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  1. WB

    Thanks but TheClown beat you to it, he hooked a brother up yesterday, Thanks though, it's now here for other users to download.
  2. I would stay on iOS 7, well you have no choise if you wish to keep your jailbreak as Apple no longer sign any iOS apart from 10.2.1, this iOS has no JB. There is no JB for 32bit devices running iOS 9 upwards. if you update to iOS 10 you will lose your jaikbreak.
  3. WB

    Whats the repo ? I can't find it on the link you gave ?
  4. WB

    Where do I get clock and date widget bottom right ?
  5. Try it and see !! probably will, might not be able to use the activation method but let me know and I'll get another.
  6. Hay buddie, nice intro (^_-) Glad you joined, get some of them hacks you made posted bro. Enjoy the site mate. iDavie.
  7. These illustrations are often made from characters you can only find in the Japanese katakana alphabet.And they have been hiding on you're iPhone all along. Example : Here’s how to access it:Go to Settings → General → Keyboards and then select Keyboards again.Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Add New Keyboard.Tap Japanese.Select Kana.Now that it’s added to your keyboard, you can access it by tapping the world icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen.You’ll arrive at the Japanese keyboard. From there, you must tap the face at the bottom left of the screen.After that, it’ll generate a few automatic expressions, but you can see the whole giant collection by tapping the arrow on the right.It’ll then fill the screen with more kaomoji than you know what to do with.EnjoyiDavie.
  8. XModGames is not compatible with any iOS. The team lost one of their most popular hacks and decided to call it a day. They then packed "fake updates" with ads and pushed them out, once installed the update would flood the device with multiple ads rendering the device "unusable" until XModGames and the updates was removed, some users who could not handle the ads or couldn't fix the issue where forced to update the device. REMOVE XModGames FROM YOUR DEVICE. This is affects all device on all iOS. DO NOT INSTALL XMODGAMES.
  9. This hack was made by bjorn-lulszic Senior Member at iOSGods, please give the appropriate person credit. The link above may not work, I will ask bjorn-lulszic if I can update the link.
  10. You have installed "Stashing" it's stashed some items to free up space. Not to sure on the crash report workaround ? - TheClown will know. As stated in the images "Folders are not supported yet" - nothing to worry about.
  11. Taking you're device outside would not effect you're battery life. Are you jailbroken ? You may have a conflict or a tweak that is draining your battery. If if you are Jailbroken could you provide a screenshot of you're installed tweaks so we can see if we know of any battery draining tweak. If if you are not Jailbroken I would suggest a battery replacement.
  12. My mate Joka has a decent guideline hack, still works after latest update and has anti-ban. Download :!BQBxALgZ!qEzM3ga_Zwi4jnu37zmqfvZyVaSNCohZs4g4j8UYT_g .Deb : poolhax_3.7.4-2+debug_iphoneos-arm.deb Credits : Joka - iOS & Android Hacker @ iOSGods.
  13. APP

    Cheers Chris , installed .deb working fine and as always awesome job mate ??