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I can't log into iCloud.

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It's just says that my apple id cannot be verified. And that I need to change it at appleid.apple.com.

I can log into my iTunes account fine. If its due to servers being overloaded with data then I get it but if not, why would I need to change my apple id. I will if I need to.
What's the go on that?

I'm on iPhone 4s 64gb. I've print screen it but it's not allowing me to upload the image :(. The button is greyd out.



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i had exact same problem yesterday did u jailbreak it before activating it with the new iOS 5 set up thingy? if u did or even if u didnt only way i found to fix this was restore ur device then try n log into icloud afterwards then jailbreak n it seems to work

oops miss read what u put my just gave me a error can not connect to icloud but now its fine 4 me

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You're not missing out on much. iCloud is just as clunky, restrictive, and user-unfriendly as I was afraid it would be. Basically, web access allows you to manage your iCal, your contacts list, and your email (assuming it's an Apple email, of course); you can also do a 'Find My Phone' search, assuming you activated the option on your phone and don't mind Big Brother following you around everywhere. That's it. No access to photos, videos, or data. Their "visionary new take on Cloud technology" is like a bad joke.

I also had to create a new Apple ID, because they told me my old one isn't an email address and it's not secure enough. So now I have two Apple ID's, one for iTunes/App Store, and one for iCloud. If my past experience with Apple is at all predictive, there will be no way to change my old Apple ID and not lose access to all of the music and apps I purchased with it.

Apple really, really, really needs to stop developing non-OS software, because they suck at it.
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