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Found 13 results

  1. What is plist Editor Pro? In the Mac OS X and iPhone OS, property list files are files that store serialized objects. Property list files use the filename extension .plist. Mac OS X 10.2 introduced a new format where property list files are stored as binary files. Starting with Mac OS X 10.4, this is the default format for preference files. plist Editor Pro is a tool that can help you to reading and edit both XML format and binary format plist file under Windows system. Why plist Editor Pro? Before, we can only edit plist file under Mac OS, now with plist Editor Pro, we can also reading and edit plist file under Windows system. It is directed both to software developers and to end users who like to have full access plist files under Windows system. Key feature of plist Editor Pro Reading and edit both of XML format and binary format of plist files. View and edit plist file in XML text mode. View plist file in property list mode, like the default plist Editor in Mac OS. In list mode, you can double click a DATA property, the program will decode the data and open with built-in plist Editor/Text Editor/Hex Editor/Image Viewer/Database Viewer, according to its content. Search/Replace, Undo/Redo, Syntex Highlight, Bookmark, Print and more. Check plist syntex before saving to disk. Easy to use, skinable user interface. Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), XP Download : plist Editor Pro v2.1.0 How-To: Download and install plist Editor Pro Open it and go to Help >> Register Use the username & license below That's it. Enjoy. plist Editor Pro License.txt
  2. FLEX

    Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - UFC.TV - Flex 2 Hack Features: - Premium Subscription - Access PPV's & Event Replays - No Geoblocking - No Banner Ads Compatibility: - Works on all iDevices running iOS 7 & 8. - Not tested on iOS 5 & 6 How-To: - Find the units below & add their respective values. Note: I'm using the paid version of Flex 2 so I don't know if the patch is already in the cracked cloud server. Update for version 2.2 Add the units & values below: Unit for -(BOOL) isFightPassSubActive Unit for -(void) accountAddpackageWithItemId: (id) receipt:(id) autorenewable: (BOOL) isPPV:(BOOL) Unit for -(BOOL) isPPVValid:(id) Set all BOOL to TRUE & ID to null If you have the existing UFC flex patch, remove the .dat file (com.ufc.ufctv.dat) first in var/mobile/Documents/Flex before adding the units above. Use VPN and point it to China or any Asian countries if you encounter blackouts
  3. FLEX

    Requirements: - Flex 2 - Hotspot Shield VPN app Hack Features: - Unlimited Premium Subscription [Elite Membership] How-To: [hide] 1. Download & install Hotspot Shield in AppStore. 2. Subscribe to 7 days trial, install certificate and create account. Expired Hotpot Shield account will also do the job. I suggest you use a none credit card AppStore account to be safe of charge. 3. Close the app & remove it in the background. 4. Open Flex 2 & create the patch. See units below in screenshots. 5. That's it. Enjoy your free Elite Membership. One way to check if the patch work is to set your date month(s) or year(s) ahead. You'll see that you are still subscribe to Elite Membership even if the days left is zero (0). If you are using an expired account, you will be auto-renew once you apply the patch. The patch basically auto renew your trial or current subscription without paying for it. Screenshots: [/hide]
  4. FLEX

    Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - 2016 NBA App [universal/International version] - Flex 2/3 Hack Features: - League Pass Premium & NBA TV Live subscription - Unlocks live & archive games - No geoblocking [doesn't need VPN for unsupported countries] - No banner ads Compatibility: - Works on all iDevices running iOS 7, 8 & 9 - Not tested on iOS 6 How-To: [hide] - Find the units below & add their respective values. Update 1: - Still works with the version of NBA App v5.0923 - If you're in the US and encounter blackouts or video not available, use VPN & point your IP address to UK, Philippines, or any country that supports the international version of NBA app Update 2: - There's some changes of the patch with version 5.1023, see below. - geoCheckRequestDone no longer available & setLocManager causes the app to not open. -(BOOL) isProductTypePurchase:(int)gameld:(id) ---- TRUE, pass-through, pass-through -(BOOL) isVIPAccount ---- TRUE -(BOOL) getHasNBATV ---- TRUE -(BOOL) isLiveChannelAvailableForCurrentLocation ---- TRUE -(id) init ---- NULL Works with live games, replays & vault. If you encounter blackouts or video not available use VPN. You can also download the patch below. Need to extract the file first. Then put the plist & dat file to var/mobile/Documents/Flex. Take note that this will overwrite your existing patch, removing everthing you created. 2015 NBA v5.1023 Patch.rar Update 3: - The patch (units & values) still works with the latest version 5.0929. - If the the patch no longer works after update, then re-do the patching process. Remove the patch in Flex app & .dat file in var/mobile/Documents/Flex then create the patch again. Enjoy your 2016-2017 NBA season. IPA Download 2015 NBA App v51023.ipa [/hide]
  5. FLEX

    Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - BoxNation app [needs UK account to download] or download modified ipa from here. - Flex 2 - VPN app [for non-UK residents] Hack Features: - Full subscription - Acess all Live and On Demand content Compatibility: - Works on all iDevices running iOS 7 & 8. - Not tested on iOS 5 & 6 How-To: [hide] - Find the unit below & add its value. - Use VPN app [non-UK residents] & point to UK IP address for the videos to load/play. Note: I'm using the paid version of Flex 2 so I don't know if the patch is already in the cracked cloud server. Update: Works with the latest version of BoxNation v2.0.1 [/hide]
  6. Hack Features: - In-App Purchases Requirements: - Non-Jailbroken/Jailbroken iDevices Instructions: [hide] 1. Download/Install the 2 certificates below, respectively. - - 2. Log-out from your iTunes/AppStore and iCloud ID. 3. Open your Wi-Fi settings and replace your DNS with 4. Turn off Wi-Fi then enable it again. 5. Purchase in-app. If a pop-up regarding Apple ID & password comes out just tap Cancel. Tested on : 8.1.3 [working], 8.3 [not working] Note: - Not all apps/games will work on this in-app hack - Try this at your own risk Credits to whoever owns this hack. [/hide]
  7. Below is the list of compatible Cydia tweaks/apps for iOS 9 - 9.0.2. Compatible Cydia Tweaks/Apps on iOS 9
  8. DIY

    VPN One Click Professional [hide] 1-Year 3V9K1T9L6C 6G1Y9G3M9U 2M7A2S8E7Y 1G7A9L1G8F 2M7A2S8E7Y 1U6O2O4R5O 2E2G7A7D6S 1F1L4X2N1L 2-Years 2X9H7U7Y6R 5N6M3M8V8C 4-Years 8P3G3M5H1X 6-Years 8V2B1D0J2W If all keys already expired, use this generator. Just reload the site to get different keys. The site also has instructions on how to use it on PC, Mac & Android. Credits to Bl4ckLion for the generator. [/hide] SecureLine VPN [hide] 3-YEARS 92QEOPB71Z5B XOY5DU7X5891 CSHC8DQKSMCJ SQY37V7MMAIK PE6E99BNYQWZ XRGRPKMFPBB2 BIXNCKYC92A8 DRU3EUYF3HBQ 163UIGEDQI84 1NUKL2D42WR2 4-YEARS Z4NCQPR31F6N 54DUPT21LICG 48D1SEJWPTH4 U4WXUCEDOJVC LD2VJ61YJWLZ 9TEBFXATDZXY [/hide]
  9. DIY

    Hack Features: - GameCenter Live Upgrade Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - NHL app Instructions: [hide] 1. Download NHL app from AppStore. 2. Add insanelyi repo & install LocaliAPstore. 3. Enable LocaliAPstore in Settings. 4. Open NHL app. Go to 'More' tab then tap 'NHL GameCenter LIVE' and tap Upgrade. 5. A pop-up window will come out asking you to sign-in your apple id & password, just tap 'Cancel'. 6. Enjoy your FREE GameCenter Live Upgrade. Note: Needs VPN for unsupported countries or if you encounter blackouts. [/hide]
  10. MS

    Hack Features - Crowns Doesn't Subtract Requirements - Jailbroken iDevices - iFile/Filza File Manager - DomiNations app Compatibility - Works on iOS 7 and above Instructions Download and install DomiNations app from App Store or any similar. Download and install the deb hack file below using iFile//Filza File Manager. After installation, respring. You may need to reboot if the hack doesn't appear in Settings. Navigate to Settings and find 'Dominations Cheats'. Enable the hack. That's it. Enjoy. Download [hide] com.shmoo.dom_3.0.151-2_iphoneos-arm.deb [/hide] Depends - Cydia Substrate, PreferenceLoader (install via Cydia) Credits - shmoo
  11. To all basketball fanatics this is for you. Watch live games, replays, etc on your device free through League Pass Premium access. Requirements: - 2014 NBA GAME TIME app (latest) [universal/International] - iFunbox or any similar Instructions: 1. Download 2014 NBA GAME TIME app [universal] & League Pass Hack plist file [link below]. Download 2014 NBA Game Time app through UK iTunes store or any similar that has the universal app. 2. After download don't open the app. Extract the plist hack file then using iFunbox or any similar, go to User Applications/NBA/Library/Preferences & put League Pass plist hack file. 3. In case you encounter 'blackouts' or 'un-supported countries' error when using NBA GAMETIME, use a VPN app & set your IP address to UK. Make sure to close the app first before setting VPN then open it again. You can disable VPN once you're able to access games to speed up your connection. 4. That's it. Enjoy! Screenshots: Update 3 [03/11/15] Updated the plist hack to work on the latest version 5.0123. Tested on iPhone 4, 7.1.2 only. Update 2 [11/02/14]: The hack still works with version 4.1019 on all idevices running 8.1. For best result, remove the old NBA Game Time app & download the latest version [updating & putting the hack doesn't seems to work]. After download do not open the app. Using iFunbox or iTools, put the hack file to Preferences folder. Then use VPN & point it to UK server [some don't need this]. You can disable VPN later when video is running. Open the app & allow it to use your current location. Update 1[10/09/14]: Works on version 4.0829 of Game Time app [universal]. Tested on iPhone 5, 7.1.2. Doesn't work on iOS 8. For jailbroken iDevices You can use either: (1) LocaliAPstore or iAPCrazy to purchase League Pass (2) Flex 2 Patch You can still use the plist hack though if you're jailbroken. League Pass
  12. MS

    Hack Features: v1.3.0 - Infinite/Unlimited Crowns [use/Spend some to get unlimited. Turn this feature off once you see your unlimited crowns otherwise the value might go negative. Highly suggested you use the second feature instead.] - Double Crowns [instead of losing Crowns, you gain double the amount you were going to spend. It is highly suggested you use this feature instead of the first. Double Crowns feature also doubles your blessings and materials.] v1.5.67 - Infinite Crowns [stays at 16k Crowns even if you use them] Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevices - iFile/Filza File Manager - iFunbox or any similar - DomiNations app How-To: Download and install DomiNations app from App Store or any similar. Download and install the deb hack file below using iFile. After installation, respring. You may need to reboot if the hack doesn't appear in Settings. Go to Settings and enable the hack. Open the game and enjoy your Crown hack. Download: v1.3.0 [hide] com.airmax.dominations.deb [/hide] v1.5.67 [hide] Dominations 1.5.67.deb [/hide] Depends: Cydia Substrate, PreferenceLoader [install via Cydia] Credits: AirMax, KingKong Having negative crowns? Here how to fix it
  13. SAV

    Features: - Unlimited Stars - Buy and Upgrade Anything [weapons, health, etc.] - In-App Purchases Screenshots: Requirements: - Jailed or jailbroken iDevices [iPhone/iPad] - iFunbox/iFile Instructions: 1. Download Sky Force 2014 from iTunes [Free]. Do not open the app. Or if you already have it installed, kill it from the background. 2. Download Sky Force 2014 Save-Game Hack [see download link below]. Extract the file. 3. Using iFunbox/iFile go to /var/mobile/Application/Sky Force/Library/Preferences [jailbroken idevices] / User Applications/Sky Force/Library/Preferences [jailed idevices] and put the extracted save-game hack. This will replace the original/save-game plist. 4. Run the game. Enjoy! Download: Sky Force 2014 Hack