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Hello insanelyi friends!


The situation at the moment is that the amount of money required to renew the servers is simply not there...

Ad revenue/VIP donations does NOT cover the expenses which means that Boss has been paying from his own pocket the last few months.


The servers are up for renewal in 5 days and without the money the forum/repo will go offline.


So here we ask if you want, please consider making a donation of any kind! Small or big, that doesn't matter. :) 



VIP subscriptions:


Thanks for reading! :) 

Love you guys. ;) 


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So for anyone thinking of donating, but you only have a few dollars, I have a proposal for you...


I will match any donations made up until a grand total of $125 is donated and matched.


How this will work is you make your donation to via PayPal, then send me a screenshot of the receipt THROUGH INSANELYI PM, and I will put up a matching donation up to the $125 total. This means if you give $5, I'll give $5 until a total of $125 is reached (will be $250 because of matching), and this will cover another month of costs.


Please remember all of the times you found your fix here, or a free copy of your favorite tweak! This is a great community and it is on the community to keep it that way. 


Let's team up to help out!


Thanks! -Steve


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