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Found 52 results

  1. link zip file Deb file: Goodscw_v1.0.deb Anemone only! Enjoy ???
  2. Hello and welcome! We hope you are having great success jailbreaking iOS 9 What: Free VIP Subscription for 6 Months. How: Reply to this thread with your favourite iOS 9 tweak. You'll receive a PM with instructions how to redeem your free subscription. (Delayed for a few hours) Note: if you already have a VIP subscription this giveaway is NOT for you ~B EDIT: -- This giveaway has closed. --
  3. Hello everyone I am here to join the insanelyi forums! Glad to be here!
  4. Hello insanelyi members, We did it! We have reached 100,000 forum members, thank you! A big thank you to our loyal regulars, you know who you are, you guys are awesome Best Regards, insanelyi Team
  5. One thing I know for sure is that insanelyi will receive an update in the future and right now is the time to think about what we want with that update, one of the things that will be receiving a update is iCredits, now I know some of you were more familiar with what we called iCash which is now obsolete, the iCredit dev has been asking me for any changes/features I'd like to see so I'm asking you guys, the community if there is any features you miss that iCash had or new features you'd like to see. One feature I suggested already was to have more information regarding some of the shop items, ie if you can purchase an item, some items are a one off that can't be bought, but as it sits right now it may be hard to figure why or if you can or can't purchase an item for a specific reason. This is one change I'm asking for. Secondly once the software has matured enough and we figure out how all our mod will work I'd also like to see a shop item for name color, right now name color is locked to a specific secondary group, the shop item will either apply a secondary group which will give you access or simply allow you to change the color directly. Devs may have to work together on this since the custom color change mods have been coded by a different dev, well a few devs have created the hooks we're using, but another dev customized them to fit this specific boards config and the way they function. Those are two features/upgrades I'd like to see with iCredits. What would you like to see ?
  6. Hello Everyone, The iCash application has been enabled for all members now. Currently it's far from being complete, but we can start using it and earning money, check out the shop for some neat forum items you can buy. Quick run down... - Creating threads awards you with cash. - Posting awards you with cash. - Creating Blog entries awards you cash (not 100% setup). - Commending on Blogs awards you cash (not 100% setup). - Receiving likes (rep+) awards you cash. - Giving likes (rep) awards you with a small amount of cash. - Added item to change your name color You can really have some fun with this and I appreciate some feedback on store items, costs, awards etc. Enjoy. insanelyi staff P.S. This is for desktop only and not mobile (iPhone,iPod) iCash is up and running. We are adding new stuff daily, Banks, Items etc, check back regularly.
  7. DEB

    Description: 2px is simple and minimal theme for iOS 7 and iOS 8 but not just another simple and minimal theme you see everyday. Within the release of iOS 7 and rise of simplicity and minimalism in design there have been numerous simple and minimal themes, uis, mock ups etc. around but 2px is not just one of them. 2px is more refreshing and more focused theme which makes it beyond others and distinguishes itself. 2px has its own unique style and has a few key points; All icons have 2px bordered glyphs/shapes which makes 2px is 2px. All icons consist of one carefully chosen color(background) with a little bit faded gradient overlay that gives overall consistency and very clean look. After using 2px for a couple of days any other theme will look old and rusty to your eyes. All icons of 2px carefully crafted and maintained to look very clean and sharp that will complement display of your i-device in every single pixel. 2px is compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus, all retina iPads and iPod Touch 5th generation on iOS 7 or iOS 8. 2px contains; 300+ icons Control Center Theme (stock switches + flipswitches, All CCToggles toggles, CCSliders and partially compatible with FlipControlCenter, more might be added later) Statusbar Theme Media Player UI with Control Center Theme on Control Center and Lockscreen. Some UI stuff. and more... Screenshots: Recent Changes: 1.3.7 - March 23, 2015 - 10 New icons - Fixes for recently updated apps Download:
  8. What do I use credits for?
  9. Most of you know I've been working on a new Flat mobile skin, this skin mimics the look of the desktop skin, not just the colors this time around. I feel I am getting close to a final product and I need you to help find, bugs, un skinned areas etc, I need every feature that exists in this mobile skin tested. Which groups have access: Staff, Platinum and Testers. If you are not in one of the following groups and would like to test I will place you in the tester group. Keep in mind I only need a few of you so the first few that want to test will get in and the rest can wait until we go live (which shouldn't be long). When you see a bug or something that looks off no matter how big or small please mention it. I will then decide if it's a bug or the functionality/design needs modifying/fixing. Screenshots help and also please remember to tell me what browser you are using and what device/firmware. Thank you! // Boss P.S To enable the skin, go to bottom of forum and press desktop skin, now go to the bottom of desktop skin and from the theme dropdown choose, Flat Beta (Mobile). You will have manually switch between skins until the new version is live for everyone. Old content: I've been tinkering with this lately, not sure if it will come to life, but it would be damn cool. Last year I matched our Flat look and colors on the mobile skin, now I make the a mobile version of the desktop skin, a look a like Thoughts ? Small preview, by no means bug free, just a preview
  10. Hey Guys, Want to grab 1 Year VIP for a discounted price, you can use the coupon code below to get $20 dollars off 1 Year VIP. How to use:
  11. SAV

    Paper by FiftyThree Protection: receipt encryption in .plist file TESTED (see test device info at the end of the topic) Features 1) Essentials Pack 2) Mixer Requirements 1) Paper by FiftyThree 2) iFunBox/any iOS file manager 3) PC Steps: 1) Close the app via multitasking. 2) Download the .plist file via MEGA 3) Move the .plist file to Paper/Library/Preferences and replace it 4) Enjoy! 5) Reboot (if the hack is not working) Thanks to: LocalIAPStore - for pwning the IAP SSH - for file transfer to computer MEGA - for hosting FiftyThree, Inc. - for making a wonderful app Test conditions: iPad 4 iOS 7.1.2 Paper by FiftyThree v.1.6.3 LocalIAPStore
  12. Christmas insanelyi VIP Giveaway 2014 What you get ? How to enter the giveaway ? 1. Tweet "insanelyi Christmas VIP giveaway" to your followers. 2. Create a introduction thread here. (more than just a one-word intro, please). 3. Reply to this thread, include a link to your tweet from step 1. and a link to your intro from step 2. Please make sure to follow these steps exactly to win free VIP. Once the giveaway is closed we'll tally up the winners and you'll receive a Personal Message with instructions how to redeem.
  13. Hello iOS Friend! We're running a give away for 6 Months VIP+ How to receive 6 Months VIP+ ? 1. Tweet "insanelyi VIP Giveaway" to your followers. 2. Reply to this post with a link to your tweet from step 1. 3. Wait for a reply from one of our staff with instructions how to redeem. Good luck! EDIT: Personal Messages have been sent out with instructions for redeeming the giveaway. If you failed to follow the instructions properly and did not receive a Message you can try to get in on our next giveaway later today! Thanks!
  14. iArcade is a light-weight, easy to use, and fun arcade app. We had some issues with the previous Arcade application and have decided to switch to iArcade, it's light and fun, plus looks great with our skin. Please reply with questions and comments. FAQ: Q. What to do if a game does not submit a score. A. Reply to this thread with the name of the game that did not submit a score. *Some games just won't submit scores and there is nothing we can do about that. Q. Do points in iArcade transfer into iCash. A. iCash and iArcade are two separate applications. At this time points do not transfer into iCash.
  15. DIY

    Smash Hit Protection: encrypted key (one per device) TESTED (see test device info at the end of the post) Features: 1) Premium Requirements: 1) Smash Hit 2) LocalIAPStore (jailbroken devices) Step: 1) Go to Smash Hit, 2) Tap on Get Premium 3) Tap on Purchase 4) When it asks for Apple ID password, press cancel 5) Enjoy Thanks to: LocalIAPStore - for helping me hack the app insanelyi - for letting me post amazing hacks here Test device info: iPad 4 (Wi-Fi model) iOS 7.1.2 (jailbroken) Smash Hit 1.3.2 I have planned on deleting this because it does not work on other devices, but I don't want to. Instead, I made a DIY version. I hope you understand.
  16. SAV

    AIR WINGS By Pangea Software Inc. A DIY is impossible (possible for jailbroken devices using LocalIAPStore). NOTE: This application is universal, meaning it would work on all devices with iOS 5.1.1 and up. Jailbroken users: Use LocalIAPStore (it will save you more time) Keep a backup if you want to go back to the past. What we need: 1) Non-jailbroken device 2) iFunBox/DiskAid/iTools/whatever tool that does the same job Features: Super Bundle (everything unlocked, future update-proof) Here we go! 0) Close your app first. iOS 5 - 6: Double-press home button, tap and hold Air Wings icon, press red button on top left of icon iOS 7 : Double-press home button, swipe up Air Wings screenshot 1) Download the .plist file from MEGA (.plist file prohibited on insanelyi uploader). 2) Move the .plist file to Air Wings/Library/Preferences and REPLACE it. 3) (heavy breathing) Thanks to: Pangea Software, Inc. - for the game Air Wings LocalIAPStore - for helping me pwn the IAP SSH - for helping me move the .plist file to my computer easily insanelyi and MEGA - for hosting All of the above - for helping me make this hack If you're curious:
  17. DIY

    HANX WRITER [ANY VERSION] Note: This app is for any device (not Android, duh). These steps will work on any device that supports apps. Features: - All typewriters unlocked - All formatting options unlocked Ingredients: 1 Device 1 HANX WRITER app 1 brain 1 PC (if you have no jailbreak) 1 file browsing app Steps: 0) Close the app. 1) Go to the Hanx Writer app folder. 2) Go to <app folder>/Library/Preferences 3) Open .plist file and replace all "false" to "true" (no quotation marks) 4) Save 5) Open the app and enjoy
  18. Updated the repository pages with the flat dark look. Includes a new 'recent' page. Short and simple!
  19. Hello everybody! I am RazorThunder and I am here to introduce myself. I speak English fluently. Yes, I am in the Philippines. I am not affected by Typhoon "Haiyan". Yes, I am young. I'm only at the early stage of puberty. I may not be online because I have school. I am punctual I am intelligent. I contribute to this forum. I am sorry if I broke the rules. I am sincerely sorry. I joined insanelyi because my home is closing. I found this forum before the said forum closed but I did not register. Also, there is a community that is bigger in insanelyi. Yes, I found a new forum! Thanks, Sull for this wonderful gift: insanelyi! I have MORE friends in this site. My friends are: Black Hippy Davie AsakuraHAO Yes, these guys know me. If you want to be my friend just send a friend request! Okay, this is everything about me. I explained why I joined insanelyi. So... Bye and have fun with me! P.S: Please call me RazorThunder or raz04thund34! No shortcuts!
  20. Insanelyi repository new design Hello everybody! I am showing you my new design. Credits: iPhone screenshot - iPhone 5s mockup - Background - Lato font (license) - PSD (Open with Photoshop CC only): Click Here PNG: New things will be coming soon! Please provide me a screenshot adding insanelyi as a repo on iPhone 5s (full resolution please!).
  21. Cydia iOS 7

    From the album Logos

    This logo was made for my self so I know there will be lots of feedback about it looks ugly. This cydia was made by the same style EVASI0N logo, made it my own on cydia.

    © iProxicide

  22. Insanelyi demo logo

    From the album Logos

    This is the main logo and my last logo for this site lol I'm tired of trying lol hope you like it!!

    © iProxicide

  23. Insanelyi iOS 7 Ranks

    From the album Ranks

    This are just ranks I think are best for this forum all made by me nothing from 3rd parties. The Icons ARE NOT for each ranks Titles, These are all the Logos i made for this site i just added them to see what you guys looks best, Once is choose that pick icon will be on All RANKS.

    © iProxicide

  24. Hello guys! I am RazorThunder. I'm new to this site and this is my second post ( the other one is installing from a deb - it's a reply ). I just would like to say that I am from , that site is closed. That site is also the source of DiDa's hacks ( no offense ). Also, I use photoshop for months. Sorry for this bad introduction, but can you please add BBcode and/or allow pictures showing in a post?