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Found 611 results

  1. WB

    Cool. Heres my current LockInfo Native Theme.
  2. WB

    I assume that someone will be interested in one of the best theme that emerged for winterboard / anemone. Fully functional beta. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: Elite8
  3. WB

    Retrorika iOS 8 / 8.4 Android Port ALMOST FULLY WORKS iOS 9 RETRORIKA is a manually drawn theme based on Google com.cydia00.retrorika_1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  4. WB

    AK Another awesome theme by : azizxxaziz DOWNLOAD : com.cydia00.ak_1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb Credits Creator : azizxxaziz Repacker & Uploader : Luna C Poster : iDavie
  5. Mugi - (iOS 8.0-8.4) Compatible with both iPhone and iPad running iOS 8.0-8.4 DOWNLOAD : iPhone : com.hizinfiz.mugi_0.3.01_iphoneos-arm.deb iPad : com.hizinfiz.mugipad_0.3.01_iphoneos-arm.deb CREDITS : Creator : hiznfiz Downloaded & Repacked by : Lunatic Poster : iDavie
  6. WB

    The name of IT is Afresco and Afresco & Notte. Afresco & Notte is the DARK version of the theme; both sets total up to over 400 icons. The & Notte set also includes a modified Iconomatic {darker bezel} and certain icons to wholly fit a dark setup. Afresco theme includes a beautiful and innovative status bar signal, plus an alternative matching Zeppelin logo thanks to Alfroggy {@chezfroggy twitter}, and the Settings icons made by @izzi {@chaoos34 twitter} - very appreciated. Such an incredible work for both of them - Thank You again. Both sets include a DEDICATED Iconomatic shadow especially made for each set. Also includes lots of wallpapers CUSTOM made, which can't be found anywhere on web, lots of widgets and modes, All of them for Free. Can be found for free here: Afresco is the refresh for your Device. Icons thought and made out of the box, individually made one by one; Crisp, Detailed. Look at the Screenshots. Available for any retina iPhone with iOS 8 and up. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 750x1676. Recent Changes 2.0.1: Fixes for few older icon names and Bianco ones also. New White set added {Bianco}. Big thanks to Mone for the great idea/s of implementing the theme. Base icon has been provided by Her. Big Thanks to the community for all the Support. Enjoy. Download:
  7. WB

    Description: Statusbar theme created by DjeTouch59. Found it somewhere on DeviantArt and i really like it so i built it into a deb file. For all devices on iOS 8. Apply with Winterboard. Screenshot: Download: Statii-StatusBar.deb
  8. WB

    Enlightened B 1.1 beta! IOS 8 Compatible Over the last few weeks, I have devoted a good amount of my time to building this theme. Originally containing 150 icons it is now up to 243 (+93) in just two days. "Please go to Cydia and download IconBundles, a very small tweak, to properly use this theme." Theme Created by : DabScience Download : EnlightenediOS.deb
  9. WB

    Description: Welcome to AyMi Theme for iOS 8 ! AyMi is : - +120 icons (Native/App Store/Cydia). - All sizes of icons included. - New System Sounds UI. - 9 Parallax Wallpapers. - Control Center UI. - Message App UI. - Status Bar Icons Theme. - Setting UI. - No-Dock Theme. (Required ClassicDock Tweak). - And Much More ! Compatible with: - iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6Plus. - From iOS 8 to iOS 8.1.2 Screenshots: Recent Changes: 1.3.1: - Fix battery icon - Fix tencentWeibo icon on settings - Fix some icons - Minor improvements. Download:
  10. WB

    Description: This beautiful theme is feature packed with many wallpapers, ui, zeppelin and more!! Tropix is a nice and soft theme. The colors blend together nicely. For those of you who enjoy something new than this is the theme for you! Eve Features: 250+ Icons, Settings Icons, 7 Wallpapers, Messages UI, Status bar, Control Center, and much more!!! Don't forget to check out my other themes: Dawn, Daylight Theme, Pixelated for iOS 7, Souix, Souix iOS 8 Free, Kryptonian HD, Kryptonian Theme, iOS 8 HD, and Eve! Notes: I recommend installing ThemeLib from @coolstar cydia repo so clock and newsstand icons work. Also install IconBundles from cydia or the icons wont show. Please let me know if you have any issues with this theme, I will work hard to fix them. Screenshots: Recent Changes: 1.2: 2 New Icons: Yik Yak and Speed Test. Download:
  11. WB

    hi guys know where I can find the theme boss ios complete?
  12. WB

    For iOS7 / 8 (iPhone 6+ supported). This is simply flat theme . 75+ icons in this theme. There are Noci.theme, Noci circle, Noci Iconomatic, Noci IconbundlesVer. You can chose 2type, Square mask or Circle mask. When you wanted use Circle mask, you have to check. Noci.theme, Noci circle, Noci Iconomatic spare theme is Noci IconBundlesVer. Download:
  13. Hello,I'm new to insanelyi but, I am very old when it comes to jailbreaking so, I'd just like to say hello to the community. Anyway, I have been hunting for some themes that where made this year and I'd like u guys to give me some suggestions on themes. What themes do u guys like? BTW I am currently using flaticons. I would really appreciate it . Also, if u guys don't know what the flaticons theme looks like. I put a screenshot in the thread. I don't understand the topic prefix except a few so, I put in a random one
  14. WB

    Theme Planate for IOS 7 This Theme by author swifteh , is a mod Theme based interface it is very nice and flat , ultra-refined , giving a sense of luxury and elegance for your iPhone. Planate ios 7 Theme is a Winterboard theme , you only need to download the Theme and copy it to : var / stash / Go into winterboard select Planate and resping. Link download the theme: icon update: NOTE : This theme is for IOS 7 iPhone 4 to 4S only , this will not work on iPhone 5 / 6 or IOS 8 , for iPhone 5 / 6 and IOS 8 this theme is available on our Cydia repo.
  15. Post themes that works on iOS 8.x. Put what idevices the theme is supported & currently tested. You can add screenshots/images if you want. I'll start. Axla 2 [v2.2.2]. Tested on iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus. Based on the description it also works on iPads [Retina & Non-Retina] & iPod Touch.
  16. WB

    although iconOmatic is comparable with iOS 8 I haven't found one working icing theme to work with winterboard in conjunction with iconOmatic. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. WB

    Ok so I haven't really seen a complete thread on this, so I'm going to start one. Its mainly going to be focused on theming IOS 5. If you know any tips, proper file names or have questions, it can all go here...So I'll start it off by a few things I have pulled from MMI in the early to mid beta stages. Yes the normal App Store icons to change you need to add the ~iphone at the end of some of themes filenames in the MobileIcons.framework folder. In your Winterboard theme you need to go to Bundles/ folder and make the following filename changes: AppIconMask@2x.png change to AppIconMask@2x~iphone.png AppIconMask.png change to AppIconMask~iphone.png AppIconOverlay@2x.png change to AppIconOverlay@2x~iphone.png AppIconOverlay.png change to AppIconOverlay~iphone.png AppIconShadow@2x.png change to AppIconShadow@2x~iphone.png AppIconShadow.png change to AppIconShadow~iphone.png SmallAppIconMask@2x.png change to SmallAppIconMask@2x~iphone.png SmallAppIconMask.png change to SmallAppIconMask~iphone.png SmallAppIconOutline@2x.png change to SmallAppIconOutline@2x~iphone.png SmallAppIconOutline.png change to SmallAppIconOutline~iphone.png SmallAppIconOverlay@2x.png change to SmallAppIconOverlay@2x~iphone.png SmallAppIconOverlay.png change to SmallAppIconOverlay~iphone.png Music/Video App Icon's: What you need to do is go to Bundles/ and do the following. Creating some folders if they dont exist. Music App Icon - Cut or Copy icon-AudioPlayer@2x.png to directory Folders/Music~iphone and rename icon-AudioPlayer@2x.png to icon@2x.png Video App Icon - Cut of Copy icon-VideoPlayer@2x.png to directory Bundles/ and rename icon-VideoPlayer@2x.png to icon@2x.png The WifiBars/Signal Bar/3G, E and G, Battery icons. Everything in your UIImages folder that is Black_ needs to be changed to WhiteOnBlackShadow_ and Silver_ needs to be changed to ColorOnGrayShadow_ (Except for the Base.png e.g Silver_Base.png stays as it is!) e.g Black_DataTypeUMTS is now WhiteOnBlackShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png e.g Silver_DataTypeUMTS is now ColorOnGrayShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png Silver (ColorOnGrayShadow) icons work wonders!...but as i've said on my end the Black (WhiteOnBlackShadow) only shows when I bring down the Notifications Center.
  18. WB

    Requires : iPhone 4 IOS 5 & 6 ONLY A very complete Winterboard theme for your iPhone/iPod! Include black and white icon sets, a complete dark UI, 24h and 12h lockscreen. DOWNLOAD : or Note : Not working fully on iPhone 4 IOS 7.0.6 , icons work but not UI or status bar.
  19. WB

    Screenshot: Description: A benchmark them for iOS. Again. Ayecon for iOS, pronouced "icon" or "ai-con", is the benchmark in iOS thumbing. Ayecon was designed to utilize every single pixel in Apple's Retina display to the max. Ayecon comes preloaded with. Auto-App mask for App Store apps 100+ re-designed icons Gorgeous new (classic) dock 9 beautiful high resolution wallpapers Status bar icons SMS bubble enchangement PSD file to create your own icons Version: 1.0 - Initial Release 1.0-1 Fix for conflicting wallpaper file names. Download: Zip Download Deb Download
  20. WB

    Hey there guys well this is mine's part 2 for apple i5 wallpapers and fully compatible with i5 , 5S & 5C without harming your device you'll be able to change the wallpaper hope you will like all those wallpapers and few of these too appreciate my work. I've created tw0 wallpapers on a request based hope you'll love my work these two wallpaper are 3D Thanks
  21. WB

    Hi there #Insanelyi community members how are you all i hope that your havin a great time with your friends and family well as we love to do to make different and simple things for personal skills here are few of my example once a while before i've created 6 wallpapers for i5 or higher devices and now by creating this post i'm happily adding few more simple wallpapers hope you guys will love it. Thanks HavE Fun requests are also available if you need something just pin it to me. 3 wallpapers left to upload cuz of limited space enjoy these Enjoy these 4 Wallpapers 4 i5 , 5S, 5C :D
  22. I'm working on a rather square theme at the moment, and was wondering how I could remove, or disable the circular mask iOS 7 places on apps. Any help is appreciated. -Aye
  23. WB

    Hi guys you're very very welcome to have these wallpaper i made it for iPhone 5 & Up may be without using winterboard for you so enjoy please if you need something you can ask me here or on twitter @P0mix I'm posting linkS you can download it from. Thanks Guys Love from P0mix
  24. Hi guys it will be great if I'll show you something related to graphics I mean of course I'm gonna create some SD & HD Cydia & other more apps icons including some simple wallpapers for iDevices stay tuned for more reply I'll consider your feedback :-D
  25. Does anyone know if there is way to replace the Status Bar clock in iOS 6.x with an image? I've looked all over, but I don't know what the image name would be. Any help would be appreciated!