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Found 86 results

  1. Guys, is iPhone 7 running 10.1.1 really jailbreakable?? I'm still waiting for updated Yalu but as the time flies my hopes are fading day by day.. I'm losing patience. Has anyone jailbroken iPhone 7 on 10.1.1? What existing Yalu version did you use? Is it running well?
  2. I open Cydia and the normal updating of sources takes place but no new packages from insanelyi have appeared since September 21st (roughly one month ago). When I click on an installed insanelyi package and check "Recent Packages", the three most recent packages that appear are : Ren Quadralacious Protecti+ (iOS 8 & 9) Not sure what is going on as new packages from other sources appear regularly. Have there not been any new packages added to the insanelyi repo in the last month? Is this happening to others? I've deleted the insanelyi repo, rebooted my phone, and then re-added it, but this hasn't yielded a different result. Any ideas? Thanks. Iphone 6+ 9.3.3
  3. My "boyfriend" broke my Phone and surprised me with an upgrade from what I had- a new iphone6!!! I was so excited but then after playing with it for an hour I saw it running on iOS 8 and the iOS update is ios10...I tried to update it but it wouldn't let me. Then I realized that the factory reset was disabled. So I knew the phone had been tampered with. He admitted to jail breaking the phone and told me he put software on it to track me. He wouldn't tell me what app, refused to remove it, said I only had to have it for 1 month- he lied he still won't fix it. I'm so angry. He has violated my rights and privacy and I have no other device/laptop to use. All I want to do is look up what's on my mind without his harsh judgements. He's a real creep. After searching and talking to a few friends I was able to discover cydia, and another app "phone monitor" hidden on the phone. I checked the cydia sources and didn't see anything weird after googling them all. How do I remove the phone monitor app? I've downloaded sbs settings but it crashes upon opening. I downloaded ifile but I have no idea where to look. I have systeminformation through cydia but didn't see anything overtly suspicious. Without laptop/pc how do I find the spyware and delete it? Please help.
  4. hello insanelyi Repected Members ,staff , Admin , GM iam jailbreaked on ios 9.3.2 have annoying notification of updating to latest ios 9.3.5 how to remove it Thanks in Advance..
  5. Does anybody know how to make twbotlife work on 9.0.2 jailbroken iPhone I got it to work in my 9.3.3 iPhone eazy downloaded tweetbot from app cake then the tweek but everytime I try to use it it's asks for a token and on my 9.3.3 phone it just work fine anybody know why .. Thxs in advance
  6. Hi everyone, please help. When I open the Cydia, it doesn't show any sources and installled tweaks. The window appears saying: the package org.hacx.superrecorder needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. I reset the network settings, resprang it hundred times, I tried to download .deb file from this site, but I could't install it on homescreen. I don't have Mobile Terminal on my phone either. Please help to solve this problem.
  7. Hey all, So I haven't updated my tweaks/apps from Cydia in a little while, and recently updated AdBlocker 2 (iOS 8+9) Version 1.10 (via, and now it doesn't block ads in apps, although it does seem to still block ads in the official YouTube app. Prior to updating, it used to block ads in various apps like Google Chrome, Alien Blue (reddit app), etc. Now, even though the apps are individually selected, via "Other Apps", it does not work anymore. Adblocker used to block almost everything, and it was wonderful! Now I'm not sure if I need to uninstall and reinstall, or need to downgrade to a previous version for who knows what reason. I wanted to see if anyone else had this similar issue, and if so, what would be the best way to get Adblocker working again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! ~ Euphorical
  8. iWidget

    Description: Animated Birds iWidget by JunesiPhone for the iP6/6+. Requires iWidget tweak from Cydia. Video: Download: com.junesiphone.anibirds_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  9. MOD

    Contains a variety of hacks that allows you to create the ultimate park Features: - Infinite In-Game Cash - Infinite Lives - Infinite Money Capacity - Infinite Bloonstones - Infinite Coins - Infinite Buildings - Claim Tiles Instantly (all tiles are trivial) - Hacked In-game level - Lifetime infinite In-Game Cash (even when hacks are disabled) Get around 15-17 million bloonstones for every tile claimed. Get Infinite Coins after gaining control of contested territory. Known Issues: - Hacked level is currently irreversible - Costs tons of money to place buildings (can be fixed by disabling "Bloontonium Rate/Energy" hack when you want to buy stuff and re-enabling it when claiming land) - Finding a Monkey v Monkey is extremely difficult - Due to hacked level, "My Tracks" is broken - The only way to play a game is by claiming land or contested territory Configure options through settings. Step 1: Download the .deb file from here: [hide][/hide] Step 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice. Step 3: Using iFile or Filza, browse to where you saved the downloaded file and tap on it. Step 4: Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on 'Installer' or 'Install' from the options on your screen. Step 5: Let iFile / Filza finish the cheat installation. Step 6: Now open your iDevice settings and scroll down until you see the settings for this cheat and tap on it. If you do not see the cheat settings, respring or reboot your iDevice and make sure you have met all the requirements as mentioned above. Step 7: Turn on the features you want and then open the game. Note: I did not make this hack. This is just a re-upload.
  10. Im working on a repo and was wondering if anyone knows how to add custom depiction items to a package's description page such as "screenshots' or "Change Log"?
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a memory editor out there (Like iGameGuardian/GamePlayer) that is compatible with iOS 7.x yet? I've Googled and come up with nothing so I thought the good people of this forum had any knowledge of one floating around
  12. FLEX

    go to cydia download flex 2 from insanelyi
  13. Hello, can you help me. I was updating my tweaks and Cydia crashed. I rebooted my iDevice but was stuck on the boot-logo. After trying multiple fixes I managed to load iOS 8.3. Now, the tweaks and Cydia are not working anymore. My entire iDevice is broken and I am only able to use my 'normal' apps. Updating tweaks is not working anymore, and all the icons are randomly placed on the homescreen. Also, when I shutdown my iDevice via the powerbutton and turn it on again, It will get stuck at the boot-logo again and I need to perform the magical trick: Powerbutton + homebutton, 2 secs later volume-up + powerbutton. Who has a fix for this? EDIT: These tweaks I installed today before my entire iDevice broke: - shell-cmds - PAM Modules - cycrap - Cydia Installer - RocketBootstrap - Find Utilities - Patcyh - Flipswitch - FlipControlCenter - Activator - Applist - WiFi Booster - GameGem - Barrel - XModGames - uasharedtools - DoubleCut - AdBlocker 2 (iOS 8+9) - Nitrous - libstatusbar - tateu - CameraModes - Flex 2 - Cydia Substrate
  14. I was busy downloading tweaks from the hack my iPhone source and then I resprung after downloading a few, next thing I know is I'm in a respring logo which I promptly search up and find out you have to hold down both the home and power button until the apple logo flashes and when that happens you have to hold down the volume button until the screen is brighter. That worked but when I booted up my tweaks were gone. They were still in my Cydia installed folder but they weren't installed, and whenever I try and restart my phone not respring I'm stuck in another respring logo. Do I reinstall my tweaks or what?
  15. Hello. Im not sure if theres already a thread about this problem. But i hope anybody can help me asap. The detail is when i open my app cydia show that black screen, due to unknown cause. My other tweaks works just fine. Dont have any problem with it. Not in safe mode. But the thing is only the cydia app is not working. But i discover when in safe mode, i can go thru the cydia app without black screen in the apps switcher. But if i turn off the sate mode, it continue to be become blackscreen again. This happen twice already. And before this i thought because a bad tweak but then i already fix it by reinstall the mobile substrate and etc. i can do it again tho but i just want to know the cause of the blackscreen.
  16. SAV 1-download dropbox 2-open on dropbox save file 3-on dropbox open in ifile 4-installer 5-reboot your phone Enjoy ????
  17. DEB

    Description: A new team is here: Jschmid and Schnedi. we are proud to present you our first theme. Flat and exquisite design! Compatible with iPhone5/5c/5s/6 and 6plus in iOS8. What does this theme include? over 150 icons (more will be added in future updates). ALL settings icons (including the ones from AppStore apps). StatusBar UI. UI elements (Mail, Clock, Music, AppStore, Safari, Camera, Cydia...). Widgets. Iconomatics. Badges. Docks. CustomCover themes. Screenshots: Download: com.modmyi.tercio_v1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  18. When my Iphone 4 with cydia and IOS 7.1.2 loads, It goes to my lock screen like notmal but if I go straight into unlocking it and it tries to load the home screen, it reboots. But if I get a notification, I can directly open the app from there but only apps that have sent me a notification can be opened. Once in the app, the app works like normal, and i can have some of my apps suspended and can access those apps fine. When in the suspended app screen, I can scroll over and see the home screen and it just shows my background and the gray bar that typically hold 4 apps/folders. If I turn airplane mode on and wi-fi off and go into an internet only app it gives me two options, okay and settings, if I click on settings it just doesn't do anything whereas, it normally would go into settings. I can access the home screen through the suspended state no problem(any other way and it re-boots) once in the home screen, it shows no apps whatsoever. I can go to the search bar though and type in the apps name and it'll pop up unless it's a system default app that you can't typically delete, those don't even show up. If I search for an old text, it finds it but then says the URL can't be loaded, the same message I get when it occasionally decides to go into safety mode and I click on "help". Also, the menu that shows up when you swipe up from the bottom filled 2 quick-open apps. Does anyone know what I can do?
  19. I'm just wondering: Has anyone ever purchased an Apple device, jailbroken it, then later had issues, restored the device to factory settings, then taken it to the Apple store for help? Do they have any way of knowing if the device was jailbroken in the past?
  20. Recently jailbroke a 2nd gen ipod touch MB using greenpoisi0n. Ive tried installing apps such as Aircrack-ng, medusa and Pirni along with other hacktools from ininja but no icons are showing in my springboard. Im not sure if they are compatible with ios firmware 4.2.1 and im not sure exactly how to tell if they are or not. Ive tried reinstalling cydia substrate, check SBSettings to see if the icons are hidden (they are not) and ive tried rebooting, respringing, and restoring my device but with no success. However some icons do appear such as MobileTerminal and ICleaner. Does anyone know why the other icons are not showing up and how i can get them to appear in my springboard? Ive read just about everything on troubleshooting these problems but nothing is working. Any help would be great.
  21. Aeternum doesn't seem to be working. I have it enabled in settings and I always respring, but it still doesn't work. Could it be because I am using Liminal a WinterBoard theme? Please help!!!!!!!!
  22. Is there any way you can edit, get or create Aeternum for iOS 7 instead of iOS 8?
  23. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me at all, i am moving from an iPhone 5 to a 6 (i am just waiting for the SIM to arrive) Is it possible to backup all my Cydia sources & pacakges & what config i have saved with settings for certain tweaks? I used to just take screenshots of the cydia tweaks i had installed & sources. Thanks
  24. Hi sorry my friends i find a app in arabic language its a store and sell apps and have in app purchase i try to find some one help me can you? :D