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  1. Hi, I haven't used a pc in like years but I think it's time to transfer stuff that I have on my phone to my pc. Before I either used iTunes but more likely I only used iFunbox to do this. So I'm wondering, does iFunbox still exist? Or what program can I use aside from iTunes to transfer my stuff to and from my iDevices? What's the best one?
  2. Hi I have an iPhone 6+ on iOS 8x.x, I installed bridge v1.3 from cydia but it hangs on "Activating". I was wondering is there something else I need to do to get it to activate? Thanks.
  3. For all these terminal commands you need a computer right? I mean you can't do it on your phone?
  4. It was the twitch app. But it finally works again. After days of not knowing what was wrong I just decided to go into it today and WHAMMM, it worked as normal. That was so weird, I don't know what happened but whatever it was it fixed itself. Thank you all for your help.
  5. This app is identifying my device but I don't know by what?
  6. Yea I tried using mobilegestaltfaker and deleted the cache etc, but app still opens on same page. Went to var/mobile/containers/data/applications and I'm supposed to delete the whole folder right? Because I did that and when I reinstall the app it goes straight to my login page instead of homepage.
  7. Thanks bro but nothing has helped. I tried using filza, deleting the whole folder, re-installing,resetting advertising tracker (or something like that), cacheclear from cydia etc and nothing works. It's all good I can use Safari for now. I don't want to restore.
  8. I'm trying to login on one of my apps that I haven't used for a while. I input my credentials and it asks me to verify my password but I can't remember and I gave my email but haven't received anything. So I tried to just delete the app and just re-install to make a new profile but it opens up to the same page asking for my password. I mean I'm trying to just create a new profile but can't get the app to go to the home screen for that. It remembers the place I was at when this happened, how can I just do a fresh re-install without the app taking me back to my password page? I can't even create a new user.
  9. Thanks I deleted preference files using iCleaner but still not working on iPad. Same version works fine on phone though. I've tried everything so I just ended up installing cinemabox. Funny thing is that it's the opposite with cinemabox, works great on iPad but crashes on iPhone.
  10. So anybody else with moviebox not working properly on iPad?
  11. Thanks for replying, yea they're both the same version, the newest one version 3.6.4 and they're both from this repo.
  12. Hi, I have an iPad 4 on iOS 8x, I have moviebox installed on the iPad but the only option I get is to download any movie but I cannot stream it as it says that there's no servers available. Now on my phone those same movies give me the option to either stream or download so I don't know what's going on with the iPad version. Anyone encounter this issue? How can I solve this, thanks.
  13. Just google epubs or iBooks sites, in the past I've found many sites and yes there's cracked sites for those too.,
  14. Thanks guys, I do have appcake but I've checked to see for any updates there, also I don't know which app it is because neither AppStore nor appcake tell me. Also I've checked all the cracked apps that I downloaded through appcake which is like 3 and they're all the latest versions.