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Found 71 results

  1. Yes I know, I haven't created a hack in forever. I'm sorry you guys missed me :troll:. Today I will be releasing a hack that is not extremely hard, but requires some PC work due to editing the file is slow on iDevices unless you have a decent amount of memory (ie: iPhone SE). Requirements: 1. A PC (Unless you have decent memory as mentioned above) 2. File Manager (Filza, iFile, etc) - IF NOT USING PC 3. General knowledge on editing values in files 4. WinSCP (recommended): Step 1. a) Download the above program called WinSCP and install it like normal. - SKIP THIS STEP IF USING IOS - b) Download a file manager for iOS from Cydia - SKIP THIS STEP IS USING PC - Step 2. Start playing RCT on your device for a LITTLE BIT. Just until you have some currency in the system. I would recommend beating the tutorial and take it from there. Step 3. Once you've played it for a bit, you should have some saved content. If not repeat the steps, continue anyhow. Open WinSCP and connect to your iDevice's IP Address by doing the following: To get your IP, go into Settings > Wifi > (Connected Connection) > Press the information (i) button on the right side of the connection name. After you've obtained the IP address you need to type in the following information in WinSCP: MAKE SURE ALL THAT IS CORRECT! NOTE: Since I am making this tutorial at school they block the ports for FTP, so I can't show it currently. I may or may not edit it when I get home. Step 4. Once connected in WinSCP you're going to want to navigate to the following folder: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/RCT (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE APPLICATION NAMES ENABLED IN WINSCP SETTINGS OR ELSE THIS WON'T SHOW!) Step 5. Once you're in there you should see a folder called 'Library' and in Library, another named 'Preferences'. Extract the file that's located in that folder to the desktop. You can extract by clicking the button or dragging it to the desktop I believe. Step 6. Once you have extratced it to the desktop or a personal location, you may open it up with notepad or whatever text editing software you like. From here it's pretty straight forward. Simply search for values you want to edit (ie: coins, credits, cash, etc). You can edit almost anything in this file since it has almost everything. Step 7. After you've finished editing it simply drag it back into the folder you extracted it from in WinSCP and overwrite if asks. TEST IT OUT! You should now have everything you've edited unless you messed up somewhere as in editing a value too high or missing a step. I will edit some of this most likely when I get home for in regards to adding pictures and misc.
  2. DIY

    Features: 3/4 Years Subscription. Instructions: 1.Download SecureLine from iTunes 2. Open the app and install the profile. 3. Once installed go to settings and scroll down and enter one these codes below. 4. Click the button below. Credits: =[D3adly]=
  3. DIY

    iOS 10.2 Yalu. I c beat laptop in dumpster. Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5340. Fix body. DVD gone. 1 funct/USB. I am trying to run Ophcrack thru my iPhone to crack admin password. I have turned off both bios passwords. It's a beater, not worth a service trip. Not worth a 40$ dvd. Just a project. Help please, John. This phone should be a full computer. I PAID for all 64 gigs..
  4. DIY

    Spotify Premium features for your iPhone/iPod or iPad. (Non-Jailbroken) Cracked by JulioVerne! Requirements: - A Mac (Or you could use a Virtual Machine if you’re on Windows) - Xcode (Free on the Mac App Store) - iOS App Signer (Download here: or download from the iOS App Signer Github.) - An iDevice (Doesn’t need to be Jailbroken) - Spotify Premium ipa file cracked by JulioVerne (Download here: Spotify_5.5.0_002-by-julioverne.ipa) Premium Features: - Unlimited Skips. - No Ads. - Extreme Streaming Quality. - Import Local Playlist. Note: Jailbroken devices can install Spotilife from the insanelyi repo. (Requires Spotify app from the App Store) Download and instructions source: Instructions: If you have a paid developer account or a signing certificate and provisioning profile, you can skip to step 7 and just use your signing certificate and the profile. 1. Open Xcode and create a new iOS application. (Single View Application) 2. Type in a name and identifier (choose something unique, something like com.yourname.kodi) 3. Xcode will complain about the provisioning profile, click fix issue. 4. Xcode may have you sign into an Apple ID, click Add… and enter your Apple ID. 5. Then you’ll see something like this, select your ID and click Choose. * If you have additional devices Plug in the device Go to the Product Menu Under Destination, select your device Repeat from step 3 6. Xcode should no longer be complaining. 7. Open App Signer, select the deb/ipa, your signing certificate, and the provisioning profile. 7. Click start and select an output filename. 8. To install the app onto your device go back into Xcode, select the Window menu and then click devices. 9. Then select your device, click the + and select the file generated by iOS App Signer. 10. Unlock your iDevice, go to Settings -> General -> Scroll down to the bottom and Select ‘Profiles & Device Management’ (May need to wait a couple of seconds for it to show up). 11. Then scroll to the bottom and under the ‘Developer App’ header it should show your Apple ID, select it then press ‘Trust’. Enjoy Spotify Premium!
  5. DIY

    TESTED! App version: 4.0.0 Sing! by Smule Requirements: - iFile/iFunbox/iExplorer/DiskAid/iHelper/Cyberduck SFTP Client/WinSCP/Whatever software that can transfer files to your iDevice - Jailbreak :D - Cydia Substrate (prefix is outdated - should be CS) Features: -vip -vip -vip -VIP -VIP - I said, V.I.P! Instructions: 1) Download the file 2) You jailbreakers should skip this (you can download it on your device!). Move the file to your iDevice. 3) Install using iFile 4) Respring/Reboot If you enjoyed the hack, please press the + button on the lower right of the post! Oh, credit? Laxus
  6. INFORMATION Game Name: CSR Racing Updated: 28 September 2016 Version: 1.6.0 App Store: Jailbreak Required: Yes GameGuard Required: Yes _____________________________________________________________________________________ FEATURES: - Infinite Cash - Infinite Gold - Infinite Keys _____________________________________________________________________________________ HACK PROCESS: 1. Clean your App Switcher!! Start both the game and iGameguardian 2. In the game menu(garage screen) - go to Profile---> Lifetime Cash and memorize the amount. 3. No go back to iGameguardian: In the App Tab select the target "Customstreetrace" (If you do not see any process go to More tab and enable system Applications toggle! After selecting the process go to Search Tab!Select the number and write down your lifetime amount you memorized earlier! Do the search. ( It will take dome time) 4. After the search results appear you will get 4-5 hex numbers, just ignore them. 5. Now go back to Csr2 and start a race or anything else in order to win at least +1 cash and thus change yourlifetime cash. 6. After earning the cash go back to the menu(garage screen), go to profile--> Lifetime cash and memorize the new amount. 7. Go back to iGameguardian and search again for the new amount number. The result will show only one Hex this time. 8. Tap it and alter the amount as you want (do not put high amounts to prevent Banned) 9.Now if you go back to Csr2, your cash will have been increased. You can buy anything you want! _____________________________________________________________________________________ SECOND PART(For Gold and Keys) 10. FOR GOLD COINS: Go back to iGameguardian and choose the Memory Tab. On the top in the box should be the hex of your previously altered cash hex! Click the goto button! 11. Now, count 5 lines after the Cash Hex adress. The one you will find will be similar to this: 0x11XXXX068 You should recognise the adress from the last 3 digits! They remain the same!(the 068) The 4 X's after the number 11 will change every time you close the app so dont mind about those! Just watch for the last 3 digits for each one to be what I tell below! SO, to completely understand it, for gold coins watch out for the last 3 digits of the hex to be 068. Alter it to whatever you want! If you return back to the app the gold coins will have changed! Again don't put crazy amounts to prevent ban. Just alter it whenever you need them. 12. For BRONZE KEYS: From the hex adress of gold coins, count 5 lines down and watch for the hex ending in 07C. Alter it to whatever you want! If you return to Csr2 the Bronze keys will have been added! 13. For SILVER KEYS: From the hex adress of bronze keys, count 3 lines down and watch for the hex ending in 088! Alter it to whatever you want! If you return to Csr2 the Silver keys will have been added! 14. For GOLD KEYS: From the hex of silver keys, count 3 lines down and watch for the hex ending in 094! Alter it to whatever you want! If you return to Csr2 the Gold keys will have been added! DISCLAIMER: Please dont abuse this method. Change the adresses to small amounts and if you need more, just re-do the process. I have not been banned, but if you get banned, follow the tutorials on the forum to get unbanned! Tested this method working on i6 9.3.3 and i5S 9.2.1 Both worked great! Edit: PROOF! If it worked for you please comment! To anyone who can't use the search feature on iGameGuardian, just use GameGem instead to find the hex cash and then use the memory part from iGameGuardian! EDIT 2: I made a pdf with pics for anyone having a hard time! No surveys or anything Download it if you would like to support me~! Download via Filefactory (No Survey): Rar Password: Notice: If anyone wants to post it somewhere else, has to ask for my permission!!
  7. DIY

    My iOS jailbreak is displaying NO SPLIT in red letters and now it doesn't load and no tweaks in the repo?? Any help?thx
  8. DIY

    What is iAPCrazy? IAPCrazy is an IAP purchase cracking tool. Fully compatible with iPhone and iPad, upto iOS 8.1.2. It's originally developed by core plugin in the app, can cover most of the apps/games. Exclusive plugins will cover the rest.Assistant will be added in the future updates, to provide more functions of IAP cracking.IAPCrazy use two method to crack the IAP purchase, which will cover all apps supported by localipastore Supported iOS Versions? iOS 6.0 - iOS 8.1.2 Instructions 1. Add this repo - or Download deb file - zm.IAPCrazy_1.2.0_iphoneos-arm.deb 2. If you are using repo - Search iAPCrazy and Install 3. After installing, you will see iAPCrazy icon in homescreen 4. Open it and enjoy!!! Q/A Q1:How many games and applications does iapcrazy support? A1: Now iapcrazy is designed for a wide range of applicability,it supports a nice bit of APPS,but not all games or applications.For some APPS that cannot be hacked,i will make its single game plug-in,so please check the iapcrazy to see if there are more game plug-ins or game accessories can acquire frequently. Q2:After install iapcrzy,there is white icon?flash back?icon disappeared,what could i do? A2:Get in cydia,install appsync unified( apple file conduit"2",then restart your device. Q3:After install iapcrzy,some applications can`t work,what do I do?(I don`t want iapcrazy work on someapplications,what do i do? ) A3:Find the application of switch list in iapcrazy,turn off the corresponding swith,then iapcrazy work fail for the application. Q4:Which plug-ins does iapcrazy conflict with? A4:Iapcrazy conflicts with the plug-in which have the same function like locallapstore and Iapfree,so don`t use them at the same time.when you use iapcrazy,please close the others. Q5:The core plugin can`t update,whan can I do? A5:Use itools or other tools to open /var/mobile/Documents/IAPCrazy/plugins,then delete all the files in the "plugins" document,after that download the core plugin again. Changelog Version 1.2.10 Changelog 1.Reduce consumption of network traffic. Version 1.2.9 Changelog 1.Fix a bug,mainly solve the client launch slow or launch crash. Version 1.2.8 Changelog 1.New feature about visit google/facebook/yhoo/twitter. 2.Some small adjust. Version 1.2.6 Changelog 1.New feature about game save replace. 2.Contents and UI layout adjust. 3.Part of promote app and directly download and install. 4.Some small adjust. Version 1.2.5 Changelog 1.Fix the description of plugin/assist. 2.Fix the problem that IAPcrazy doesn`t work after you set unlock secret and reboot. 3.Fix the app list on ios7. 4.Adjust some details. Version 1.2.4 Changelog 1.ios8 support 2.Added 3 more language 3.Details fix 4.Developing Version 1.2.3 Changelog Completely fix crash. Version 1.2.2 Changelog Fix crash. Version 1.2.1 Changelog 1.Fix those known issues. 2."Supported Apps" can sort apps by time,you can observer the apps we newly support. 3.Rewrite the switch page,now it`s much more clear and converient. 4.Add to advertisements in app,we need to pay for the server and bandwidth. 5.Optimize the launch speed and stability.
  9. DIY

    Zombie Anarchy Hack Requirements: • Jailbreak • GameGem (Source- Zombie Anarchy Hack Features: Instant Upgrades Helps in starting the war/raid before 20 seconds by skipping Tutorial: Not responsible for any ban Enjoy Credit: Youtube- Android/ios Mods (He is the one in the tutorial ^^^^)
  10. This is a tutorial for the game Clear Vision 3. Get the game here: Hint: click on spoilers to see screenshots if you're not sure about each step. Steps: 1. Open up the game and go to the area select page: 2. Tap on BumVille Shore: 3. Then tap on the red mission: 4. Tap once in the window that pops up. NOT on the "<< Not Now" or "6 >>" buttons: 5. Now close this mission and click on the Briefcase mission at the top "Dishwasher": 6. Now, once you have completed washing the dishes, your reward will be $9000 instead of the $120 it usually is! Hope you enjoy! Credits to me for finding this glitch.
  11. Requirement jailbreak Features Unlimited level Unlimited coin Unlimted speed Unlimited diamond hack: Enjoy cracked by me....
  12. Requirement jailbreak gameplayer features unlimted coin tickets speed hack hack for the speed hack u can download any speed tweak and for coin and tickets follow my steps Enjoy more hacks coming tutorial by me
  13. Requirement jailbreak safari features 3 apps at a time hack download from Hacked version is also there watch my video tutorial to be clear enjoy
  14. FLEX

    Requirement jailbreak game player flex featured unlimited coins and ruby hack this hack u need to edit the following patches which I have shown in this tutorial and edit the values like I did its a very long hack do can't explain everything on written. So follow this
  15. DIY

    Requirement jaiphreak editor tool features unlimited gold player development unlock whatever u want instructions edit the value through any editor tool u can change the value of gold this is the tutorial made by me and it's also the proof that's the hack works
  16. Hack Features: - In-App Purchases Requirements: - Non-Jailbroken/Jailbroken iDevices Instructions: [hide] 1. Download/Install the 2 certificates below, respectively. - - 2. Log-out from your iTunes/AppStore and iCloud ID. 3. Open your Wi-Fi settings and replace your DNS with 4. Turn off Wi-Fi then enable it again. 5. Purchase in-app. If a pop-up regarding Apple ID & password comes out just tap Cancel. Tested on : 8.1.3 [working], 8.3 [not working] Note: - Not all apps/games will work on this in-app hack - Try this at your own risk Credits to whoever owns this hack. [/hide]
  17. DIY

    Description: Compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7 and 8. We've all wanted to change something about our favorite apps. If you wanted to do something about it you had to be a programmer. Until now. Flex gives you the power to modify apps and change their behavior. Want to see every timestamp in the Messages app? The patch takes no longer than 30 seconds to make. Siri too tall for your tastes? Make her window half the size. Is Safari's 8 tab maximum limiting you? Make the maximum 1,000 tabs. All of this is easy to do, and if you've wanted it chances are someone else has too. Make sure to check on the Flex Community Cloud to see if someone's already made the patch you've been wanting! With over 6,000 patches submitted, there com.julioverne.cracktool_2.2_iphoneos-arm.deb com.fuyuchi.flex2_v1.980_iphoneos-arm.deb
  18. Welcome back to another new hack. A quick thing to note is I'm typing this while half asleep. Please correct me on any grammar mistakes if necessary. Requirements: - Jailbroken Device - File Manager (I suggest Filza) - Flex 2 (from our repo) Steps for money: 1. Go download Flex 2 as mentioned in the requirements. Once it's complete, open Flex 2 up. If you're new to Flex, please pay attention! 2. In the top right corner of your device, there'll be a plus (+) icon. Click on that. Once you have done that you'll see a list of your current applications. You can even modify system apps if you know what you're doing! From here select SSG3. (If you can't find it. simply search SSG3 in the search bar) 3. Once you have added the app to start editing, you'll be redirected to another screen called the 'Patch Editor'. From here we want to select 'add units'. 4. Now you'll notice it has taken us to another screen with libraries and the executable. For now we want to process the executable. Don't touch the libraries. (Given your device speed, this took take anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes) 5. After you've processed the executable, select it to open up the classes. You'll now be in a screen titled 'Choose Override'. 6. You'll notice a search bar up at the top which is what we need to use. It's easier than scrolling through ALL the classes. Let's search for the first method which is can be found by searching: currentbux 7. After you have searched it you are going to get more than just a couple results. But we only want the first two which should be '(int) currentBux' & 'setCurrentBux (int)'. Tap on both of those which should put a checkmark beside it. 8. We now need to go back into the Patch Editor screen. You can just keep going back to get there. Once you're there, proceed to the next step. 9. You should now see the two methods we added. What we need to do is edit the value for it to set the bux. To do this, simply tap on the method > then tap return value > then override value > and choose number. You should then see the value change to 0 instead of pass-through. This is where you can now tap on the value and enter how much bux you would like. Remember not to go too much though! 10. You now need to get back to the main patches screen of Flex 2 which you can simply get there by just going all the way back. From this screen you should see your created patch. Check the box where the faded checkmark is to enable to patch. Steps for level: 1. As in the requirements, please download a file manager if you do not already have one. I recommend Filza as it shows the application names by default. 2. After installing Filza or your preferred file manager, open it up and navigate to: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/SSG3/Library/SyncedPreferences/ 3. Once you get in there you'll notice one lonely plist file. Simply open that up with the default property list editor. 4. Now you want to tap where it says 'Root - Dictionary[3]', then 'Values - Dictionary[17]', and then tap on 'LEVEL - Dictionary[2]'. 5. You'll notice there's yet another value in here. It should display whatever your current level is. To edit it just tap on the (i) icon which means information beside the value on the right side. Then you should know how to edit text fields. And that's it! 6. Save the file and then press done! If you ever need any assistance, feel free to reply here or shoot me a PM!
  19. DIY

    Description: Easily make your own tweaks, and share them on the Flex Community Cloud. To add the Server Cracker Section install Flex 2.5 Beta and Apply Crack with patched CrackTool for iOS 9. What is Flex 2.5? I started building Flex 2 when iOS 6 was the latest available version. As such, I made the choice to support iOS 5+. In doing this, I haven't been able to use the new technologies that have come out. No Auto Layout, no Swift, etc. Even so, Flex 2 has remained a popular and much loved app. consider Flex 2 to be feature complete, much due do its constraints and the release anxiety accompanied by every update since I have to test every change against iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9. As such, l've only been sending out updates to fix bugs and issues with new jailbreaks. Flex 2.5 is my attempt at breaking Flex 2 out of feature complete status by creating a new version. Flex 2.5 won't be supporting older iOS versions, Flex 2 will remain for that purpose. Thanks for trying out Flex 2.5 and send me a tweet at @punksomething to tell me what you think! cheers, John Coates, creator of Flex Screenshots: Beta Changelogs: Version 2.5~Beta11 - Fixed crash on patch deletion. - Fixed table backing array not being set after moving a patch. Version 2.5~Beta10 - You can now re-order patches by tapping Edit on the top left of the patches screen. - Removed old URL request code and references. Version 2.5~Beta9 - When viewing a cloud patch's page the icon is now loaded even when you don't have it installed. - Once the icon has been loaded, tapping an app name on a cloud patch's page will now launch the app store page for that app if you don't have it installed. Version 2.5~Beta8 - Switched to faster and better build/release script. - Version format has changed! Nice versions now. Version 2.406 - Deployment target set to iOS 9! - Cloud requests now use newest APIs. Hopefully everything works, this required quite a bit of code changing! - Switched unit name and patch name editing from old alert API to the newest one. - Alright, now that we're deploying for iOS 9 I'll be adding some features! - Got a feature request? Make a new issue here: Flex 2.5 Issues Version 2.405 - Deployment target bumped up to iOS 8. - Switched to NSTask from system() for processing apps and terminating them. - Updated to iOS 8 API: Bar button items use plain style instead of bordered style. Version 2.404 - Switched to font APIs introduced in iOS 7. Version 2.403 - If you're wonder what Flex 2.5 is: I consider Flex 2 to be feature complete. Flex 2.5 is a fork that brings it out of feature-completeness but only with support for iOS 9+. Flex 2 will remain seperate, stable and working. - Deployment target set to iOS 7. Need to fix some API deprecations before moving on to iOS 8. - Please note: The releases at this time don't include new features. Once deployment target gets bumped to iOS 9 you'll be seeing added features. - Deployment target means that's the minimum version required to run the build. So If iOS 7 is the deployment target you're fine to run it on iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9+ version 2.402 - Deployment target set to iOS 6.0. Fixing APIs before moving on to newer iOS versions. To add the Server Cracker Section install Flex 2.5 Beta and Apply Crack with patched CrackTool for iOS 9. Downloads: flex25_2.5~Beta11_iphoneos-arm.deb com.julioverne.cracktoolforios9_2.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  20. NBA General Manager 2016 Fans Mass Adder Itunes Link : PlayStore Link : Requirement : 1. Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device.) 2. Web Browser Feature : Adding 1000 Fans Instantly (limited 1000 for server test). I will increase it when I moved to good server. Instructions: Step 1: Register an account in Step 2: Open NBA GM 2016 and link your account to FTB account (no 1) Step 3: Visit the hack link and put your FTB login detail. Hack Link: WARNING!!!! Remember! do not use your real password when you use this tool. Change your password immediately after you are done using this tool. I wont steal any account. Because its useless. Video :
  21. DIY

    Description: Tage is awesome multitasking gestures and more. Requires iOS 7 or later.. Features: Close App or Activate Switcher Swipe up from the bottom edge to close app or activate App Switcher (Long swipe up to close app and quit background). Switch Apps Swipe from left and right edge to switch apps. Quick Switcher slide in from the bottom left or right corner of the screen to quickly switch apps. Lock Device Can set gestures to lock device. Switcher Page Action - Home page swipe down to show action menu (Power Off, Reboot, Safe Mode, Respring, Lock). - App page swipe down to show action menu (Quit all Apps, Quit Background Apps, Quit Other Apps). No icon is added to the homescreen. Configure options from Settings app. Screenshots: Recent Changes: - Supports iOS 8.3 (also working on 8.4) Downloads and crack instructions: [hide] Make sure you do these steps correctly!!! Requirements: iFile (or any other file explorer) Cracktool (available below) Crack instructions: 1. Install this deb file with iFile or any other File explorer for iOS. --> com.clezz.tage_v1.0.6_iphoneos-arm_julioverne.deb 2. After installing the DEB file respring your device. 3. After respring, go to settings and head over to tage. Press CRACK when the tage pop up shows up. 4. Insert an email adress of your choice and press CRACK. Now respring your device again! 5. After respring open cydia and you will notice an upgrade of tage to v1.1-2. 6. Upgrade the tweak in cydia. BUT DO NOT PRESS RESPRING!!!! Press the home button instead! 7. Now open the cracktool app and press on Tage and press respring. Have fun with the updated (and cracked) version of Tage. Cracktool Download: com.julioverne.cracktool_2.2_iphoneos-arm.deb Credits go to Julioverne![/hide]
  22. DIY

    VPN One Click Professional [hide] 1-Year 3V9K1T9L6C 6G1Y9G3M9U 2M7A2S8E7Y 1G7A9L1G8F 2M7A2S8E7Y 1U6O2O4R5O 2E2G7A7D6S 1F1L4X2N1L 2-Years 2X9H7U7Y6R 5N6M3M8V8C 4-Years 8P3G3M5H1X 6-Years 8V2B1D0J2W If all keys already expired, use this generator. Just reload the site to get different keys. The site also has instructions on how to use it on PC, Mac & Android. Credits to Bl4ckLion for the generator. [/hide] SecureLine VPN [hide] 3-YEARS 92QEOPB71Z5B XOY5DU7X5891 CSHC8DQKSMCJ SQY37V7MMAIK PE6E99BNYQWZ XRGRPKMFPBB2 BIXNCKYC92A8 DRU3EUYF3HBQ 163UIGEDQI84 1NUKL2D42WR2 4-YEARS Z4NCQPR31F6N 54DUPT21LICG 48D1SEJWPTH4 U4WXUCEDOJVC LD2VJ61YJWLZ 9TEBFXATDZXY [/hide]
  23. Requirements: - Jailbroken Device - File Manager (Filza or iFile) - Play the game a bit - SQLite Editor (You can find this on AppCake or another alternative) Note: YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME IN ORDER FOR THIS HACK TO WORK. Why? Because the file won't show all the values. So play the game and get some gems, level ups, etc. Steps: 1. As I said above, play the game for a bit. 2. After playing the game, open iFile or Filza. In this tutorial I'll be using Filza. 3. Navigate to the documents folder of the Tap Tap Trillionaire. The app will be called 'Trillionaire'. (var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/Trillionaire/Documents) 4. If you played the game enough, there'll be a file with enough values in it. The file is going to be called 'user.Gamedata'. 5. Now we need to copy that file by tapping 'Edit' in the top right corner, and tap the file to select it, then tap copy at the bottom left corner. 6. Let's now head on over to the documents folder of SQLi Editor app. (var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/SQLite Editor/Documents) 7. Once in that directory, let's paste the file we copied. Do this by tapping the clipboard icon located in the bottom left corner. 8. Before we start modding, we need to rename the file to have the extensions .db since SQLite Editor won't open it. To do this, again tap edit in the top right corner, then select the app and tap rename at the bottom middle. Just add .db to the end of the file name. So it'll be like: user.gamedata.db 9. Now we need to open SQLite Editor. Once in there you'll need to go to the option called 'Open Database', and the file we moved should be there. It should as I mentioned be named 'user.gamedata.db'. 10. Tap on the file and it should load more options. This is the part that you SHOULD just fly by. You'll see a bunch of tables at the bottom. If you're looking to simply mod gems and coins, you want to select the table called 'user_data'. Once you load that up, you'll see even more options. But you now need to view the data, and to do that simply just tap on 'Show data'. 11. From here you're pretty much I your own on deciding how much values you want to edit. Once you're done editing though, make sure to press the back arrow and tap on 'Save table'. 12. Now comes the part of transferring the file back. If you know how to do this, just ignore these last parts. Simply head back into Filza and navigate to the SQLite Editor app. (var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/SQLite Editor/Documents) 13. Remember how we renamed the file to the extensions of .db? We need to get rid of it now or else the game won't read it. Simply tap edit, then select the app and tap on rename again. And erase the .db extension. It should now look like: user.gamedata 14. After renaming it, again tap edit and copy the file again. 15. Now head back to the directory of the Trillionaire app and simply paste the file and overwrite it if it asks. Congratulations! Though it took long possibly, you should be successful with the aftermath. If you have any issues let me know.
  24. DIY

    Hack Features: - GameCenter Live Upgrade Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - NHL app Instructions: [hide] 1. Download NHL app from AppStore. 2. Add insanelyi repo & install LocaliAPstore. 3. Enable LocaliAPstore in Settings. 4. Open NHL app. Go to 'More' tab then tap 'NHL GameCenter LIVE' and tap Upgrade. 5. A pop-up window will come out asking you to sign-in your apple id & password, just tap 'Cancel'. 6. Enjoy your FREE GameCenter Live Upgrade. Note: Needs VPN for unsupported countries or if you encounter blackouts. [/hide]