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Found 141 results

  1. Can someone on the latest jailbreak please download the below app and see if it launches for them in a jailbroken state? For some reason, this app fails to launch for me when jailbroken, but works otherwise. I've tried disabling everything, but the app still fails to launch. So I just need some help figuring out what substrate component is causing the crash. iPhone 6S+ on 10.2 Beta 7 Here's the app: A quick list of my tweaks, if the app works for you, please take a look and see if there's anything you don't have that I do: Anchor Anemone AppSync Unified BioProtect CrackTool Dim Eclipse FlipControlCenter HMX motuumLS Noctis PreferenceOrganizer2 SwipeSelection Pro TinyBar
  2. Disclaimer: This is a long read, but you kind of have to read the whole thing to fully understand what the issue is... Recently I've been having some weird cooling fan issues. My first guess was that the cooling fan was shot and about to die, but it doesn't seem like it has actually died, so I'm trying to figure out whether it's a software issue or a hardware issue. Ever since I installed Windows 10 on this laptop, the fan has been acting funny. By funny, I mean that it'll turn on when the laptop starts, run fine for a few hours or so, then start blowing at higher speeds multiple times (almost like it's struggling to keep things cool) then it'll just stop spinning entirely. This has been happening for a few months now. I then installed Open Hardware Monitor to see what the temperatures were like. While the fan is running, they're anywhere between 60-70C, when the fan stop, obviously the temps go up to about 93C. Once the fan stopped and the temps started rising, I went old school and put the laptop near an open window and sure enough the temp came down, but the fan also started spinning again like nothing ever happened - this makes me believe that this is a software issue and not hardware. Also, when I cool it down manually like this, it doesn't seem to have the issues anymore after it's been cooled manually once. However, a few days ago, the laptop fan stopped again and I cooled it this time with a regular home fan and came back about an hour later and the temps were around 52C. So I turned the laptop off and restarted, but this time the fan didn't start and I got a BIOS warning that 'The cooling fan appears to not be functioning properly, the PC will shutdown in 10 seconds' or something along those lines. Thinking that I somehow over-cooled it, I waited a few minutes so that the temps inside would go back up above 60C and sure enough, the fan started and I no longer go the BIOS warning, but when the fan started, it made (still does upon startup) a noise like it's struggling (as if dust is preventing the spinning) - this makes me think it's a hardware and not software issue. As an example, as I type this, my temps are in the 60C range, but I'm also not doing anything. I have Chrome open with about 10 tabs and Firefox open downloading in the background. But if I start using Firefox or things like Photoshop, the damn thing starts acting funny again and the temps start rising. Again, this whole thing seems to have started when I updated to Windows 10, and HP apparently really sucks at updating their drivers, so ... Any ideas on what to do here? Should I just clean the fan? Replace it? Do both? Or replace the laptop entirely? Thanks for reading, any input is welcome
  3. I've got a 5 years old 2TB Seagate Barracuda drive that's giving me some issues. A few years ago, it started doing a click-click-click type of error where I could access the drive for a limited amount of time/limited amount of data. At that time, I didn't find any appropriate tool to be able to recover/restore the drive and get all the data off of it because by the time it started backing up the stuff, the drive would crap out and either disconnect or Windows would throw an error along the lines of "Bad drive". Now when I plug it in, sometimes Windows detects the drive, and other times it doesn't detect it at all. When it detects it, its tells me that this drive needs to be formatted, something which I'd like to avoid before getting the data off of it. Can you guys recommend any tools to either 1)outright recover the drive or 2)format, then undelete the data in a reliable manner? Any other ideas are always welcome..
  4. Posting this thread for @Irish_Man His device has lost some functionality and looking to replace files from someone else's device. Anyone that can provide the files/folders from the /System/Library/Frameworks/ folder from an i5 on 9.0.2 please post them here, in a zip/rar format. Edit: changed folder location
  5. For some reason I am not able to delete a folder that was created during file extraction from a compressed file on Windows 10. I can see the folder, DOS can see the folder, and the folder is still present after a reboot, but Windows keeps giving the error "Could not find this item" when I try to delete it. "This is no longer located in C:\Users\cRazEYgUy\Desktop\MyFolder. Verify the item's location and try again." - Not sure what's going on, and I can't manually 'rd' in DOS due to a similar error message... Any ideas?
  6. Dear insanelyi Members, We appreciate your time and effort in providing cracked/hacked/copy-pasted/etc account login information to the insanelyi Community, but we feel that it is also important to share our feelings toward the matter. While it can be reasonably argued that the piracy of software is an unethical action, we feel that allowing the distribution of login information is not only unethical but also an invasion of privacy. As this forum is dedicated to mobile devices, software and support, we believe that the distribution of account login information does not meet with our goals intended for this community. As such, we ask all members of the insanelyi Community to please stop distributing any and all login information. We will be removing any threads containing user account information. Please feel free to leave any comments. Thank you
  7. As of yesterday, I have 3 errors about 'Surge on USB Hub port' where Windows 7 would basically disable the port and I could no longer access my device (even though I could still use a USB mouse). I read around online and everyone seems to think it's the charging cable, even though mine is in fairly good condition. This morning I decided to try the wifi feature on iFunBox so that I could SSH and connect to my device over wifi to avoid any further surges. I was playing around over SSHTerminal in iFunBox this morning and my device stopped responding (even though background animations were still...animating). I rebooted my device, no worries. After it rebooted, iFunBox no longer detected my device over wifi, probably because it doesn't have a continuous scanning feature for devices on the local network like iTunes does. I thought maybe an update of iFunBox could fix this because I was using a version from 2013 while the latest version was just released several weeks ago. I had been using a non-installer version of iFunBox, so this time I decided to try the installer version. After updating iFunBox, I realized that it wouldn't work until I updated iTunes as well. I was previously using an iTunes version of something like 12.0.x.xx. So I updated iTunes in order to get iFunBox to work. This also made my older version of iFunBox stop working I believe because of the iTunes version difference. So anyway, now I have the latest version of iTunes and the latest version of iFunBox. The problem is, as the title may have suggested, that I am unable to open SSH Terminal in iFunBox - it opens a white box and the spinning whirly dervish just keeps on spinning. Oh, I also tried reinstalling OpenSSH, and also changed my password back to 'alpine' hoping that the new iFunBox would think this is the first time SSH was running and that it should re-initialize itself and such. Any idears?
  8. Recently noticed that my stock camera app crashes when I try to swipe either left or right to change the camera mode (ie Slo-Mo, Video, etc). Currently it's "stuck" on Time-Lapse. The only camera tweak I have installed is 'Camera Tweak 3', but have had that installed ever since the tweak came out and never noticed any problems with the camera app. It crashes in "safe mode" and in complete substrate-less mode (volume up) as well. iPhone 5S, 8.1.2 Any idears what's going on?
  9. That's riiiiiiiight!!! Read all about it: V1.2.1?(2015-2-12) TaiG can support iTunes12.1 now(By download new driver from a post in 3K BBS) So head on over to your local TaiG website and get the solution to your winter blues!
  10. Please note: -This is a copy/paste job from here: -All credit is given to author of the above page and the mentions within the page -This is not for the faint of heart - if you don't understand what's going on below, I suggest not trying it because it may force you to restore your device (ie lose your jailbreak) And so, the low-level programming begins... Explanation of DClr DClr is a variable inside of iBoot that determines what color the Apple logo should be on boot. It only exists on the iPhone 5 and up. It is composed of 32 hex characters, consisting of 16 bytes. DClr determines the color of the logo until SpringBoard begins to launch. Once SpringBoard launches, it uses a different method to determine device color, probably libMobileGestalt.dylib, which is responsible for determining disk usage, UDID, serial number, device version, and unfortunately for us, the real color. On the black (or space grey) iPhone, the default
  11. How do you go about disabling all Windows 7 Home Premium firewall and firewall-related services? I recently installed some Windows updates and for some reason since then, I have been unable to connect apps (such as HippoConnect) on my device to my laptop. I'm pretty sure that the issue is on the Windows side because multiple apps that used to be able to connect are now unable to find the VNC service or my XBMC service. Also, substrate-less mode (reboot+volume up) doesn't fix the issue. Also, if you have any other ideas about what might be going on, please let me know, thanks.
  12. New

    The New York Times reports that a security firm called Palo Alto Networks has uncovered a new form of Apple-focused malware that capable of infecting non-jailbroken iOS devices. Typically when such software pops up, as it does from time to time, one of the key factors that allows the malicious code to run on iOS is whether the device is jailbroken. The new
  13. (Reuters) - Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a computer virus that spies on Apple Inc's iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and they believe it is targeting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The malicious software, known as Xsser, is capable of stealing text messages, photos, call logs, passwords and other data from Apple mobile devices, researchers with Lacoon Mobile Security said on Tuesday. They uncovered the spyware while investigating similar malware for Google Inc's Android operating system last week that also targeted Hong Kong protesters. Anonymous attackers spread the Android spyware via WhatsApp, sending malicious links to download the program, according to Lacoon. It is unclear how iOS devices get infected with Xsser, which is not disguised as an app. Lacoon Chief Executive Michael Shaulov told Reuters that Xsser is the most sophisticated malware used to date in any known cyberattack on iOS users. "This is one the most interesting developments we have seen," he said. "It's the first real indication that really sophisticated guys are shifting from infecting PCs or laptops to going after iOS devices." The code used to control that server is written in Chinese. The high quality of the campaign and the fact it is being used to target protesters suggests that it is coming from a sophisticated attacker in China, Shaulov said. "It is the first time in history that you actually see an operationalized iOS Trojan that is attributed to some kind of Chinese entity," he said. A Trojan is a term used by cyber researchers to describe malware that enters a device disguised as something harmless. Still, he said that his company's research team has yet to identify any specific victims of the iOS Trojan. Lacoon said on its blog that it is possible the attackers might have deployed the Trojan in other places, in addition to spying on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. "It can cross borders easily, and is possibly being operated by a Chinese-speaking entity to spy on individuals, foreign companies, or even entire governments," they said in a blog post describing their analysis.
  14. I have some 3rd party app-store apps like Hangouts, Yahoo Mail, Mailbox App, etc that I'd like to be able to assign specific ringtones/vibration patterns to so I can tell one of these apps apart from the other when a notification comes. Is there any tweak or way to do this? Device=iPhone 5S on 7.0.6
  15. Does anyone know how to create a custom logo/image for the tweak AnimateAll? The overall goal is to have a black respring logo on my white iPhone. The white respring background is blinding at night and it must stopped. This is currently not possible using a simple winterboard respring logo and so requires a tweak like AnimateAll. All I want is a simple image like a dimmed Apple logo in the center (x,y) of the screen with a black background. If this can be accomplished using some other method or tweak, please let me know. If not, the original question still stands. Device=iPhone 5S on 7.0.6
  16. I am currently using the Yahoo Mail app and I cannot seem to figure out how to change the new mail notification vibration style or the ring tone. Currently, the ring tone is the same as the one I use for messages. I'd like to be able to change this. How can I do this? The only option within the Yahoo Mail settings panel is the following:
  17. Newly Discovered iOS Malware

    Newly discovered malware dubbed 'Unflod Baby Panda' infects jailbroken iDevices in an attempt to steal your Apple ID and password. Stefan Esser, a hacker known as i0n1c, details the malware that was discovered by reddit users. On 17th April 2014 a malware campaign targetting users of jailbroken iPhones has been discovered and discussed by reddit users. This malware appears to have Chinese origin and comes as a library called Unflod.dylib that hooks into all running processes of jailbroken iDevices and listens to outgoing SSL connections. From these connections it tries to steal the device's Apple-ID and corresponding password and sends them in plaintext to servers with IP addresses in control of US hosting companies for apparently Chinese customers. Unfortunately, the origin of the malware is not known. It's believed that it may end on up jailbroken phones when a user installs pirated apps from unofficial Chinese repositories. Of course, we suggest that you never do this. The malware is located at /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/Unflod.dylib on your iDevice. The threat is digitally signed with an iPhone developer certificate registered to a person called WANG XIN. It's unclear if this is a real person, a fake persona, or a victim of certificate theft. Here's how it works: "The malware basically hooks into SSLWrite of the Security.framework and scans the buffer for certain strings that indicate the presence of the Apple-ID and the password for it. If those are found the code attempts to connect to the IPs and on port 7878 to send out the stolen data in plaintext." i0n1c notes that Dr. Web is the first one to identify Unflod.dylib as malicious. Deleting the Unfold.dylib and changing your Apple ID password appears to be enough to recover from the attack; however, since the origin of the malware cannot be located, we don't know if any other malware was bundled with it. Thus, to be sure any threat is completely removed, you will need to do a full restore. Unfortunately, this means losing your jailbreak. You can use iFile to easily check for the existence of Unflod.dylib; however, a it's like that a tweak or an update to Cydia will be released to address the malware shortly.
  18. If anyone is having trouble downloading the various versions of evasi0n7 from their official site, feel free to download it from the below links: v 1.0 - Original (controversial) version v 1.0.1 - TaiG removed v 1.0.2 - iPad 2 Bootloop fixed v 1.0.4 v 1.0.6 v 1.0.7 - Final release before iOS 7.1
  19. Referring to the initial release of ProWidgets ( I'm on a 5S and this seems just a tad (not too bad) bit choppy/sluggish when minimizing/restoring widgets. I think after some solid user feedback and minor updating, it should be flawless. Other than that, I think a tweak like this has great potential and is very likely to be included (aka copied) in the next iOS release by Apple. It not only provide amazing utility to the average user, but also allows capability for expansion for those users who need just a little bit more. (I wish i was getting paid to make the above statements, dammit) Anyone else have comments?
  20. So I installed the package with title mentioned in the Topic Title. I have a 5S. When I set my lock screen wallpaper, this is what it looks like: But this is the original image, and as you can tell, the "dock area" is not visible in the above screenshot: It appears as if the image is being enlarged because the "dock area" itself looks huge horizontally. This also happens if I use these wallpapers on my homescreen. What's going on here?
  21. 145 GIGS!!.....What do you suppose is stored there? What am I going to lose if I delete it (it was unchecked by default)? (really could use the space)
  22. So I installed the latest version of Iconomatic off of the repo today hoping to experience what all these new themes are talking about. But when I installed it, I get this random mystery image on top of my dock that doesn't want to go away. Any idea (aside from manually deleting it) to get rid of it? Take a look: This is what it's supposed to look like on any given day:
  23. Anyone try using both Nightmode and Eclipse together? Nightmode works great by itself, but lacks certain features that Eclipse has such as tinting the statusbar....but Eclipse doesn't work properly in all apps like Twitter while Nightmode does...
  24. If you’ve already added 5 fingerprints to your iPhone 5s, you may have noticed that the “Add new fingerprint…” option is greyed out. The trick is to use multiple fingers while you’re adding a fingerprint rather than just one finger. Touch ID can’t figure out the difference, so it accepts it. After you’ve successfully added a fingerprint using multiple fingers, you’ll be able to use all the fingers to unlock the device. Try it, I've personally done this and it works! You may get an occasional "Try again" or "Fingerprint removed" error while attempting this, but keep at it and it should work...
  25. Illustration: T.A. Gruneisen/WIRED In the global arms race known as bitcoin mining, there’s success, and then there’s an excess of success. That’s what a company called discovered yesterday when it abruptly stopped accepting new machines into its consortium of bitcoin miners. The consortium — known in bitcoin circles as a pool — was running such a large portion of the worldwide computer network that oversees bitcoin, people were beginning to worry that CEX could corner the market and gain control of the digital currency. The whole idea behind bitcoin is that isn’t controlled by any one central authority. Now that the CEX has pulled back on the throttle, the bitcoin world can rest a little easier. Now that the CEX has pulled back on the throttle, the bitcoin world can rest a little easier. Anyone can help drive the bitcoin network by contributing the processing power of their own machine, known as a miner. And to encourage the practice, the system regularly doles out new bitcoins to these miners. It’s a bit of a crap shoot — 25 bitcoins get paid out to one lucky miner about six times an hour. But you can make money in a more predictable fashion if you sign up with a pool of miners like the one operated by CEX and split the profits. The trouble is that if any one of these pools takes over 51 percent of the network, it can — in some ways — take command of the digital currency. It could, say, spend the same bitcoin twice, something known as the double-spend attack. That, in turn, would undermine confidence in the cryptocurrency, destroying its value. That’s why, early Thursday, the popular internet discussion forum Reddit started filling up with posts from bitcoiners urging miners to drop out of CEX’s mining pool, which is called CEX quickly issued a statement, acknowledging that it controlled more than 40 percent of the network and that if it gained much more power, people would be right to be worried. Bitcoin miners track all transactions involving the digital currency, but they also compete for new bitcoins by trying to complete billions of random calculations. That’s the part that works a bit like a lottery. The more calculations, called hashes, you can do, the better your chances of winning. But even CEX agrees that these pools shouldn’t get too big. “Although the increase of hash-power in the pool is considered to be a good thing, reaching 51 percent of all hashing power is a serious threat to the bitcoin community,” the company said in its statement. “ will take all the necessary precautions to prevent reaching 51 percent of all hashing power.” Gavin Andresen, the lead developer of the bitcoin software that runs across the world’s miners, says that he’d like to see bitcoin mining become less centralized, but that he doesn’t see the issue as a cause for concern. The bitcoin community has previously defused the problem with both the DeepBit and BTC Guild mining pools. “I tend to ignore mining because the incentives are correct,” he says. “Big miners and mining pools would be stupid to do things that undermine confidence in bitcoin and make their investment worth less. I predict history will repeat itself, and the current panic over GHash.IO will self-correct over the next few weeks.” That already appears to be happening, according to Greg Schvey the head of research with The Genesis Block, a company that studies the bitcoin market. Andresen says that bitcoin mining could become less centralized if more miners used software calledP2Pool which is designed to avoid the 51 percent problem entirely. “I expect when P2Pool is made easier to install and run,” he says, “that will happen.”