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20 non-spam posts are required before being able to use the shoutbox.

Shoutbox Rules

The shoutbox is meant for general chat by members of all ages. This means:

  • No excessive swearing (we have members of all ages).
  • No discussion of vulgar/sexually explicit topics (we have members of all ages).

  • No requests for tweaks/apps/support (we have a Requests and Support forum).
  • No displaying/advertising other websites (or repos).

insanelyi should not be used as a platform to launch your own website. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • No discussion of your personal website creation.
  • No utilizing insanelyi members as resources to foster growth of your own site.
  • No displaying/advertising personal websites (or repos) in your signature, avatar or posts.

Unfortunately, failure to comply with these rules limits our options and as such we are forced to take action. Here is a breakdown of penalties that we must impose:

  • First offense - 24 hour ban from the shoutbox.
  • Second offense - permanent ban from the shoutbox.
  • Multiple offenses - immediate bans from both the shoutbox and the forum without further notice.

As a general rule, remember that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with these rules in their current state at all times!

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Updated: 29/4/2014


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