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  1. MOD

  2. Cos I would go back to iOS 4 if I could lol 6 as far back as I can go but I did get 6 plus when it came out lol
  3. As prob the only other person on here that still on iOS 6 I no the feeling lol even if you use app cake etc some apps need certain things in iOS 7 so no matter what you do they will not work
  4. MOD

    I should of read first lol saw this in hacks and thought was a hack
  5. MOD

    Does this work with version that is out on AppStore ?
  6. Xcon use to work when SkyGo first came out pretty sure there is no way to use it unless u not jail broke
  7. Not read all this all this but I've have similar problems on 6 plus when havin touch id and pass code turned only after only installing app sync beta app cake ccsettings 8 and hideme8 had to restore 3 times now turned them both off and am fine When mine was in a boot loop it wouldn't even let me boot up in safe mode by holding volume button This was with newest pangu on windows
  8. IDA

    Doesn't seem 2 work
  9. MS

    Can u update it before Friday when next update comes out ?
  10. Doesn't work on i5 just puts phone in safe mode
  11. Does this work on 1.3.0?
  12. Most tweaks work 4 iOS 6 unless it says iOS 7 only on it as most from iOS 5 -6 I'm still on 6 n am stayin on it lol Batterydoctorpro is a handy 1 don't think any1 mentioned
  13. Strange did u email him bought this years ago n he was always quick 2 reply n would even send beta version 2 fix it Defo worth buyin only when it on sale tho lol
  14. Easy fix 2 free up some space delete what's app n Facebook then redownload Make sure u save anything from what's app first tho as it will lose the convos
  15. Dave every time I read a post where some1 says somet up with phone u comment sayin restore. He even said any1 got ideas otherwise ill have 2 restore then u say restore which isnt really an idea is it. Most things ye u can fix without restoring. My i5 is on 6.1 n has been since that came out never had 2 restore 2 fix out n I use nuff tweaks My iPad been on 7 since that came out n same there