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  1. I have i5 1st gen., 4gb of RAM and SSD and macOS performance is visibly worse on older computers like mine. It is like C2D now. Chrome has stopped because playing video picture-in-picture on Safari. I wouldn't upgrade if I hadn't bugs on El Capitan but I'mma format pc when I get time to do so. It is good system, nothing like iOS 10 which I hate to be honest.
  2. WB

    Not messing much, just theme
  3. Is there any hack for Spotify Mac/Windows version?
  4. WB

    It looks quite fine for me
  5. you could at least put screenshots in app. i know what mask is also you didn't notice Calendar is themed.
  6. DEB

    Haha crazee
  7. Charge it when you need it, little chargings like +10% every half hour would be stupid and imo would mess with your battery
  8. Your phone could just make backup to iCloud via wifi
  9. don't use any kexts, this card should work oob. don't need to do anything with it imo
  10. Make a backup, just for sure they won't also restore phone or exchange it to a new one
  11. my hack is up and running, not very best but it's quite okay, i think something needs to be fixed in my pc. Yesterday i finally got fixed AppleLPC and it is supposed to work a bit better now.
  12. i just gave you link confirmed.. when? i googled it and it was 10.5... then even my gfx didn't work oob, now it does
  13. my hd6670 works oob, just added some stuff to clover to make system recognize is as it should. without that it just says hd 6xxx but it is working same way i think your gfx will work too. start making hackintosh if you will have a problem, please use
  14. special kext? don't use special kexts, only known. kext which you need obviously is FakeSMC straight from dev.
  15. yeah, use vm to make USB with Clover and download RETAIL OS X from APP STORE best way to have clean n best workin hackintosh, like native