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  • How to Jailbreak you Device on iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3


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Found 58 results

  1. PLEEEAASE help me how to bypass iPhone 4S iTunes after hard reset
  2. Hello everybody, i want some helps for my iPhone 4 under iOS 7.1.2 (Jailbroken), I succeeded to delete the iCloud account by accessing the root files but in Facetime the Apple ID still ! please i need the path of the folder/file who contains this informations to delete them. Thanks
  3. NOTE: I will be fixing up this tutorial in a few minutes to add corresponding colors and some images. A fix for conditional hard-loops on semi-tethered jailbreaks, this will NOT work with all boot-loops and is considered a risky process. There is about a 25% chance your device will freeze during the erase process. If so, you must update to the latest iTunes First off: How do you know you're hard boot-looped? Well, it's simply put for semi-untethered jailbreaks. You're unable to reboot into an unjailbroken state. Typically this leads to an infinite Apple logo on your screen. So, you managed to hard boot-loop your device. It's a rather challenging task to accomplish in today's world of jail breaking. However, tweak developers who often create bootstraps and other system-level essentials often don't collaborate before releasing or their work simply doesn't work together until the damage is done. Next thing you know, you're looped. Now, when I say conditional. I mean A LOT must be considered and must be determined before following through with this: 1. Is the latest firmware or a current firmware that's signed still jailbreakable? If so, restore using iTunes and this guide is no longer relevant to you. 2. While you are hard-looped, can the device communicate via SSH, FTP, iTunes (without DFU/Recovery mode)? If so, attempt to repair using SSH, FTP and then skip this guide. (If you cannot use those and are able to access iTunes. MAKE A BACKUP and then continue) 3. While you are hard-looped, can you load Substrateless (Booting without Cydia Substrate by holding Volume Up during the jailbreak process.) successfully? If so, it's tweak related and does not need a reset of any kind. Remove the affecting tweak. 4. If all else fails, futurerestore is often not an option as all eligible firmwares for that utility require to be jailbroken during it's process and all of said firmwares must be able to boot and be jailbroken. This cannot be done on these firmwares. 5. While you are hard-looped, does the device respond to plugging and unplugging an active USB connection? (Vibration from connection), this should also result in messages and other notifications showing up. This is essential to the process. 6. Was FindMyiPhone setup with this device? If so, you may continue below This leaves you with a VERY RISKY but effective option that can leave you in one or two statuses. Safe or Sorry. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. THIS IS A LAST CASE OPTION. I CLAIM ZERO RESPONSIBILITY IN A FROZEN RESTORE LOADING SCREEN. IF THIS OCCURS, YOU MUST RESTORE WITH ITUNES. PERFORMING THIS TASK CLAIMS THAT YOU ACCEPT THESE RISKS AND YOUR JAILBREAK CAN BE LOST AS WELL AS YOUR DATA BEING TOTALLY WIPED USING THIS METHOD. All you need: - A computer - USB cable - iFunbox, iExplorer, or iTools (any utility that grants access to userland file system) - iFile.ipa - Cydia Now, with that out of the way. Let's get started! 1. Log into and select Find iPhone 2. If your device meets all of these conditions above. Your device should show up. If not. Refer to conditions above again. 3. Select your device and press "Erase iPhone" (yes, that does EXACTLY what it says.) 4. Follow the prompts it provides. If successful, your device should reboot into what looks like an upgrade screen. 5. DURING THIS PROCESS, you should make sure it's plugged in to avoid power-loss. If the screen remains unresponsive for over 30 minutes. You must restore via iTunes. 6. If everything goes well, you will see the setup screen for iPhone. Set it up like you've done before. 7. You'll be greeted to your home screen which seems to still include all of your jailbroken applications (none of them will open at this point) 8. Reinstall your jailbreak entry point for your device. (Yalu102, Pangu9.3.3) 9. Rejailbreak. You'll notice afterwards that Cydia opens but is still broken. 10. Side load iFile.ipa using a Cydia Impactor. (Plug in your iPhone, drag the IPA onto Cydia Impactor, sign in, wait.) 11. Open iFile to make sure it works. 12. Open iFunbox/iExplorer/iTools. 13. Navigate to the "User File System" and open "Books". Drop the "lib" folder into "Books" 14. In iFile. Navigate to /var/mobile/Media/Books. Copy/Cut the lib folder 15. Navigate to /var and paste lib into that folder. 16. Force close Cydia and reopen it. 17. Upgrade EVERYTHING it prompts, you'll receive errors but this is normal. DONE. Your jailbreak is now functional again. All of your apps and tweaks should be able to be installed once again. If you have any questions, comments, feedback or concerns. Please voice them below with a reply! Thanks! ~V
  4. Description: This is Solux9. A theme crafted on the best platform for iOS theming to bring you an exquisite set of icons, complete UI, wallpapers and plenty more. While a very simple theme, this theme took plenty of time to make in-order to perfect each and every piece to match each other with more room to add even more changes to make this theme better, perfection may not exist but a community's voice can help this theme get pretty close. I'm very open to icon requests and feedback. Please email me or tweet to me at @vec1phyr or Thank you very much for supporting this theme! Screenshots by a dedicated beta tester, E-rwinn. Thanks! Special thanks to the beta testers: TheHuskinator E-rwinn iHomer afyRanger Changelog: 1.0: - Initial Release Special Note: Please consider a small donation to me if you like the them or at least buy it in the future, all proceeds go straight to my son's expenses Thanks! Download: Icons com.vec1phyr.solux9.deb UI com.vec1phyr.solux9-ui.deb Wallpapers com.vec1phyr.solux9-iphonewp.deb Screenshots:
  5. Does anybody know how to make twbotlife work on 9.0.2 jailbroken iPhone I got it to work in my 9.3.3 iPhone eazy downloaded tweetbot from app cake then the tweek but everytime I try to use it it's asks for a token and on my 9.3.3 phone it just work fine anybody know why .. Thxs in advance
  6. This is under "Edit Profile", with the new jailbreak out, it's a good idea to add in the new iOS version numbers Firmware versions missing: 9.2 9.2.1 9.3 9.3.1 9.3.2 9.3.3 9.3.4 10b1 10b2 10b3 10b4
  7. According to a tweet from the official Pangu team Twitter account, a long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2-9.3.3 will be release "very soon" for 64bit iOS devices. This is will be a new type of jailbreak, according to the Pangu website, in which the device will need to be re-jailbroken after every reboot. This isn't exactly tethered or semi-tethered, so we'll have to see what new name emerges from the community for this new type of non-persistent jailbreak. For those of you with 32bit devices, it seems like you may be out of luck for the moment, but don't lose hope. Maybe some other team or even Pangu will come up with a solution for these devices. Check for info on this new jailbreak and its release, coming very soon! This should be a very interesting jailbreak release for those of us who have been in the community for years through many different methods. I can't wait to unpack the goods when released! Original tweet from the Pangu Team @PanguTeam: We are going to release Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 very soon. Please check its website at and be patient. Thanks all
  8. WARNING: THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR U.S. Verizon iOS 9+ ONLY. **THIS WILL BOOT-LOOP iOS 8 DEVICES, FORCING YOU TO RESTORE TO THE LATEST FIRMWARE!!! Unfortunately this only enables WiFi calling on supported devices, namely iPhone 6 & 6+, and iPhone 6S & 6S+ (& iPhone SE, if necessary, which I doubt). For iOS 9.0-9.x.x this is 100% safe and will do no harm to your device/jailbreak at all, as long as Verizon is your carrier AND you follow the instructions. This should work for other carriers who just began to support this feature in later versions of iOS 9, but this tutorial & carrier (IPCC) file is for U.S. Verizon only. You will need your carrier's bundle (IPCC) file if you want to try another carrier.. Just follow these simple instructions, and you'll have WiFi Calling on your Verizon iOS 9 iPhone 6 in just a few minutes. I did it today, and in under 2 minutes had WiFi Calling enabled on my iOS 9.0.2 Verizon iPhone 6S, so without further ado... This is a very simple process, which may be familiar to some of you who may have used carrier cracks in the past. The only difference is since we are using a stock carrier file, ChinaSn0w's commcenter patch is not necessary. This is very safe & very awesome! Instructions with a part "a" & "b" are different for Windows and Mac. Windows should use "a" directions & Mac should use "b" directions. 1. Download the Verizon v24.1 carrier (IPCC) file from the link below (direct apple link), or I've posted mine below (these are generic & not device specific). Save it to your desktop or some other location you'll easily remember. This file will work for U.S. Verizon iPhone 6 & 6+, and 6S & 6S+: Direct from Apple Server: Use the one I already downloaded here: Verizon_LTE_US_iPhone.ipcc 2a. On Windows, tap the start button, type 'cmd' into the search box, then right-click on "cmd.exe" & "run as administrator" to open the command prompt with admin privileges. 2b. On Mac, open a terminal window. 3a. On Windows, ensure iTunes is closed, then to allow manually updating carrier files, type or copy/paste the following into the cmd prompt (including the quotes): "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 3b. On Mac, ensure iTunes is closed, then to allow manually updating carrier files, type or copy/paste the following (after -bool you can type YES if TRUE doesn't work; either would be fine): defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE 4. Next, open iTunes and plug in the device (I recommend performing a backup before doing anything, just in case; but you won't have an issue if you read/follow this whole tutorial & all warnings). 5. After your iPhone appears in iTunes, hold "shift" (Windows) or "option" (Mac) and tap "update" in iTunes, just like you would if updating to a specific firmware. A window should pop up asking you to point to the file to which you want to restore. 6. In the bottom right corner of the window that popped up, change the type of file from iPhone/iPod/iPad restore files (IPSW) to carrier files (IPCC), and navigate to where you saved the file above, then tap to select it. 7. You should then see a box pop up (very quickly) that says "Updating iPhone Carrier Settings" and that's it! This should take just a few seconds. **If it says anything like "this will erase and restore/update your iPhone" hit cancel, and start over because you didn't do one of the steps properly or you picked an IPSW file instead of the IPCC file we downloaded. 8. Next, to enable WiFi calling on your device, go into the Settings app, then go into the "Phone" section (not Cellular, but Phone), and flip that WiFi Calling switch to the on position! 9. A window will then open on your iPhone in which you must enter emergency info for first-responders/emergency services to use if/when you call 911 while using WiFi Calling. This way they know where to go in case you can't talk to the 911 operator. You can always change this info (& you should if you move or travel for extended periods of time) from the same Phone settings pane where you enabled WiFi Calling. 10. Once that's all configured, you're good to go! Enjoy! Profit! If this tutorial was helpful to you, show me some love, my friends! Please post any questions or issues you may have, and we will answer them quickly. If you don't live in the U.S., or have questions about another carrier, we will try to answer those as well. Have a great day everyone!! -iSteve-O
  9. Hey people I was wondering if I can update my firmware to a specific version. I currently use the ios 8.1.2 firmware with jailbreak (Taig), and I just want to upgrade to ios 9 or 9.1 so that I can still jailbreak my phone. Is such a thing possible? Pls let me know thanks.
  10. What is certain? * Pangu has sent out invitation letters out for the next MOSEC Speculation * Pangu is going to release a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.x and 9.2.x * Some claim that Pangu will officially talk about the jailbreak after the release of iOS 10 * The exploits that Pangu have discovered (if any) will be able to jailbreak from iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 One thing that I must mention, Please don't get your hopes up. Maybe Pangu have not found exploits, lets just hope and see With patience. Have you got anything to add? Comment below ↓↓↓↓ OR Tweet @insanelyi
  12. Opera have recently released a FREE VPN aplication for ios. Free to download and "use it free for life" Has several different locations to choose from, some including the UK, Germany, USA and the Netherlands so how can you get this? 1. Go here and download the app: 2. Follow instructions to how to use it and now you have free unlimited vpn FOR LIFE ~iHomer
  13. hello everybody, hope i can have a good help about a iPhone 6s Plus iCloud Activation and SIM Unlock matter. Like to know the effective way step by step how can a iPhone6s Plus's iCloud account can be erased permanently and also that iPhone 6s plus SIM lock will be permanently unlocked. Waiting for the specific and important help. Thanks in Advance
  14. Hey guys. I was texting my friend on my phone and the screen suddenly faded to black. Now the screen won't light up or anything. It can be detected in DFU mode but nothing more. I'm not sure what else to really say since I'm sort of panicked, the device is leased and I don't know if this is a software related issue or (I really hope not) a hardware issue. Thanks! (iPhone 6, iOS 8.4 jailbroken with TaiG) EDIT: Device now responding to iTunes and can be accessed there. However, screen still not responding. Also keeps vibrating in pulses.
  15. Hello insanelyi members, We did it! We have reached 100,000 forum members, thank you! A big thank you to our loyal regulars, you know who you are, you guys are awesome Best Regards, insanelyi Team
  16. *** WARNING *** Safestrat is for ADVANCED USERS ONLY! This can harm your device and possibly permanently brick your device. When I say further down "it's hard to brick your device" or anything of the sort. This is from an ADVANCED USERS PERSPECTIVE. The wrong command could permanently ruin your device for good. If you are an advanced user and you're well aware of how to run SSH commands, great! This warning is meaningless to you and continue to follow below. If you are a NOVICE USER or not very familiar with the BASH language or SSHing, please CONTINUE WITH CAUTION, I claim ZERO responsibility if you brick your device. Safestrat is NOT my program, PuTTY is NOT my program, and usbmuxd is NOT my program. Only this method of getting it to work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safestrat is a beautiful recovery environment for advanced users who want to SSH into their device when you cannot properly boot. I'm sure you have quite a few questions if you're not familiar with Safestrat or the need for SSH as a recovery utility. ~~ So what is Safestrat? Safestrat is a boot-utility started by comex that allows the user to run an SSH server before the boot process can start. So basically this will allow the user to kill a boot-loop if they know the cause and can hopefully get their device back into working order. What is usbmuxd and why is it relevant? usbmuxd basically is a tool for iPhone that can create a TCPRelay over USB so you can SSH into your device simply using a SSH client such as PuTTY (which we'll be using) and it's relevant because we'll be using it to set-up Safestrat in this tutorial. Without it, Safestrat has no use. Can I harm my device using this? Safestrat can't do anymore damage than a hard-boot loop which is why it's there in the first place. To save you from hard-boot loops. It IS possible to completely brick the device but it's very unlikely to do so without being a total idiot. SO. To start off, we'll need some stuffs. Most of them are links. - Jailbroken iPhone (any device, any iOS) - OpenSSH installed - PuTTY (or your favorite SSH client) - Python 2.6 installer. Sexy link is sexy. - usbmuxd archive Sexy link is sexy. - Safestrat (or your other util needing this tutorial) 1. Install OpenSSH (simply search Cydia for it, install and reboot as instructed) 2. Download the usbmuxd archive and place it in C:\ 3. Run the Python2.6 installer and install it to C:\usbmuxd\python-client\Python26 4. Navigate to C:\usbmuxd\python-client and move all of the files into the Python26 5. Navigate into the Python26 folder. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and right-click anywhere in the folder. Select "Open command window here" 6. Run the following command: python.exe -t 22:2222 7. If all was done correctly. The command window will feed back with: Forwarding local port 2222 to remote port 22 All done! To access your device while in Safestrat, access via SSH client as on port 2222 Where to get Safestrat? Add Karen's Pineapple Repo onto Cydia and it will be in her list of packages How do I enter "Safestrat Mode"? Easy! Shut down your device, and while booting, hold down volume down! Great! I did everything I need to do! Now, how do I exit "Safestrat Mode" and continue booting? Simply type in the following command: killall sshd Questions? Comments? Feedback? REPLY BELOW MY SEXYS! ~v
  17. Hey guys! So I've been trying to set up these HTML pages that can detect your iOS version since it requires a specific iOS version to install what it installs. So I'm wondering.. Is it possible to write an HTML or JS or PHP script that can be hooked into HTML that will detect a specific iOS version? Thanks. ~v
  18. This package is now up on the insanelyi repo. You can simply install it from there. If you would like to keep the original version, so that you can be notified if iKy1e updates the package, follow the first tutorial here and you will still get the official updates. If not, just install SwipeSelection from the insanelyi repo and enjoy! In this tutorial, I will tell you how to get the amazing tweak "SwipeSelection" working in mobile Safari on your iOS 8 device! This will work with any device running iOS 8.0-8.4 (32 or 64bit, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). Please follow each step closely to avoid any mistakes, unless you really know what you're doing while working with iFile and the raw file system. Now, on with the tutorial... 1. Open Cydia, and install SwipeSelection (v1.4.2-1) from the BigBoss repo, if you don't already have it installed. 2. After you have the tweak installed, open this tutorial in Safari on your device and tap on the linked zip file to download it (also notice SwipeSelection does not work currently in Safari except for inside of the URL/search box). 3. Once downloaded in mobile Safari, tap the "Open In..." button, then open in iFile; or, if available, just tap the "Open in iFile" button. 4. Once iFile opens, tap anywhere on the screen to get rid of the box asking you if you want to open in the zip viewer or unarchiver. We want to leave it zipped up for now. 5. Hold you finger on the zip file until "select" & select all" pop up and tap "select", then hold your finger on the file again after it's selected and tap "copy." 6. Next, navigate all the way back in the file system until you can't go back anymore, then go to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ 7. Once in the above folder, hold your finger on the screen, and when it pops up, tap the "paste" button to paste the zip file into this directory. 8. If you would like to keep the original SwipeSelection files, scroll down and find SwipeSelection.dylib & SwipeSelection.plist. If you don't care about keeping these old files, skip to step 10. 9. Tap the circled "i" button to rename each of these files to SwipeSelction.dylib.bak and SwipeSelection.plist.bak, or copy them elsewhere (if you don't care about keeping these files you can skip this step, as you can always get them back by re-installing the package in Cydia) 10. Now, scroll down and tap the zip file you previously copied to this folder, then tap "unarchiver" to extract the files from within. If you skipped step 9 it will overwrite the original files, and replace them with these new modified versions. 11. Once the extraction is complete, you will tap "done" and then delete the zip file from this folder. 12. Finally, respring the device using your preferred method, and enjoy using SwipeSelection in Safari on iOS 8! FYI, if an update to SwipeSelection is pushed to Cydia and you install it, this fix will be removed and you will need to repeat these steps if Safari is still not fixed in that update. I may need to update the fix if that does happen. However, I imagine any update would incorporate this fix anyway. If this helped you out, show some love! Enjoy the new functionality, my friends! SwipeSelection(Safari_Fix).zip ...Or you can just uninstall SwipeSelection from Cydia, and install this .deb with iFile. 1. Uninstall SwipeSelection in Cydia 2. Browse here in Safari and tap to download the .deb file below 3. Once downloaded, tap "Open in..." and open in iFile, or "Open in iFile" (You may have either or both) 4. When iFile opens tap installer (or tap the deb then tap installer) to install. 5. Respring & enjoy! com.sull.swipeselection_1.4.2-1a_iphoneos-arm.deb
  19. Requirements: Jailbreak Cydia Substrate PreferenceLoader ifile Hack Features: Unlimited Size Of GuideLine. You can not miss. Show the GuideLines in "No Guidelines" Tables/Tournaments Anti-Ban/Warning (BETA.. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!) Instructions: -download it : -Locate where you saved it using iFile and tap on it. -Press 'Installer' on the pop up menu. -Respring or Reboot -Go in your iDevice's Settings then '8 Ball Pool Hacks' to enable or disable hacks. -Launch the game -Enjoy If you get errors when installing the hack, It might be because you have previous 8 ball pool hacks installed. Go to cydia > installed tap > find the 8 ball pool hack packages and remove them. Now try again and install the new deb.
  20. First of all, do not attempt this if you are on iOS 8.1.2 and jailbroken. This is only for people forced to be on iOS 8.1.3, with no jailbreak available. iOS 8.2 betas do not expire, are still being signed by Apple for updates/restores, and a developer account/certificate is not necessary, unless you click "restore" in iTunes instead of "update". The PPghost tool for mac will jailbreak iOS 8.2b2 without any modification to the binary whatsoever. 1. First, download the appropriate iOS 8.2beta2 IPSW for your device. (the site should have what you're looking for, or you can always google) 2. Make sure that you are on iOS 8.1.3 and that the device is fully activated. 3. Open iTunes, and backup & sync the device (just in case anything goes wrong, which it shouldn't). 4. Once the backup/sync is complete, hold the option key (might be the shift, cmd or ctrl key, just try & cancel until you get the pop-up window to pick the IPSW, but I'm pretty sure it's the option key) & press the "update" button & choose your 8.2b2 IPSW (DO NOT USE THE RESTORE BUTTON OR YOUR ACTIVATION WILL BE LOST & iOS 8.2b2 WILL NOT ACTIVATE. BE SURE YOU USE THE "UPDATE" BUTTON). 5. Once the update to 8.2b2 is complete you should be activated and ready for use. You should now be able to restore your backup and sync your content back, if necessary, but using the "update" button you should not need to sync/restore your backup. 6. Next open the PPghost jailbreak tool and press the jailbreak button (download the tool from here & sorry but it's in Chinese) Once complete, you should be fully activated on iOS 8.2b2 with the nice jailbreak we all love! AGAIN, DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE ALREADY JAILBROKEN ON A STABLE RELEASE. YOU'RE NOT MISSING ANYTHING, TRUST ME!! Consider yourself warned. This should be good until the next public jailbreak is released, but remember, Apple could stop signing (disallowing restores/updates to) the earlier betas at any point. Good luck, and have a great day!
  21. DEB

    Description: 2px is simple and minimal theme for iOS 7 and iOS 8 but not just another simple and minimal theme you see everyday. Within the release of iOS 7 and rise of simplicity and minimalism in design there have been numerous simple and minimal themes, uis, mock ups etc. around but 2px is not just one of them. 2px is more refreshing and more focused theme which makes it beyond others and distinguishes itself. 2px has its own unique style and has a few key points; All icons have 2px bordered glyphs/shapes which makes 2px is 2px. All icons consist of one carefully chosen color(background) with a little bit faded gradient overlay that gives overall consistency and very clean look. After using 2px for a couple of days any other theme will look old and rusty to your eyes. All icons of 2px carefully crafted and maintained to look very clean and sharp that will complement display of your i-device in every single pixel. 2px is compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus, all retina iPads and iPod Touch 5th generation on iOS 7 or iOS 8. 2px contains; 300+ icons Control Center Theme (stock switches + flipswitches, All CCToggles toggles, CCSliders and partially compatible with FlipControlCenter, more might be added later) Statusbar Theme Media Player UI with Control Center Theme on Control Center and Lockscreen. Some UI stuff. and more... Screenshots: Recent Changes: 1.3.7 - March 23, 2015 - 10 New icons - Fixes for recently updated apps Download:
  22. How to Fetch SHSH blobs with latest TinyUmbrella BETA. TinyUmbrella only works if you have Java(x64), iTunes(x64) and TinyUmbrella(x64) installed. (or all 3 in x86 if you have a x86 system) Requirements: -You must be jailbroken -You must have AFC2 installed. (Search Apple File Conduit
  23. I don't know if SHSH blobs still work, but you should know the time when Apple patches jailbreak exploits. Most jailbreaks nowadays need you to restore your device in order for them to work, and hurry when Apple still signs it! How. To. Check. Signing. Status. For. iOS. Firmwares. ALL. DEVICES. Excited? It's just a few steps away to know if it's the end! 1) Go to and select your device and firmware. 2) It's just that simple! 3) That's it!
  24. MS

    1. Open up Cydia and download Grooveshark from the Insanelyi repo Or install this package, Debian: (You get a free trial but you can't get the songs yet because they are encrypted, but am going to show you how to decrypt!) 2. Download "Grooveshark Enhancer" from the Insanelyi repo. 3. You're set, now open up grooveshark and now you have free music and VIP hack! Second method: 1. Do step one 2. Search GSUtility 3. Install UDIDFaker (optional) 4. Open up GSUtility and install a previous version and reinstall new version 5. If step 4 doesn't work use UDIDFaker and change UDID for Grooveshark Thanks to CrazyMonster for "Grooveshark enhancer"
  25. Hi guys, I have appcake install from this repo, every time I launch it, it asks for an update which downloads & says its installed then same process when re-launching the app, currently the version I am running doesn't sync the apps to my MacBook from appcake, Does anybody know if I install the updated version from the official repo if it will work without issues but also sync the apps across? Thanks