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  1. Lol, you answered your own question .... "i see 2 folders CDMA and CDMA-GSM. What should work for iPhone 4 GSM Rev A" GSM would be what you are looking for ; )
  2. Ok let me try again ???
  3. Help, what do I do here :
  4. DEB

    I'm liking this one, looks old and antique ??
  5. I will be giving this a go, going to read through it again and get familiar with the whole process, looks technical ? I'll let you know how it all goes, cheers bud ??????
  6. Ok so a customer at work needed extra work doing in a attic/loft conversion job, I agreed to do the work and was paid by the customer, while doing the work me and the customer had to remove some of his old stored stuff, in with all this stuff was a Appe MacBook, he gave it to me said it was old and no good, he said it didn't even work ... At this point we had only the MacBook, no charger and the battery was missing. I took it home, wiped it down to clean off dust and some marks, and started to look for a charger and battery replacement, I was in two minds as the charger was expensive and the MacBook may not even work, so I held back on buying the charger and battery, good job I did as the next day the customer rang me to say he was happy with the work I had done and to say he had found the charger and battery for me. Buzzing, of I went to get them and test the MacBook, got home popped the battery in and connected charger .... Nothing dead no life ? While playing about with the charger I noticed the flex looked damaged so I stripped it back to find a break in the wire, I re-wired and taped it up .... Connected it to the MacBook ... And ... It booted !!! The battery is swollen and is holding no power at all - new battery on its way But all in all I now have a : A1181 - Apple MacBook 4.1 2.4GHz, Core 2 Duo T8300, White (Late 08), 160GB HDD, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8. My question is : Can I upgrade from 10.6.8 Snow Leopard to say Mavericks or Yosemite even ? If I can, will the links you provided get me there or do I need your assistance ? Thanks in advance ????
  7. DEB

    I don't even like this theme but I know you go out of your way to provide these themes for all insanelyi members + 1 My G ?? !
  8. Repo is not receiving updates right now, Make a topic about your app on the forum, that way people will still get to download, use and give feed back.
  9. What happens when you tap the link I provided above ? Open in Chrome. If if you deleted the app this link will open AppStore and allow you to download the app again. If you have not deleted the app this link will open the Music app on your device.
  10. iOS 10 now give us the option to "Delete" stock apps, one of them is the Music app. You may have deleted it by accident. Open up Appstore, Tap on "Search", Type in "Music", look for the Music app by Apple and download it. If if you deleted the app this link will open AppStore and allow you to download the app again. If you have not deleted the app this link will open the Music app on your device. (Don't open link in INI App, open in Safari or Chrome) Dont forget you will need to Sync your music library back to the device. After you have reinstalled the Music app : Open Settings and tap Music. Toggle on iCloud Music Library. Select Keep.
  11. Try removing 5 icon dock see if the icon reappears.
  12. WB

    Thanks but TheClown beat you to it, he hooked a brother up yesterday, Thanks though, it's now here for other users to download.
  13. I would stay on iOS 7, well you have no choise if you wish to keep your jailbreak as Apple no longer sign any iOS apart from 10.2.1, this iOS has no JB. There is no JB for 32bit devices running iOS 9 upwards. if you update to iOS 10 you will lose your jaikbreak.
  14. WB

    Whats the repo ? I can't find it on the link you gave ?
  15. WB

    Where do I get clock and date widget bottom right ?