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Found 86 results

  1. DB

    Welcome to the DreamBoard Support Thread Within this thread you will hopefully have your questions answered, and if not, don't be afraid to ask. But PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THREAD, just in case they have been answered before. When you post, Keep it together in one post, not broken into several posts, as they will be Edited or Deleted. Thank You. In case you have also missed the other threads regarding DreamBoard, here they are. Dreamboard themes are stored at /var/mobile/Library/DreamBoard Make sure you check the files after download. Some theme files have internal folders and instructions. Failure to do so will result in Black Screens. DB WIKI Page FAQ's and How To's DreamBoard Themes and Mods
  2. DB

    From the creator of PerPageHTML+ and BackBoard, Wyndwarrior is a coding genius. His knowledge and implementation of the code is so beyond me its crazy. Something like this will really open the doors for future theming. And I for one am looking forward to the future updates On a side note I feel like I have to add, that even though what we do here to try and get you this stuff for free, myself in my own opinion feel its worth some money. If you have messed with it for any short period of time you know that taking the time to create something of this caliber is worth something. Just food for thought DreamBoard Wyndwarrior says "Think Winterboard + Backboard + PerPageHTML", "With NO more resprings" Wyndwarrior: Sorry, this program is no longer available due to the surprisingly large population of "young people". Due to a recent development, this thread will no longer host the themes that require a donation towards to author first. I strongly suggest that you find the themes you want and donate, the devs do need support. These themes below are posted free, as seen on from the original source. Make sure you check the files after download. Some theme files have internal folders and instructions. Failure to do so will result in Black Screens. Support Thread ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FAQ's and How To's iPrintHD v1.2 Ubuntu MyTouch4G Endroid-Evolution (JESSEMOD) HD Endroid JesseMod WarluMenu Nexus Nexus Black: Live Walls Apple Desk v2 OS7 Whitoken LiveREMIX LG VU Beta Rain 1.3 Metro6Next Droid Board Lite Colors Frep6
  3. DB

    Just having some fun..more to follow
  4. DB

    well with all these fantastic albert einstiens making themes I need to do something classyhd i have an ipod...not a phone smart one...I would like to change the phone button to music installous to appcake SMS into textplus gold make the youtube button actually work... and get rid of that stupid facebook widget also i have all these hidden apps show up when i press the apps "fieldtest" blank gray icons and they are system apps and i dont like them, they dont show on the stock non dream board or winterboard home screens
  5. DB

    After i update my iwphone8 ver 1.3 for my iphone4 , can't find it in my dreamboard.. Anyone knows why??
  6. DB

    DreamBoard Tutorial and Wiki Disclaimer: It is NOT recommended for use with lower devices, as Dreamboard uses a lot of memory and you will experience lag and Occasional Safemode. Use at Own Risk. How and Where to Install: DreamBoard Themes: go in /private/var/mobile/Library/DreamBoard/ WinterBoard Themes: are used for the UI, go in /private/var/stash/Themes/ When your adding themes to the Dreamboard folder, be sure your adding the right folder to it. Look at the Endroid folder for reference. To Use: 1. Press the dreamboard icon on your homescreen 2. Wait for it to zoom out 3. Slide to the right or left to select themes 4. Tap on the the you would like to install 5. Wait for it to install Configuring Endroid: 1. To set the weather, Tap the little "i" button in the top right corner of the clock. Enter your zip code and click set. If you are international, your code can be found at 2. To log in to facebook, launch safari, go to, login, and respring. 3. The "+" button at the bottom right corner toggles animated weather. Change Backboard Dock Icon to Phone Save this image as Phone.png and place it in var/mobile/DreamBoard/Endroid/Images SSH or use iFile and direct to /Var/Mobile/Library/DreamBoard/Endroid/Current.plist Find the following in the code: And Change This: To This: Then Change This: To This: How to Hide Unwanted Apps Heres the needed files. Hidden Plist or Alternative Once downloaded SSH or any other method... to the following directory /Var/Mobile/LibraryLibHide There should be a file named "hidden.plist" rename the file to "hidden.plist-bk" or you can merge it into your original plist. Then take the downloaded file and paste in this directory respring, save in backboard and your done. Or you can blend the 2 together...but be sure to backup, just in case. For example. inside that .plist you will see a bunch of strings.... <string></string> Just replace the red part with the proper Bundle ID. Which can be found in /Applications, then open the app you want to hide and find the Info.plist. Why wont the HTC keyboard go away after input? Apparently, there has been a lot of problems with this, and from what I put together, Its only been happening to people with the cracked versions of DreamBoard. I'm all for trying stuff out for free. But when it comes down to it, something like this deserves a donation. If you can swing it, I highly suggest it, plus you will always have the current version How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius Go into widgets folder Open functions.js in HTC and LAW Search for "fetchWeatherData" (no quotes) 2 lines under is a URL, change to Change weather to Canadian Postal Code Go to then in the search bar, type in your city.Hit Find Weather, then in the address bar, you should get something like this: You would go in the Endroid theme in DreamBoard, hit the small i, then type in CAXX0547....then Set. How to change Wallpapers via Settings For those of you wanting to be able to set the wallpaper via the Settings app, I have a suggestion. First you'll need this: The converted JPG is found at /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/Converted-[Lock|Home]Background.jpg Wallpaper JPEGifier is on repo! Once that is installed, create a symbolic link (iFile can do this) in the /var/mobile/Library/DreamBoard/Endroid/Images/ folder named BG.png and point it to /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/HomeBackground.jpg. Now whenever you change the Homescreen wallpaper in Settings you should just need to respring and your theme will reflect the new wallpaper. I have personally tested this and it does work, however, I'm pretty sure you have to do this for every DreamBoard theme you have. How to Change Apps Without Edit Mode For this to work you need to go to your Current.plist on the theme/add-on your using. Find the BundleID (red) Thats what your going to be editing. You can replace it with another ID. SSH to /Applications, choose your app, open and find the Info.plist. and again look for the BundleID. Then replace in your Current.plist the BundleID of the App you want to replace. <dict> <key>BundleID</key> <string></string> How to Change Weather Keyboard Ok now this will work for Endroid, HTC HD2 or any that have the small keyboard for setting the weather by pressing the i Now inside each DreamBoard folder theres a Widget folder. Inside that, for the themes that are compatible, theres a Weather Setting folder. Open the Widget.html with a text editor, and replace with the red portions below. Also inside that folder, the info.png is a transparent image, you can take the one from Endroid, to make it visible again #kb{ position:absolute; top:10000px; left:7px; width:150px; font-family:Trebuchet MS; font-weight:bold; font-size:20px; text-align:center; -webkit-transform:scale(0.95); } #box{ width:140px; height:25px; position:absolute; top:10000px; left:9px; font-family:Trebuchet MS; font-weight:bold; font-size:20px; border: 3px black solid; background-color:white; } #set{ position:absolute; top:-39px; left:156px; background:url(set.png); background-repeat:no-repeat; width:98px; height:38px; padding-top:5px; How to Add Pages To add a page, just add 320 to ContentWidth # for every page you want. First you have to find the code. Depending on the theme it can be hard to find at times. This is what your looking for and this is what you need to change (red). <key>ClipToBounds</key> <true/> <key>ContentHeight</key> <integer>480</integer> <key>ContentOffsetX</key> <integer>320</integer> <key>ContentOffsetY</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>ContentWidth</key> <integer>960</integer> How To Add Caching to ANY Theme: Go to any theme and open the Info.plist Add this (red) in it save and re-apply the can also add a description to any theme by adding the the top portion. <key>Description</key> <string>YOUR DESCRIPTION</string> <key>IconCaching</key> <string>65,85</string> <key>Plist</key> <string>YOUR THEME'S PLIST NAME</string> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Also you will need to add a Cache folder to your theme, see Endroid that came with the new DreamBoard release for an example. And lastly, double check permissions, along with caching, new permissions must be set. Again in iFile go to Endroid and check the plists for permission changes and apply to your theme. How To Add Badges: If you added the beta repo and updated to DreamBoard, the new version now supports badges....and the Endroid theme has badge backgrounds....Copy those 2 files, easy to find in the Images folder, and add them to any Images folder of any theme.
  7. DB

    Hey guys, I have a simple question. I am running the 2UINique theme. It comes with a themed icon for LTE, but it just shows up as the default LTE icon when I am on the 4G network. I am assuming that the icon that comes with the theme is not named correctly. Does anyone know now to fix this? I am running iOS 6.1, iPhone 5, Verizon, and using the Evasion Jailbreak.
  8. DB

    I installed dreamboard on my new ipad and its just not functioning. I got a theme called Aero 2 iPad but it never increases n size, just stays top left. So I got another theme called iSky iPad and it works for a few seconds and then it vanishes just leaving the time etc at the top. What's going wrong?
  9. DB

    HELP ME OUT PLEASE!!! So I just recently got Dreamboard. I got the OSX Ultimate HD Theme, and used it. I turned it off, turned it back on, and it went to the OS X Login screen. (This was really cool!) Once i typed in my passcode and tapped on my logo, my springboard crashed and went into Safe_Mode. I really need help fixing this! I like the theme so much, but keep crashing when i use it! Something i did not install? Something i am doing wrong? Maybe its not supported on the 4s? Please respond to this with a message or replying!!!
  10. I have a great theme idea, icons made (over 200), and am nearly done with my theme. However, I can't figure out how to get folders to work at all. I've tried googling, looking at other themes, and I just can't get it to work (nothing but blank black screen when I try). Essentially, I want 4 folders. 3 that I pre-make with Apps in them (although, hopefully, customizable in the future) and 1 folder that has all apps. Can someone who knows DreamBoard please help me? Once I have these folders made, I can start uploading betas here, then official releases even (and yes, this theme will be free for all).
  11. DB

    I need a sick iPad theme. Preferably one that don't cost anything. I have one now and it's sick but looking for something different. Anyone know where to get the windows 7 dream board theme for the iPad? One that makes it look like your iPad is a laptop basically. This is what I have now.
  12. DB

    Hi guys I was looking on the forum if you can request or not and couldn't find anything... Does anyone have or update the repo with xid theme with iOS 6.1 fix... And the lock screen u can put on also Thank you
  13. DB

    How do you get Metroon on Insanelyi? I can't figure it out, please help.
  14. DB

    Introducing, Acoustic! This is a theme designed with an acoustic guitar in mind! It's got a whole bunch of nifty features, including a nice wood-finish design (the wallpaper is panoramic), animated weather (which is behind the icons, so as to not disrupt your view), custom icons (with an included template to customize your own), a custom pick-shaped badge icon, four app-grid folders (faves, cydia, games, all), four docked icons, and a Settings page to toggle Edit Mode and animated weather. I also included the Photoshop file to edit the wallpaper if you so wish. To download it, visit the repo!
  15. DB

    I created a Dreamboard theme, but I have no clue how to upload it to the repo. Can someone give me a step-by-step procedure?
  16. DB

    I'm working on a steampunk theme in Hi-def. I'm open to input and criticism. Here are a few early screenshots. If you enjoy this theme you can get access to the beta release with free updates for life by donating here. I could really use some funding so that I can release more themes without feeling like I'm wasting so much time working on them. For more info visit:
  17. DB

    Running iOS 6 using xhdz theme and transparent lockscreen. Everything is exactly as I want it finally after some time but just noticed that even though I have preview and view in lockscreen enabled nothing shows up Only thing that it shows is "slide to reply" where the lock slider is. Any idea or suggestions? Thanks again in advance. Also have no clue what topic prefix to use so hopefully no one gets mad at me haha
  18. But this is my first time tinkering with it, really. Can anybody tell me in simple terms how to add popout menus and the like on MainView? I'm referring to the Wiki constantly but some info for updated themes got left out and they abandoned it ._.
  19. DB

    So, I recently installed what has to be my favorite theme. It's the HTC/ANDROID theme with the giant clock, animated weather and what not. I was poking around and noticed I can't open my email. I open the MAIL app, and i can get into each account ok, but if i try to open an EMAIL, it just sticks. I've left it there for up to an hour and it just WONT open an email Any ideas? PS When i installed the insanelyi dream board.. for some reason i also have the ModMi dreamboard also... maybe it's due to the theme's i've downloaded. Not sure. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because i use my email daily.
  20. DB

    So I'm trying to apply the Metroon theme on Dreamboard on my iPod4, and It actually works perfectly until I turn my iPod off. Then It crashes and puts me in safe mode, and won't let me come out of safe mode until I uninstall the theme from Cydia. Any solutions?
  21. DB

    Hi, is there someone that uses this theme and knows how to place you're apps and games in the right category??
  22. DB

    Does anyone already have a copy of this?
  23. what code do i need to change for this htc clock i have 2 htc clocks that dont show the time correctly at midnight, rather instead of showing the 12 they show a 0. neither clock is in military time as throughout the day they show time normally. how do i fix this? this is from the winterboard theme ihtc hybrid hd this is from endroid
  24. DB

    ***edit* after a few more hours of searching ive solved most of my problems. now im just trying to figure out how to change the springboard wallpaper for the endroid theme. when i tried i ended up just getting a pitch black background
  25. DB

    This is the MOST true and complete Mac Mountain Lion experience available for your iPad. It functions exactly like a Mac, and all graphics in the theme come directly from Macs. Now, I know this isn't exactly the site you ask for donations on, but I put TONS of work into this, I did everything by myself, and it took me a lot of time. If you think it is worth it, you can donate below (donations go to paying for various things I need for school), and if not, enjoy! I'm asking for $1.99, but you can just donate whatever you feel it's worth to you, my PayPal e-mail address is It's also available on the ThemeIt App. It's already in InsanelyI's repo. I, the developer, just wanted to be the one to post the theme here. Also, to the admins of the repo, can I talk with you guys about getting a linkback to the ModMyi thread in place of the "Support the Developer" link? I think it's unfair not to have anything at least crediting me. Download It's features include - Actual OS X Mountain Lion widgets (TileGame, Clock, Calculator, Stickies, etc...) - Actual OS X Mountain Lion wallpapers (Over 50!) - Complete System Preferences Window - Custom User Name - FULL Installation screens - FULLY Animated Stacks folder, with customizable icons - Fully customizable dock - Mission Control - Launchpad - About This Mac and About Finder Windows - Actual Mac Icons - All widgets are fully functioning - Complete Menu bar - Customizable User Pictures - Lockscreen - Actual Window Minimization Animations (next version) - Dock that animates just like the Mac's dock - Fully functioning DashBoard - Retina Ready Video Demo