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Hey guys!

I just wanted to touch base on a subject that's been circulating due to some very upsetting events. I'm not sure if you're aware at the time of reading this but insanelyi's days are numbered. Sull no longer has the time, passion or energy to continue working/maintaining this site anymore as life has caught up with him. I cannot be upset with him as you shouldn't be either. This was very much bound to happen as it will with all of us, with that being said, it's time for us to step up.

We currently have TWO OPTIONS with what we can do right now.
1) Try and get a price out of Boss
I may have left this out earlier but he mentioned selling insanelyi and we'd like to keep that within our inner circle. Normally we'd keep this private but he hasn't given us a proper price and it's most likely gonna be an admin, platinum member or a staff. All other potential buyers could risk how the site is run and if they even bother keeping the site.
2) Begin migration now.
This is a WORST CASE SCENARIO. This would be if Boss sets a number too high for anyone, we would be left with no other choice but to move into other websites that could potentially work as a substitute. We're working hard to make sure this doesn't happen but if this does happen, we're planning to create a new site for everyone to migrate to that should be at least be mostly similar to what you're used to here at insanelyi.

This new site would take place at
PLEASE hold onto that link until further notice. This will be most likely where we end up. I understand it'll definitely not be the same, or if it even works out, but it's what we have to work with if things go south. Again, we're doing our best to avoid this.

If you have any questions, feedback, thoughts or simply something to say regarding everything, leave a reply.

I really hope we don't lose insanelyi, we have such a wonderful community built up here and I really hope we can continue this legacy. Thank you for reading.


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