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Found 149 results

  1. MOD

    Money gems
  2. Requirements: - VPN One Click Professional - iPhone, iPad or iPod Hack Features: - 6 Months Subscription - 4 Years and 6 Months Subscription Instructions: 1. Download VPN One Click Professional and install i t 2. Open the app and click the "Downloads" tab at the bottom right of your screen. 3. Enter one of these codes: 4 Years & 6 Months Subscription Code: 9V5R5H1G1E this code is for 4 years subscription code: 8P2C2H0H3V 5I9L9W0Y2X 0X3G8R7M9W 4. After entering a code click "Return" on your keyboard. 5. Install the profile and you're done! Enjoy!
  3. MOD

    it sherd be 2.0.1 its not let me now Hack Features: - Choose Speed - Choose Clip Amount - Choose Reserve Ammo Amount - Choose Fire Rate - Choose Explosive Radius for Bullets (offline) - Choose ADS FOV - One Hit Kill (offline) - No Recoil (always enabled) - Instant Reload - Reload Anytime - Quickdraw aka Instant Aim Down Sights Time - AI No Shoot - Uncensored Chat - Instant Aim Down Sights Out Time - Better Aim - Infinite Grenades (offline/online) - Instant Respawn Time - Auto Shoot - Every Gun is Automatic - All Grenades Unlocked :new: - Steady Weapon :new: Analizers: - Fire Rate Analizer This will display your gun's normal fire rate. Customization: When you go to the Menu Settings, you'll be able to set a GIF as the background based on a URL pointing to it. Recommended for A7+ devices. .mchack_iphoneos-arm.deb
  4. MOD

    Features: Unlimited Guideline:the target line becomes longer Anti-ban features: you should not worry about having your account suspended or banned because the cheat tool takes care of this. For iDevice users Requirements: 1 Jailbroken iDevice 2 Cydia Substrate 3 xmodgames Instructions for Installation in iDevice: 1 Tap software sources. 2 Tap
  5. MOD

    DAWN OF TITANS Lead EPIC TITANS into monumental 3D battles, featuring THOUSANDS OF TROOPS, all controlled by you. Wage WAR against other players and CAPTURE their land through the might of your army and your skill on the battlefield. With console-quality 3D graphics and ultra-addictive gameplay, Dawn of Titans begins a new-era for Action Strategy MMO games. - Lead your army to victory in impressive 3D battles - Raise and train epic titans - Wage war against players and take their land - Build your kingdom to fuel your domination - Forge an ultimate alliance with your friends - Chat in real-time with other players - Rise up through the world leagues by crushing your enemies --------------------- Requires iOS 7.1.2 or later. Data connection required to play. PLEASE NOTE! Dawn of Titans is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the "Restrictions" menu on your device. Dawn of Titans stunning graphics look best on iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPad Air 2. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Facebook: NaturalMotion Web SiteDawn of Titans SupportApplication Licence Agreement What's New in Version 1.5.3 - Alliance Events are here! Compete with alliances around the world and claim unique prizes. Watch out for the "Storm of Summoning", starting soon! - In a pinch for Titan XP? Check out the new Titan Arena lands on the World Map. Fight them as many times as you like to strengthen your Titans - New battles, new strategies. Numerous battle types have been added to keep even the most battle-hardened general on their toes. Raiding and Capturing will never be the same again - Gorgeous new UI and optimisations. - Twitter Integration. Show off your new super rare Titans and Combat Relics for all your friends to see! - 2 New Campaigns - Hundreds of bug fixes and optimisations to improve performance and stability - Out of Portal Stones? Watch a video to get more stones to keep battling! Free Shopping (buy anything even if you have 0 gems) Install iFile if not installed. Download .deb file. Select - open in iFile in Safari, top right corner. Install it. Respring!!! Enjoy --- Tested on 64bit, iOS 8.4. Should work on all devices.
  6. MOD

    its 32 bit device only i think Hack Features: - God Mode - Works Online & Offline - Infinite Ammo - Works Online & Offline com.yourepo.evilrexdevil.callofminiinfinitycheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  7. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x576. Features: - Fast Level Up [earn xp, max level] - Unlimited Energy [collect energy or buy energy with stars] - Unlimited Cash [collect cash] - Unlimited Stars [collects star] - Unlimited Professional Points [buy clothes with a star icon] - Unlimited Romance Points [buy clothes with a heart icon] - Troll Mode [just for fun, my name shows up everywhere xD ][if disabled, my name only shows on the bottom left when you are at 'Home'] Requirements: - Jailbroken Device (not a rooted android :mellow - iFile - MEGA application from App Store - preferenceloader from Cydia - 1/8th of a functioning brain CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Don't forget THANKS button Instructions: 1. Download the deb (either on your computer or directly on your phone) If you download directly on your phone you might need the MEGA app 2. If downloaded on your computer, use a file transfer tool such as iFunBox and move the deb to your phone. 3. Find the file in iFile, click on it and click Installer. 4. Once done, re-spring your device. 5. Go to your settings and enable the setting. 6. Don't forget to re-spring again using the button in the settings. Credits: Lawivido ?S???1
  8. This is a tutorial for the game Clear Vision 3. Get the game here: Hint: click on spoilers to see screenshots if you're not sure about each step. Steps: 1. Open up the game and go to the area select page: 2. Tap on BumVille Shore: 3. Then tap on the red mission: 4. Tap once in the window that pops up. NOT on the "<< Not Now" or "6 >>" buttons: 5. Now close this mission and click on the Briefcase mission at the top "Dishwasher": 6. Now, once you have completed washing the dishes, your reward will be $9000 instead of the $120 it usually is! Hope you enjoy! Credits to me for finding this glitch.
  9. MOD

    An awesome QuizUp bot tweak and you can enable it in settings .quizzerupbot_iphoneos-arm.deb
  10. Hack Features: - No Skill Cooldown - Get Max Level after a mission - No gear required to upgrade skills - 0 Mutagen cost to level up character - 0 Mutagen cost to evolve - No Mutagen required to upgrade ability - 0 Cost to do quick missions - 0 pizza cost to do events stages - 1 Pizza cost to do regular missions - Get lots of Greenbucks from missions - Only need 1 DNA to recruit - No DNA required to evolve (recruit must be turned off for this to work) - Free Card Pack All the Time :new: utantninjaturtleslegendscheats_1.3.7-5_iphoneos-arm.deb
  11. MOD

    Hack Features: - Inf Ally Credits - Inf Power Credits - Fulls Ability bar when attacking - Fulls Abilty bar when you get attacked - can use full ability even with lvl1 characters - Enemy has 0 Ability - Max XP after finishing a mission - Max Level after finishing a mission - Unlock Hidden Characters to buy - Unlock Hidden Booster Packs to buy - Unlock Hidden Support Cards to buy - Max Critical Chance - Max Critical Damage - Inf Damage/1 Hit KO - Inf Health/God Mode - Inf Character's Strength - inf Crit Chance/Damage, Health and Damage in Augment Cards - Inf Stamina - Inf Gear Score - Inf Shards in Reward - Inf LastLaugh Tickets - Anti-Ban (works 100%) - Disable Check for Hacked SaveData
  12. MOD

    Hack Features: - Unlimited Keys* - Unlimited Gold* - Unlimited Gems* - Unlimited Dark Coins* - No Skill Cost - No Switch Cost * Increases when spending instead of decreasing. It is suggested you finish the tutorial first before enabling the unlimited Keys/Gold/Gems/Dark Coins hacks. minomonsters2evolutioncheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. MOD

    Hack Features: - Infinite Coins - Infinite Gems - Infinite Keys - Infinite Sprouts - Unlimited Food - Unlimited Sun - Instant Planting - Invisible Plants - Free Plants - 1 Hit Gravestones - Godmode plantsvszombier2cheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  14. MOD

    Hack Features: Player Mods - Wallhack! Walk Through Walls/Anything - Always Critical Damage. Enabling this feature will make sure you always deal critical damage to enemies. - Normal Attack Hack (Enter your own value in settings) - Skill Attack Hack (Enter your own value in settings) - No Skill Cooldown Time (No need to wait until you can reuse your skill) - Unlimited/Infinite Mana/SP - God Mode/Never Die (Mobs look like they're attacking but no damage is done) - Speed Hack (Adjust your player speed from settings) - High KnockDown Rate - High KnockBack Rate - High Player vs Player KnockDown Rate Fairy Mods - Fairy Attack Hack (Enter your own value in settings) - Fairy Unlimited Health (Fairy never dies) - Fairy Skill Level 1 - Fairy Skill Level 2 - Fairy Skill Level 3 Pet Mods - Pet Attack Hack (Enter your own value in settings) - Pet Never Dies (Unlimited Health) - High Pet Stamina - High Pet Skill Level Enemy/Mob Mods - Mob/Enemy doesn't attack - Mod/Enemy doesn't use skill General Mods - Disable hack detection - Auto play the game Note: When entering your value(s), make sure it ends with .0. Example: 10000.0 zenoniasriftsintimecheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  15. MOD

    -Free Store -Instant Action -Free Out Fits -Instant Fro Builngs - No Event Currency Required to Get Event items -Instant Construction familyguythequestforstuffcheats_1.27.6-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  16. MOD

    Hack Features: - God Mode* - Infinite Mana - No Skill Cooldown -> - Freeze Enemy - [Enemy won't move until attacked] -> * = Disables pets damage/skill also taichipandavipcheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  17. MOD

    Hack Features: - No Skill Cooldown / Skill is always usable/available - Anti-Ban :update: (Untested thoroughly) - Monster Level 1 - Easy kill - Inventory Hack - Allows you to do missions regardless if inventory shows overflow or full. It continues to increase. - Waypoint Hack - Run through waypoint levels with no enemies! (in order to finish the level you have to collect the chest then exit via abandoning by pressing pause button top right then hit give up. It will still give you the items and rewards and completes the waypoint too.) - Rapid Attack - Always attack with the final blow! - One Hit Kill Enemies! dungeonhunter5vipcheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  18. MOD

    FFB Cheats Awesome Cheats Infinite Attack and more go to settings finalfantasybraveexviuscheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  19. MOD

    Hack Features: - Inf Simoleons ( get ) - Inf SimCash ( spend ) - Infinite XP - level 99 Simcity 1.14.6.deb
  20. MOD

    Hack Features: - Aimbot - Radar Always On - All Loadouts Unlocked and YOU WILL GET BANNED ues at your own risk moderncombat5aimbot_iphoneos-arm.deb
  21. MOD

    works on 32 bit Device and it way work on 64 bit Device ~Features~ - Sun = Gain max upon use or gather - Coin = Gain max upon use or gather - No Cooldown - Store Purchase = Fertilizer and Bug Spray Max out on purchase - Inf Fertilizer - Inf Bug Spray - Chocolate = Gain max upon use or gather Instruction: - Jailbreak iDevice (Tested in iPhone 6Plus) - Make sure you thin patch your binary to remove arm64. plantsvszombie_iphoneos-arm.deb
  22. MOD

    i tnk it is a 32 bit device only Hack Features: - Free Store!! .brothersinarms3sonsofwarcheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  23. MOD

    Hack Featrues: -Unlimited Soul (Earn Some) -Unlimited Koin (Earn Some) -Unlimited Ally Point (Earn Some) -Unlimited PVP Currency (Earn Some) -1 Hit Kill -Enemy Don`t Attack -Stamina Never Decreasing -Anti Ban (Make sure its always on) In case this hack doesn`t work on your device try any of these: -Make sure your device is a 64 bit device -Switch the hacks off and back on -Have Preference Loader installed -Make sure your binary is not lipoed, since this is an original 64bit hack -Delete all existing hacks to this game, and reinstall the game mortalkombatxcheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  24. MOD

    Hack Features: - Unlimited Gems - Buy Anything - Unlimited Lives (Buy them with gems) angrybirds2cheats_iphoneos-arm.deb
  25. MOD

    Hack Features: - Infinite Health - Infinite Mana - Instant Kill - Infinite Items terrariav1212785hack_iphoneos-arm.deb