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Found 44 results

  1. Description: This is Solux9. A theme crafted on the best platform for iOS theming to bring you an exquisite set of icons, complete UI, wallpapers and plenty more. While a very simple theme, this theme took plenty of time to make in-order to perfect each and every piece to match each other with more room to add even more changes to make this theme better, perfection may not exist but a community's voice can help this theme get pretty close. I'm very open to icon requests and feedback. Please email me or tweet to me at @vec1phyr or Thank you very much for supporting this theme! Screenshots by a dedicated beta tester, E-rwinn. Thanks! Special thanks to the beta testers: TheHuskinator E-rwinn iHomer afyRanger Changelog: 1.0: - Initial Release Special Note: Please consider a small donation to me if you like the them or at least buy it in the future, all proceeds go straight to my son's expenses Thanks! Download: Icons com.vec1phyr.solux9.deb UI com.vec1phyr.solux9-ui.deb Wallpapers com.vec1phyr.solux9-iphonewp.deb Screenshots:
  2. Hello So I downloaded Licek from But it's not showing in Anemone. I'm using Anemone version 1.1-356 @Coolstar suggested on twitter I should delete all the anemone plist files in var/mobile/Library/Caches so I did. But the theme is still not showing. Also I treid to downgrade Anemone to verion 1.1-345 but still no progress... Any help is welcome.
  3. DEB

    Alyssa HQ theme with all new icons style with over 500+ redesigned icons and 11 wallpapers. Compatible with anemone and Winterboard Creator: tailorvishal Change Log: -bug fixes Download: Alyssa_1.1.deb
  4. DEB

    Oramo Simple and clean. IconBundles required. iOS 7/8/9 Download: Oramo_1.0.deb
  5. DEB

    Description: So..... Hypsta was probably the best theme of mine in 2015 that got most of the Hype so i decided to put together a Part 2 and here it is. This theme includes: 245 plus Icons @ 400x400 for the best quality 3 Status bars Modern Dock (only for i6) Anemone Shadow Plenty of Alt Icons 2 Zeppelins Folder Icon Most of the icons in the screens are Alts. Its an Anemone only theme! New: New AE's and new stuff in B Side. Screenshots: Download: hypsta2_7.0B.deb
  6. DEB

    Description: A new team is here: Jschmid and Schnedi. we are proud to present you our first theme. Flat and exquisite design! Compatible with iPhone5/5c/5s/6 and 6plus in iOS8. What does this theme include? over 150 icons (more will be added in future updates). ALL settings icons (including the ones from AppStore apps). StatusBar UI. UI elements (Mail, Clock, Music, AppStore, Safari, Camera, Cydia...). Widgets. Iconomatics. Badges. Docks. CustomCover themes. Screenshots: Download: com.modmyi.tercio_v1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb
  7. Not sure if this belongs in Support ? Well the theme works great and everything, yet its title says "Pirated :(" in its settings. This shows up on all the other popular crack repos I tried. One exception has only an old ass version. Is this dangerous, I don't wanna go to jail or have my device tracked lmao? Crack is sick anyways so who kept it?
  8. DG Tal Blood

    From the album Themes

    This theme is in working progress, pretty soon it will be release.

    © iProxicide

  9. Hello So I noticed that not all settings icons are working with the Aromy Theme for iOS 7. Display & Brightness and Passcode are not working. But with Andora Theme iOS8 the settings icons all work. I'm curious because these two themes are from the same dev. But unfortunately he sold Aromy Theme for iOS 7 and isn't updating it anymore. I searched on how to fix this but I got no results. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks Tyler :D
  10. This is a tutorial on how to theme UIImages WITHOUT Winterboard. (Mac and Windows support) First of all, I'll explain what this is all about. This tutorial explains in detail how to modify the main .artwork file on your iDevice. This .artwork file is loaded with images that make up the UI (User Interface, so graphics) of your iDevice. With this tutorial you learn how to access these images in the .artwork file, so you can modify them. Then you recompile the .artwork with your new "themed" images, put the file back into your iDevice, reboot, and boom you have a customized UI without Winterboard. The advantage of this is that there is NO LAG whatsoever but you need to be CAREFUL when modifying the images because they need to remain the same size and dimension. You’ll be using the following tools:'>Python 2.7.x'>Pillow 2.0.0 (PIL)'>iOS Artwork Extractor by developer Dave Peck OpenSSH available from Cydia SSH Client recommended: Windows:'>WinSCP, Mac:'>Cyberduck OR'>iFunBox (Windows and Mac, download the NEWEST ONE) Command Prompt/Terminal for entering python commands. The .ARTWORK extractor works on iOS 2 - 6. It’s been tested personally on my iPod 4G and iPhone 4 and by others on other devices. According to Dave Peck it works on most .artwork files including, Shared, Shared@2x, Keyboard-Emoji@2x, GameKit@2x etc, EVEN Shared~ipad and Shared@2x~ipad. For this tutorial the Shared@2x.artwork will be used for examples because it’s the most common out of all of the .artwork files. To read more about Dave Peck's extractor click'>HERE. Overview: Gets needed tools, SSH into iDevice and get a .artwork file from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ulkit.framework/ and copy it to your Computer. Use Dave's Extractor to extract the files within the .ARTWORK file, edit the extracted files and then recompile them and put it back into your iDevice. STOCK iOS 5 and 6 .ARTWORK FILES DOWNLOADS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! STEP 1: Getting the Tools Download and Install OpenSSH from Cydia. (Search: “OpenSSH”). Download and Install a SSH Client (Windows: WinSCP, Mac: Cyberduck) OR iFunBox. Download and Install Python 2.7.x install to the default location. Download and Install PIL. Mac users: Read'>Installing the Python Imaging Library on Mac OS X and follow instructions to get PIL. Download PIL 1.1.7 for mac here: CLICK ME! Download iOS Artwork Extractor by clicking the "Downloads" button and select download as zip. Open the folder "davepeck-iOS-artwork-xxxxxx" inside and extract all its contents to your Python installation folder (default Python Installation folder is C:\Python27 for Windows and /usr/local/bin/python for Mac). STEP 2: Getting the .artwork file(s) Using your SSH Client or iFunBox, go into /System/Library/Frameworks/Ulkit.framework/ in your iDevice. Copy a .artwork file onto your Desktop (Main file is Shared@2x.artwork for Retina iDevice and Shared.artwork for non-Retina iDevices). STEP 3: Editing Environment Variables/bash_script Windows 8, 7 and Vista: Open start menu and search "environment variables" and click the first result. If Variable “Path” is already there, select it and click “Edit” and add “;C:\Python27” and close the window. If not, click "New..." and for Variable Name put "Path", for Variable Value put "%PATH%;C:\Python27" then click “Ok” and “ok” again. Windows XP: Everything is the same except you need to right click My Computer in the start menu and click properties. After this click "Environment Variables" and continue using the instructions above. Mac: Open terminal and type cd ~/ edit .bash_script Now find $PATH, and add ":/usr/local/bin/python" at the end of the line. If $PATH doesn’t exist, go to bottom of the file and add PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/python export PATH Now Save and type . .bash_profile STEP 4: Exporting and Editing .artwork files Windows: Run Command Prompt as Administrator and enter chdir C:\Python27 Mac: Open terminal and enter cd /usr/local/bin/python NOW BEFORE DOING ANYTHING WITH THE .artwork FILE, CREATE A BACKUP ON iDevice AND COMPUTER Windows & Mac: enter the following command but read the detail below first. python export -a \path\to\artwork_file.artwork -d \path\to\export_directory\ READ THE DETAILS BELOW "\path\to\artwork_file.artwork" means write the directory or place where you have the .artwork file saved and the "artwork_file.artwork" means write the name of the .artwork file (e.g. "C:\artwork\Shared@2x.artwork"). "\path\to\export_directory\" means enter the path of the place where you want the extracted .png files to go (e.g. "C:\artwork\pngs\" ) Remember, the edited .png files need to have the same dimensions and size as the originals to work properly. STEP 5: Importing and Testing Windows: Open Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the command chdir C:\Python27 Mac: Open terminal and enter: cd /usr/local/bin/python Windows & Mac: enter command but read details below first. python create -a \path\to\original_artwork_file.artwork -d \path\to\import_directory\ -c created_artwork_file.artwork READ THE DETAILS BELOW: "\path\to\original_artwork_file.artwork" means path to the original .artwork file (e.g. C:\artwork\Shared@2x.artwork). "\path\to\import_directory\" is the path to the place where you have all the .pngs that will be created into the new .artwork file (meaning your edited ones and the other .png files that you didn't edit)... (e.g. C:\artwork\editedPNG\ ). "created_artwork_file.artwork" means make a name for this new .artwork file you are creating (hint make it something like Shared2@2x and then edit the name after the file is created. The new file will be in your Python Installation directory (C:\Python27 for Windows /usr/local/bin/python for Mac). STEP 6: Finishing Up Now you are done, just place the new .artwork file into /System/Library/Frameworks/Ulkit.framework/ (replacing the original). BTW keep the original .artwork file in that directory too (name it ___OLD.artwork), in case you can’t get into your phone. Keep both original and edited .artwork files on your PC too. Thanks for reading, hope this helped you. I am not responsible for any problems that arise due editing your .ARTWORK files and EDIT THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please leave suggestions, questions and if i made a mistake, point out errors. Thanks, Good Luck Stock iOS 6.1.2 .artwork files:'>AssistantMic@2x AssistantMic-163r@1x~ipad'>Shared@2x'>Shared@2x~iphone'>Shared@2x~ipad'>GameKit@2x'>GameKit@2x~iphone'>GameKit@2x~ipad Stock iOS 5.1.1 .artwork files:'>AssistantMic (iPhone 4S Only)'>Shared@2x'>Shared@2x~ipad (iPad 3 Only)'>Shared@2x~iphone'>Shared'>Shared~iphone'>Shared~ipad (iPad Only) Stock iOS 5.0.1 .artwork files:'>AssistantMic (iPhone 4S Only)'>Shared@2x'>Shared@2x~iphone'>Shared'>Shared~iphone'>Shared~ipad (iPad Only)'>Keyboard-Emoji@2x'>Keyboard-Emoji Special Thanks to: Dave Peck (for Extractor and support), elementalgodz11 (for AssistantMic.artwork fix and other contributions), Christoph Gohlke (for Python extension packages), Jato_BZ (for AssistantMic.artwork contributions, Shared@2x~ipad, other contributions AND for being a motivation), MilkyTech (for modded .artwork files and idea to upload stock .artwork files), Capp (for all those .artwork files, bearing with my impatience and putting in time to help out)
  11. Hello So I updated to iOS 8.1 and had to rename some icons from the theme Aromy. Most of them are now AppIcon60x60@2x.png But I wasn't able to theme the clock, newsstand and passbook app right yet For the clock I downloaded IconBundles from cydia and created a folder called IconBundles in my Aromy theme folder. And then copied the clock icon from Aromy in there and renanmed it to but that doesn't look too good. ( the clock app is in the middle of the picture with the folder) So if anyone knows how to theme these 3 icon right... Any help is welcome Thanks Tyler
  12. So, i like to mod files in ifile, but i back up EVERY file (*.*.bak) and every so often i break a vital program and get put into a BootLoop! What is the point of backing uP anything if i can access the files when i need them the most! After many restores and many hours of tryiNg to 'inject' my bak files, i discover a program called iSpirit! I haven't heard anyone else mention it, so, i would like to share with the JB community some info about iSpirit. It is a file browser/themer/ssh portal/app installer/cydia alt/plus more!! It has saved my phone many times and i want to help make everyones lives a little less stressful when dealing with the dreaded BootLoop!! the onlY major downside IMO, is that it doesn't have image preview, like iTools, which sucks as a themer!! So i just do use it in conjunction with another app/program such as ifile, and that works well for me! Well, i hope this information is useful to those that need it the most! have a great day! iSpirit url:
  13. Hy guys Some time ago I removed some old packages from cydia. Unfortunately I noticed that the attached wallpaper was gone. I was located in settings app under stock wallpapers. I probably was in soem wallpaper pack from cydia. At this time I didn't yet had pkgbackup and that's why I can't remember of which wallpaper pack I got this beautiful wallpaper. I treid to install some wallpaper packs but I wasn't lucky... Does anyone maby know of which wallpaper pack this wallpaper was? I really want that one back. Thanks guys and have an insanelyi day Tyler
  14. Welcome to the Beta version of DXSX21 V1.1! This is my first theme I've ever created for the PS3. Some of the images aren't perfect which is why it's still in Beta What's included: Icons ported over from: - BadGB - Breed - Darkstar - A few from the web - A few redesigned by me - UISounds from these various themes. How to install: The best method I have found to install custom themes is by the use of my email. Send yourself the .p3t from the link below to your email. - Access the browser from the PS3 menu - Login in to your email - Open the attachment At this point, the attachment should download automatically. Once the download is finished go to: Settings/Theme Settings/Theme You will see DXSX21 Beta V1.1 Apply the theme and enjoy! DXSX21 V1.1 PS3 Theme Download
  15. Does anyone know and easy way to find icon names for theming? I have AppInfo right now, but I want to theme for apps that I don't have right now. So if I release it to others, they can have more than what I have on my device.
  16. Hi everybody ! i'm looking for a theme, can anyone help me to find it ? i just got some screenshot : thank you so much
  17. Hello guys! I am developing a theme for iOS6.X (soon to be compatible with iOS7) called VeciOS-Blue (currently in beta). It's a complete theme that revamps a few apps UI with a light blue and modern style. It may be in a beta, but if you'd like to try this theme out, feel free to contact me and I'll hand you the .deb to test. If you'd like to test it and give me feedback, please contact me as well! Soon to be on Cydia upon it's completion :D Screenshots below:
  18. Hello guys! I am developing a theme for iOS6.X (status bar now compatible with iOS7) called VeciOS (currently in beta). It's a complete theme that revamps a few apps UI with a light blue and modern style. It may be in a beta, but if you'd like to try this theme out, feel free to download it from the link below! If you'd like to test it and give me feedback, please contact me as well! Soon to be on Cydia upon it's completion :D This is a newer beta with many changes! Let me know what you think!! DEB Download:
  19. Hello can any one tell me why any of the QR and QC Themes arent working for me? is there sumthing specific im suppose to do after installing them?
  20. Personalization Thread Show us a screenshot of your phone with BytaFont, WinterBoard, Dreamboard, or any personalization tweak in it! Post template (I would like to give people an opportunity to test/save the configuration): Tweaks and themes used for the look: 1. <tweak> <version> - <theme> (list goes on and on, don't copy the whole thing in this parenthesis) Device/Version Example: Tweaks and themes used for the look: 1. WinterBoard 0.9.3915 - Ayeris 2. BytaFont 2 - Roboto iPhone 5 / 7.0.6 NOTE: The tweak's/tweaks' effects must be visible in your screenshot. PS: There is no thread like this so I posted one. Admins, peel free to edit/delete if there is something wrong. Sorry for the font, color and size; that's how I make it interesting [to me and other persons].
  21. How would one go about making a winter board theme for iOS 7?
  22. WB

    Screenshot: Description: A benchmark them for iOS. Again. Ayecon for iOS, pronouced "icon" or "ai-con", is the benchmark in iOS thumbing. Ayecon was designed to utilize every single pixel in Apple's Retina display to the max. Ayecon comes preloaded with. Auto-App mask for App Store apps 100+ re-designed icons Gorgeous new (classic) dock 9 beautiful high resolution wallpapers Status bar icons SMS bubble enchangement PSD file to create your own icons Version: 1.0 - Initial Release 1.0-1 Fix for conflicting wallpaper file names. Download: Zip Download Deb Download
  23. iWidget

    This is a place holder thread for this winterboard widget I have ported over to an iWidget. Few more bugs need to be addressed and then it will be published to the repo. Preview: Thoughts so far ?
  24. What is your favourite icon set ? post with pictures please
  25. Will Be Doing A Free Service, just post below and I will inbox you the icon you requested. SIMPLE. Features: IOS 7 Icon Feel And Look Fast Delivery