these backups very easily across Windows installations? Thanks everyone!
  13. Solux9 Beta is going to be a thing for select users. Reply to my thread ASAP! :D

  14. Staff please move to support Do you have AppSync Unified installed?
  15. Don't answer the phone to Lester Crest.