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Primary Groups

All members belong to 1 primary group. 
Member - After validating your account @ insanelyi you'll be in this group.
VIP - Requires a subscription which offers access to hidden parts of the forum and VIP Section.
Validating - You stay in this group until you've validated your email (NO SPAMMERS).
Staff - Here to keep the peace.
Platinum - A special primary group which offers the same as VIP and more.
Administrator - Keeps the services you enjoy so much alive and well.

Bot - Used for auto sending of PM and certain messages on the board.
Secondary Groups

All members have the ability to earn up to 6 secondary groups. These groups can give access to different parts of the board and allows access to some hidden features. 
Coder - Code something for insanelyi and receive this badge.
Contributor - Hard work and determination will pay off.
Blogger - Writes on our blog. PM Boss if you'd like to contribute.
Elder - Over 30 years old, this badge may be for you.
Extras - Secret forum perks with this badge.
Graphics - Show off your graphics skills for this wicked awesome badge.
Hacker - Pro Cydia Substrate hacker, contribute and receive this badge.
insanelyi - This badge is very special. We'll let you know how this badge can be earned.
M.O.T.M - Member of the month badge, looking for a position in running MOTM, get in touch and we can get this going.
Shoutbox - There is always a shoutbox moderator lurking.
Sticked - Receive this badge if a thread of yours is stickied.
Stirrer - You may think you're cool by receiving this badge, think again this group will hide certain features from your account.
Submitter - Earn this badge by submitting something you've created to our Cydia Repository.
Tester - This can be a fun badge to earn. Test for bugs on different projects with the insanelyi Team.
Themer - You create full iOS Themes, this badge is for you.
Uploader - Taking extra effort in populating our Debian Packages forum with tweaks, themes etc, then this badge is for you.
Veteran - A sought after group, requires being a member for at least 1 year or having 1000+ posts whichever one comes first.

~ Checkout the group icons here



Questions or comments please refer to our Titles/Badges - Dev Talk thread.


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